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Fun Christmas Word Search - Have Some Fun this Season with Word Searches!

Updated on December 14, 2011

Fun Christmas Word Search for All!

Ho Ho Ho! Its gonna be a Merry Christmas this year! The problem is what to do up to that date? What better to get into the mood then say a Christmas word search? Its great to sit down in front of the tv or have the radio on as you complete these word searches. An excellent cup of hot coco and snow falling outside the window is the perfect mood setter for the holiday season! There are word searches here from starters to expert! All of these fun word search applies a fun creative challenge to all who are willing to try. Ranging from 6 words to the upwards of 20, I hope everyone is ready for some Christmas fun!

Printing Tips

Firefox is recommended for this process. Download Mozilla Firefox to follow these steps word for word. All other browsers are capable of doing this (just worded differently).

1. Right Click on the Word Search you wish to print.

2. Click "View Image" and the image will be located on its own browser page.

3. Go to File -> Print Preview -> Make any changes you wish (like size scaling etc)

4. Click Print

5. Enjoy your Christmas Word Search!

First 4 Christmas Word Searches

This is the Beginner Christmas Word Search.
This is the Beginner Christmas Word Search.
This is the Easy Christmas Word Search.
This is the Easy Christmas Word Search.
This is the Intermediate Christmas Word Search.
This is the Intermediate Christmas Word Search.
This is the Hard Christmas Word Search
This is the Hard Christmas Word Search

Need a Gift Idea?

Its almost Christmas and you have yet to get a gift for your daughter, son, nephew, niece, etc! Anime themed gifts are great as more and more kids, teens, and adults enjoy the same shows. Examples of Anime are Pokémon for example, why not check out the cutest anime plushes?

New Online Word Search | No Printing Required!

This fun little word search game I found is great! You select the word you want on the right then when you find it in the search, you click the starting letter and drag the mouse till you select the whole word. There are options such as re-scrambling the puzzle and a stop start timer to see how long it takes you to find all the words! This is a great option for anyone without a printer! The online word search is found Here.

Like to Color?

If you like to Color, then there are some fabulous Christmas Coloring Pages you can check out! Great fun for the season! Color all Holiday items from Santa to Rudolph and all the other reindeer! Help the elf color there toys or make your very own purple Christmas tree!


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