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Super Cheap Playstation 3 Move Accessories - Under $15

Updated on March 10, 2013

Where to find Cheap Playstation Move Accessories

Playstation move for the PS3 is a great little device, I had so much fun with that little thing. But when it comes to playing some games I feel like there's something missing. When I stand and aim with my Move controller and acting like it's a gun, I don't really feel like it's a gun. Or when I play racing game and the Move controller acts as a driving wheel, it just feel fake, there was something missing.

And then I found out about the sea of Playstation Move accessories that's out there, I mean there's so many of them! I even found accessories that looks like a ping pong racket, a sword and a freaking fishing rod; there's so many things you can use on your standard Move controller if you like. But there's a downside, and that's the price. It can get rather expensive fast, for example when I thought about buying a gun accessories for the Move, the price tags on those things are just insane! And what are we really paying for!? A piece of plastic that holds the Move controller in place! The Ps3 Move market have some serious problems when it comes to the prices and that's why I decided to make this page, to should you guys that there are alternatives, really really cheap alternatives!

Keep in mind that all the prices below includes free shipping. And all the products are from

Wheel for Sony PS3 Move
Wheel for Sony PS3 Move

Plastic Steering Wheel for Sony PS3 Move Controller - Black

It is convenient to change the steering wheel which makes you feel more realistic when playing the games, I love the feeling when playing with this thing. It can also protect the PS3 MOVE controller effectively after being fixed into the steering wheel

The price: US$ 8,50

Wheel for Sony PS3 Move
Wheel for Sony PS3 Move

Flame Racing Wheel Controller for Sony PS3 - Black And Green

Another Steering Wheel for the Ps3 Move. This one with some nice looking green flames on it. A bit more solid and the price tag a few dollars higher.

The price: US$ 10,50

ps move gun
ps move gun

Shooting Equipment Sniper Gun Adapter for PS3 Move Controller

And now here comes the guns for the Move controller. Using a gun when playing FPS brings you realistic shooting game feeling, I personally love it but it takes some time to get used to.

The price: US$ 14,30

Ps3 Move Gun
Ps3 Move Gun

Precision Shooting Equipment Gun Pistol with Buttstock Adapter for Motion Controller PS3 Move

Not the best looking gun out there but it has a nice grip that gives a nice feeling to it, it's well worth the money.

The price: US$ 10,99

Shooting Equipment Gun Pistol Adapter for Motion Controller PS3 Move

Realistic shape design and it brings users the best gaming experience. And this model is really cheap, I mean $5,19! You won't find anything cheaper then that! And consider that the price includes free shipping, insane.

Gun comes in different colours.

The price: US$ 5,19

Shooting Equipment Gun Pistol Adapter for Motion Controller PS3 Move - Black

This is my personal favourite, it cost a bit more then the previous gun but this one just feels great. Highest value of your money right here!

The price: US$ 10,50

Ps3 Move Accessories on eBay

eBay have a lot of potential when looking for stuff for your playstation move, you can find so much there! But be aware of the junk stuff, there's a lot of controllers that are just bad quality here. So be careful when buying these kind of stuff from eBay.

Ps3 Move Accessories on

Amazon can be a great place to find some great accessories for your ps3, it won't be as cheap as the above accessories but they will be close that price range anyway. Here are some Playstation Move modules worth checking out.

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