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Civilization 5 Cultural Victory Strategy

Updated on April 15, 2012

Find out how to win a Cultural Victory in Civilization 5 (V) thanks to this guide. These top and tested strategies are sure to succeed!

Sid Meier's Civilization 5 has many ways to finish the game, this guide focuses on the cultural victory. There are too many people fucusing on domination.

There are more ways to play the game than like an "ogre" :)

Check out the strategies for the Civ 5 Expansion: Civilization 5 kings and gods.

civ 5 cultural victory
civ 5 cultural victory

Civilization 5 Cultural Victory Unvealed...

- You begin as Egypt or another culture civ

- There's no need to start a war on your own continent

- Just build wonders like there's no tomorrow...

- Ignore commerce, build up research and culture. Money will come in the early part of the game, and you will be in massive debt at the end. But you're not going to have much to pay upkeep for.. So what will the "banks" take away?

- Golden ages are your friend! Buy tiles with important resources. Just sell them for profit and buy more tiles...

- Always have 1 strong military unit

- 2 or 3 workers will do

- Culture bomb before your neighbors borders are next to yours

- Culture bomb city-states before you do countries

- Don't cross the sea or anything, just keep churning out those wonders!

- Get the double culture policy asap, try not to get useless policies until you Have to

- Befriend maritime city-states if you have the money. they will give you food. if you give money to military ones, you'll just receive units which will eventually be deleted when your money hits 0.

- Suck up to your neighbors, sign all the pacts of secrecy, etc. don't go as far as declaring war on any of them

On prince you will get an early win, most competition wasn't even in the modern era when I did this last time :) No one will attack the guy with only 1 city :D

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      This was very helpful, thank you.