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Coins of the Royal Australian Mint

Updated on December 30, 2014



Valuable Coins of the Royal Australian Mint

This article addresses the collectible coins of the Royal Australian Mint, baby gift coin, the hologram coins, kangaroo coins, and the silver content of the coins.

For more collectible coins from Australia, please see our Perth Mint lens.

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Mint Marks and Privy Marks

Mint marks are important to most collectors. Two issues that should be of interest are the 2009 Master Mint marks $1 coin and the 2010 $1 Silver Proof coin. Both bear the “C” mint mark.

Another important issue is the 2010 $1 Mint mark & Privy Mark Four Coin Set. The mint mark is “C” for Canberra, and the privy marks are “B” for Brisbane, “S” for Sydney, and “M” for Melbourne.

What the Mint Produces

The Royal Australian Mint produces the circulating coins of Australia. It shares the duties of producing quality collectible coins with the Perth Mint. Occasionally, an issue produced by the Royal Australian Mint will also be marketed by the Perth Mint, but these two entities operate independently.

The prices at the Royal Australian Mint are lower for international sales. This unusual situation is because of a tax imposed on shipping to an Australia address that is not present for international shipping.

Silver Kangaroos


Coins for a Baby

For the young collector the Royal Australian Mint produces Baby Sets featuring Blinky Bill. For a nice way to start a future collector off consider the one twenty-fifth Troy ounce gold Little Dinkums coins, issued annually. 2010 coins are advertised as the last of the series, and consist of the Tinga Tasmanian Devil and Kato Cockatoo coins.

Little Dinkums charms in gold are also available

Kangaroo Silver Coins

The kangaroo is the Royal Australian Mint’s most known coin. One can choose the 2010 frosted one dollar fine silver coin, or the three colorized 2009 kangaroo set. The three coin 2009 set includes three one ounce fine silver coins in a variety of designs, and was still available in August 2010.

The 2010 frosted silver coin features a kangaroo on an outcropping of rock, making it one of the most attractive kangaroo coins the mint has ever issued.

The Royal Australian Mint has ceased making base metal kangaroo coins with the same image as the silver coins, so there is less of a problem of a dealer deceiving a customer. However, older coins had silver and base metal coins that were otherwise identical, and when buying from an ouline site one must use care.

Silver Content of RAM Coins

Silver coins from the Royal Australian Mint in the denomination of $1 AU contain one Troy ounce of fine silver. However, the $5 Au coins contain one and one-seventh ounce of fine silver. The Royal Australian Mint has some nice $5 Au coins from previous years still available.

Most Striking Issue

One of the most beautiful coins the Royal Australian Mint produces is the selectively gold plated fifty cent coin 150th Running of the Melbourne Cup. This stunning scalloped coin is gold plated on both the obverse and the reverse, making it truly unusual.

Please add your most striking issue to the list below.

Hologram Coin

The Royal Australian Mint had in the past issued hologram coins. In 2009 the Royal Australian Mint issued the $5 Au fine silver Aurora Australis – International Polar Year 2007-2008. This coin quickly became popular among collectors.

More Great Coins and Mints

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We update most of the mint lenses as coins are released, so visit often. We started with the 2011 coins and some 2010 coins.

If we miss a coin from the Perth Mint, Royal Australian Mint, New Zealand Mint, or Royal Canadian Mint, please let us and our other readers know with a Guestbook entry. Thank you to anyone who can contribute information. We get e-mails from these four mints, but occasionally, especially the Perth Mint, quietly adds one briefly that sells out fast, or is reserved for general in selected parts of the world.

We appreciate visitors who take the time to check the icon at the top indicating you like the lens.

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