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Chess Battle of Wits

Updated on January 1, 2015

Who Plays Chess

Even though it is way up there as far as skill and strategy is concerned there is no age barrier to this wonderful game. My 6 year old grandson is already capable of beating me and at one time not many others could do that. Well, age does play heavy on one's ablities to think quickly and work out the right moves but young children are capable of being expert enough to beat adults in this particular case.

They get a lot more from chess than that. They learn patience, the benefits of and ways to plan ahead and they grow their brains in new directions. A chess set will, therefore, make a great present for the little ones in your life, and for the oldies.

Precious Gift from a Friend

When around sixteen years of age my fascination with learning chess was such that purchasing a book to teach me was just the right thing to do. Of course a set was also required but it may not have been something too good because not long after my best friend Margaret, who also became enthused enough to play with me repeatedly, gave me a wonderful wooden set in a little box. That is the set just handed over to my grandson along with a leather board we bought in Italy.

It proves that such an asset can be handed down and will be treasured by generations to come when they are looked after and handled right. From that little book Margaret and I learned all the moves and became champions in the playing of the game. We would hold a pawn of each colour in a closed hand and the other would choose which one after they were shaken around behind the back. Personally I loved playing with white as it always goes first and that can be an advantage. But some people prefer the other and are just as likely to win. So the colour you play with matters little.

What is your preference?

What colour do you like to play

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Some good Moves

Playing the Game

What piece do your favour?

Which piece is the mst valuable

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      RuralFloridaLiving 5 years ago

      I enjoyed reading about chess here - very interesting reading.-