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CHIMA Raven Tribe | LEGO Legends of CHIMA

Updated on April 18, 2013

LEGO CHIMA Raven Tribe

Find out about the CHIMA Raven Tribe from LEGO Legends of CHIMA. The raven tribe are one of the bad tribes of animals in the fight for the CHI energy source in the Kingdom of CHIMA.

On this page you'll find out about the Raven tribe and the sets they appear in. I'll be adding more information as it becomes available.

The Raven's aren't one of the main animal groups that are in the spotlight but I think they are very well designed.

Image: Razcal's Glider

LEGO CHIMA Raven Tribe

The LEGO CHIMA Raven Tribe are are the bad side in the fight for CHI. The Raven's are very cool, they have lots of pirate features like peg legs and hook arms.

They are my favorite tribe, the detail on the figures is very cool - they really look like they've been through some serious troubles ...

Raven Tribe Members

We know about the following members of the Raven tribe. Click their names to find out more about them and which sets they are included in.

LEGO CHIMA Raven Tribe Sets

The raven tribe get the smallest and least expensive vehicle in the first wave of CHIMA vehicles with Razcal's glider. They also get a the larger Razar's CHI Raider set.

Lego, Legends of Chima Razcal's Glider (70000)
Lego, Legends of Chima Razcal's Glider (70000)

We have this little set which includes the Razcal minifigure and his mini glider.


LEGO CHIMA Raven vehicle sets on eBay

You may also be able to find the Raven vehicles on eBay either used or new.

Chima Ring of Fire 70100

@ Amazon


LEGO 70100 Ring of Fire @

Razar appears with his Speedor in the very eye-catching Ring of Fire Speedorz set.

Chima Target Practice 70101

@ Amazon


LEGO 70101 Target Practice @

The raven tribe also makes an appearance in the target practice set, not in minifigure or Speedor form, but as the targets!

Raven Speedorz sets on eBay

We're looking for sets 70100 and 70101.

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LEGO CHIMA Raven Tribe

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