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Collecting PAMP Suisse Silver Art Bars

Updated on September 7, 2018

The Lady Fortuna

Lady Fortuna with Cornucopia
Lady Fortuna with Cornucopia | Source

Do You Collect Silver Coins? How About Silver Art Bars?

My husband and I started collecting coins years ago. We collected mostly Susan B. Anthony, Kennedy Half-Dollars, Indian head pennies, and Buffalo nickels. (We also had a few two-dollar bills).

In the past few years, we have been focused more on collecting 99.9% silver coins. We have had to learn about the "Mint State" quality of these coins and whether they are circulated or brilliant and uncirculated. We have picked up a few Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, American Eagle dollars, Canadian dollars, and even the British two pound coin.

In my research I found that coins stamped with dates have a higher market value than regular silver rounds with art stamped on them. This is due to collectors like us. This idea is the same for silver art bars as well as rounds. The art bars do not cost as much as a coin stamped with a year and mint on it.

There is a new series of Silver Art Bars by PAMP Suisse that are categorized by year. This is the Lunar series. They are discussed more later in this lens.

These art bars also come in gold, but I am collecting the silver art so this lens is specific to the silver ones.

PAMP - Lady Fortuna

PAMP Suisse has several different art bar designs and sizes. All are stored in an Assay Card.

The "Lady Fortuna" (pictured in the preceding paragraph) is the first art design applied to precious metal bars (Gold, Silver, Palladium etc). Her hair is designed to replicate the "Cornucopia" also known as the "Horn of Plenty".

This art bar sells different weight sizes, available in both ounce and grams. For example the Silver Art bar is minted in 15 different weights, Gold has 23, Platinum has 11, and Palladium has 11. Each Assay card bears the matching serial number as the art bar itself to verify quality and integrity of the product.

Historically and mythologically speaking, "Fortuna" was a Roman goddess. She controlled the fate of humans. Everyone who believed in her power worshipped her in attempts to secure good fortune in their lives. Unwed Roman women would worship her hoping to acquire a good husband and have many healthy children. Roman mythology also provides that the Cornucopia represents a goat horn that provides all the needs of the owner forever.

Silver and Gold

Do You Collect Silver or Gold Coins?

See results

PAMP Rosa Art Bar Design

Rosa | Source

What are Silver Art Bars?

The art design pictured to the right is called "Rosa".

Silver (and gold) Art Bars are actually called ingots. They come in various sizes measured by their precious metal content. The most common collected size for silver is 1 Troy ounce. Troy ounces are different measurements than standard ounces. Troy ounces are an old measurement tool used for precious metals and stones - and that measurement is still used today. Standard ounces are used to measure water, food, fuel, etc.

There are 12 Troy ounces in a troy pound - as opposed to 16 standard ounces in a pound.

Troy ounces were first used in a town called Troyes, France - hence the name.

1 Troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams. Compared that to 1 standard ounce being equal to 28.3495 grams.

These silver ingots are minted and then stamped with a design. The Assay Cards used by PAMP Suisse are gaining attention by the various Unites States Mints as they provide integrity and storage of the art bars.

Some examples of the Mints in the United States are : Ohio Precious Metals (OPM), Silvertowne, Northwest Territorial Mint, and the Sunshine Mint -just to name a few. These mints are not to be confused with the various mint locations of the US Mint - which produces our currency and collectible coins.

Another term is Mint Distributor. These are are qualified businesses that are authorized to distribute precious metal either for the US Mint, or their own privately held mints. JM Bullion and APMEX are examples of this.

Just What or Who Exactly is PAMP Anyway?

PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (Artistic Precious Metals Products). They are located in Switzerland, so all art bars purchased in the United States have been imported.

They are also known as PAMP Suisse due to some of their labeling on their Assay Cards.

PAMP processes and refines all of the precious metals they acquire from suppliers who have passed their strict rules concerning business ethics and practices.

They mint both large bullion cast bars and smaller, collectible art bars and other designs. They mint with Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium metals. These larger bars are commonly used for financial, industrial, and some personal uses. PAMP produces ingot pendants and jewelry, along with coins in addition to bars.

All of their silver and gold art bars are 99.9% pure, stamped with a unique serial number, and encased in an Assay Card with the matching serial number stamped on the card.

As these art bars are imported and serialized, they cost more than domestic precious metal art bars.

PAMP also mints larger bullion cast bars. The most common sizes are 500gram, 1 kilogram, and 1000 Ounce. These bars are stamped and serialized like the smaller art bars - I just hope you have lots of storage space in your safe!

Please Note: PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse are not the same company!

PAMP Lunar Series year of the Horse Art Bar Design

2014 Lunar Series Year of the Horse
2014 Lunar Series Year of the Horse | Source

PAMP Suisse - Lunar Series

PAMP Suisse has several different art bar designs and sizes. All are stored in an Assay Card.

Each Assay card bears the matching serial number as the art bar itself to verify quality and integrity of the product. Here are some Lunar Series for sale on Amazon.

I like to collect the 20 gram and 1 ounce art bars for each of these. I do not have the new 2017 or 2018 Art Bars yet in this series.

Current Series include artwork for:

2012 - Year of the Dragon

2013 - Year of the Snake

2014 - Year of the Horse (pictured to the right)

2015 - Year of the Goat

2016 - Year of the Monkey

2017 - year of the Rooster

2018 - year of the Dog

You can start your search for Silver PAMP Suisse on ebay here.

PAMP Statue of Liberty Art Bar Design


PAMP Suisse - Liberty Series

PAMP Suisse has several different art bar designs and sizes. All are stored in an Assay Card.

Each Assay card bears the matching serial number as the art bar itself to verify quality and integrity of the product. Here are some of the Statue of Liberty Series for sale on Amazon.

I tend to be patriotic, so I am collecting the various weight sizes in Silver. I have the 2.5 Gram, 5 Gram, and 10 Gram Bars.

The Liberty Series is offered in both Gold and Silver art bars.

Lets Not Forgot Gold!

I know this hub is focused on Silver Art bars and is written for Silver coin collectors, but I thought some may also be interested in the PAMP Gold Art bars too!

The gold art bars come in the following designs:

Lady Fortuna (multiple weight options)

2018 Lunar Series Year of the Dog (multiple weight options)

2017 Lunar Series Year of the Rooster (multiple weight options)

2016 Lunar Series Year of the Monkey (multiple weight options)

2015 Lunar Series Year of the Goat (multiple weight options)

2014 Lunar Series Year of the Horse (multiple weight options)

2013 Lunar Series Year of the Snake (multiple weight options)

2012 Lunar Series Year of the Dragon (multiple weight options)

True Happiness (5 gram and 10 gram bars)

Rosa (multiple weight options)

Liberty (multiple weight options)

These art bars are very beautiful designs and also come in the PAMP Assay cards with individual serial numbers for collector.

You can start your search for Gold PAMP Suisse on ebay here.

PAMP on YouTube

© 2014 Lori Robinson

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    • Robilo2 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori Robinson 

      3 years ago

      Mich - we love these PAMP art designs - the Philharmonics design is quite pretty too... but they do not seem to change the design much for each new year coins.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the insight! I was wavering between the PAMP silver and the Austria Philarmonics.


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