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chris angel mindfreak magic kit

Updated on September 27, 2010

Chris Angel Mindfreak Magic Tricks Kit from the Infomercial

Today I was waking up after having the flu and I saw a new infomercial on for one of the most famous magicians, Chris Angel. Chris Angel has released a new magic kit that will not only help to teach you some of his most famous easy to do illusions but he'll also teach you how to do one of his most famous illusions, levitation. Not only is this an awesome as seen on tv product, but one that is almost impossible to resist with the holiday shopping season coming up. So why is the Chris Angel Mindfreak Magic Tricks Kit almost impossible to resist?

Have you ever seen a professional magician live on stage? If you've been to Las Vegas then you probably have. Their shows are sell outs and always leave the audience wanting to know how they do it. You have performers like Penn and Teller or David Copperfield and you also have ones who use animals like Sigfried and Roy. One of the most well known and most loved performers is Chris Angel.

Chris Angel Mindfreak is not only one of the most well known and loved Magicians, but he brings back mystery and suspense along with amazing illusions and his gothic look. His illusions are famous and now that he has packaged together some of his most famous and easy to do illusions like the salt illusion, you can now impress people with chris angel magic tricks during all of the holidays in the fall and winter.

You can find a couple of gross or cool levitation tricks to do for halloween. You can use food magic tricks like his salt trick for thanksgiving and you can make things like silk disappear for Hanukah and Christmas. Chris Angel Mindfreak as seen on tv not only has enough magic tricks to last you for a few years, but he also has magic tricks that are perfect for you to use for about every holiday and party you would have. You could even learn how to do them all and entertain your kids and their friends at birthday parties and keep them entertained at restaurants while they wait for food so they don't annoy or bother other customers. You can even teach them a trick a week so that they can show off at school and impress their friends or have something cool to share at show and tell.

I was always obsessed with magic when I was a kid. I remember we used to put on magic shows at school and I always wanted magic tricks for my birthday and the holidays. In Atlanta my Aunt had taken us to a magic trick shop and I always remember walking by FAO Schwartz in Las Vegas and they would have people floating cards and performing other magic tricks. In Disney World they had magic trick shops and everytime we would walk by I would make my parents stop and watch with me.

Magic is an amazing gift and toy and when I saw the infomercial for the Chris Angel Mindfreak Magic Tricks Kit I had to write about it. I personally love this and will probably end up ordering it or buying it in a store if it becomes available. If you buy Chris Angel Mindfreak Magic Tricks Kit feel free to leave a comment below but don't tell us how to do the tricks.


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