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Christmas present on an adventure

Updated on June 23, 2014

Christmas present on an adventure!

Our daughter is getting an American Girl doll for Christmas. She received the catalog and proceeded to pick out over $400 worth of stuff. Not gonna happen. I like things just as much as the next person but our stuff has stuff and that stuff has stuff. We start to find the first batch of stuff, find toys we haven't seen forever and then get side tracked. SQUIRREL!!

Anyway the doll arrived but not to where we had her shipped to. Where is she?

Time to meet Ohzey (she's 19 and really doesn't care me)
Time to meet Ohzey (she's 19 and really doesn't care me)

Doll ordered, Santa's helper

We grab Em's list and order the American Girl doll she has picked out. I track the package - it's out for delivery.

Package delivered. No package.

OK where are you?

Our shop phone rings, it's one of Santa's helpers. Its one of our business neighbors. "Do you have a Stan there?" Yes we do. His doll is here. The doll went to the wrong business - the shipping label did not have the business name. Uh Oh. This woman who we have never met went out of her way to call all of the business looking for me to get me this doll for our daughter. She is definitely a Christmas angel. Thank you very much!

Our first stop today - let's meet the cat Ohzey (she's 19 and really doesn't care about me).

My new friends.
My new friends.

I've never enjoyed taking toys out of packages on Christmas.

Now that the doll has arrived let's open it up and take a look.

This doll is neat. I didn't know the eyes closed when you lay them down. Both my wife and mother tell me "look goofy they are supposed to do that". What do I know, never had a doll and don't have any sisters. End of story. I still think its neat.

Now that we are out of the package let's have an adventure.

Using the chin up bar
Using the chin up bar

What is a doll girl to do?

Bug her big brother of course!

Let's hang from his chin up bar, that ruffles his feathers.

Where's the password?
Where's the password?

Let's really wind him up!

More bugging of the big brother.

Where is his code to unlock the iPad?


Time for our reading homework.

If I want to watch TV I have to get my reading done first. Parakeets - that sounds like a neat pet. Let's start to work Dad over for one. Actually we are getting two - just after the Holidays.

Does you girl have a doll?

Will you be buying an American Girl Doll for the special girl in your life?

See results

If I want to go outside and play I have to do my chores.

I really do not like the litter box. EWWWW!

Putting away the silverware
Putting away the silverware

I don't want to do the dishes!!

More chores.

Big brother gets the high stuff, I just have to put the silverware away.



Off to the slide

Finally! I'm outside and ready to play. I live the slide! its awesome!

Dolls at Orange Leaf
Dolls at Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf experience

The girls love Orange Leaf - one of their favorite places to go. This was a fun picture. We called the mom's of Em's friends and were able to borrow their dolls for this picture. The look on the 17 yr young man behind the counter was priceless. We cannot wait to see the look on Em's face when she looks at this photo.

Why have a lens about a doll that hasn't even been given yet?

Like I said above I love stuff. Adventures with the family have a lasting memory. That is our goal for 2013 - more adventure.

Part of the Christmas present is a Blurb Book we are creating. Just a neat way to add some more fun to the gift.

There are many great places to make books - I just happen to use Blurb.

Why not take your children's presents out and have an adventure with them before they do. Kat and I had fun this morning taking the pictures. Great way to get more into the Holiday spirit.

We also have her friends dolls coming over to get some pictures. I'll add those here once we take them.

The other part of my goal today was to create a lens with out over thinking it. This popped into my head and I'm almost done after an hour. I'm not the fastest but when I've got an idea I'd better get it out before it's gone.

Thanks for looking - it's all about fun today!

Off to our next adventure! - Stay tuned because we'll be back with an update!

We are off
We are off

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