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Coins with Chinese Influence

Updated on October 26, 2014

China and Its Importance in Modern Coins

China has emerged as a trading partner with many countries, and in addition to its significance as an economic entity its rich, centuries old culture has come to the forefront as a celebrated subject for many coins being minted at major mints.

(Photo courtesy of the Perth Mint.)

Filigree Silver Lunar Coins

Interesting features are always likely to attract attention, so a Lunar filigree rabbit inside a hollow disk should cause its share of interest. What a great release from the Mint of Finland, a silver filigree rabbit minted for Cook Islands.

This is actually only the second in the Cook Islands lunar series, so it should be easy to get caught up.

Tigers and Rabbits

2010 was the year of the tiger, and many countries have a Chinese lunar series depicting the tiger. 2011, the year of the rabbit is well represented with coins from many of these same mints. These are easy to find on mmany online auction sites.

Pandas and Unicorns

The Chinese Panda is an impressive coin. Minted in both silver and in gold, it is often sought by collectors. However, do look for the yuan symbol, a symbol that resembles the mathematical symbol pi. This symbol associated with a number indicates a denomination, and it is much less likely to be a counterfeit. Chinese counterfeit laws and not very strong, but counterfeiting a current Chinese coin is a serious matter with severe penalties, even in light of the lax laws.

For a rarer issue, consider the unicorn.

Chinese and Australian Trade

The Perth Mint of Australia has just released a five coin set celebrating its involvement with China at the trade expo. One of these coins is in the shape of the Australian continent. Another of these coins shows the kookaburra, the bird most often associated with Australia, as the Australian mascot to the trade expo. These coins are minted in fine silver, and should be in high demand.

Black Spaniel Gallery

We provide links to the mints mentioned on our website.

Chinese Culture Influences Coins of Many Major Mints

It is not just the Lunar coins that provide the Chinese influence in m=coinage. Just look at the spectacular images of the Perth Mint coins that follow. China has a rich history, and it is not uncommon for mints to utilize this.

Mythology Symbols

This and the following photo collections are for the Chinese Mythology figure rectangular coins.

Photos are from the Perth Mint.

Silver Chinese influenced Perth Mint coins

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Gold Mythodoly Figures

Gold Chinese Influenced Perth Mint coins

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Coins Honoring the Chinese Lunar Symbols Are Popular

Many major mints have produced lunar coins. Among them are the Royal Canadian Mint, the Riyal Australian Mint, the Perth Mint, and the New Zealand Mint. These coins exist in sizes as small as one half Troy ounce and as large as one kilogram with embedded gemstones in silver, and in multiple sized in gold.

One Kilogram Tiger with Embedded Gemstone

Photos courtesy of the Perth Mint

This is a series II silver lunar coin. Each year the stone is different. Series I silver kilogram lunar coins could be found with a diamond inserted.

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Other Lunar Images

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Perth Mint photos
Perth Mint photos
Perth Mint photos

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    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      the chinese invented firecrackers and many things including the coins, i believe. they have more than 6000 years civilization.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      So wonderful coins lens as always. Another 5 stars for you :D