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Colorful Magnetic Building Set for Kids of All Ages

Updated on October 17, 2013

We received this Magna-Tiles building set as a gift for my toddler last year (but we only got the 32 piece set - I REALLY wish we had more pieces - we'll have to order another set to give us more building options soon). My toddler loves this building set because she can easily put the different shapes together (since the magnets attract other pieces) as well as match various colors. It's harder for her to build 3-D cones (icecream!) or rectangles and other geometric shapes that turn into houses or castles. However, with a little adult assistance she is able to help construct fairly complex structures out of these tiles. This set will be something she can play with for a LONG time, and more and more on her own without assistance.

The colors are very vibrant, and also transparent. They're fun to look through, and stack various colors together to see how looking through two at once (such as a pink and a blue) changes the way you see the world. There are a lot of kinetic learning opportunities with this magnetic building set.

If you have a light box (we have one that is used for tracing pictures) you can also build with your Magna-Tile set on it. Just turn the lights in the room off, and the colors from the transparent tiles will seem to glow when placed on the light box. There are so many awesome ways to play with Magna-Tiles.

We did invest in a few other inexpensive magnetic toys to make the set even more fun (like the magnetic marbles and Dowling Science set that has wands and small transparent magnetic discs). You can read more about how we play and build with these toys and our Magna-Tile set below.

Here are the two inexpensive magnetic toys we purchased to go along with our Magna-Tiles set.

Dowling Magnets Simply Science Magnet Mania Kit
Dowling Magnets Simply Science Magnet Mania Kit

Awesome additonal magnetic toy that includes magnetic balls, transparent discs and wands to "magically" move the balls and discs around on your Magna building set creations. We like to line our Magna-Tile castles and houses with the transparent discs and pretend they are "Christmas Lights" and then take them off with the wands.

Dowling Magnets Magnet Marbles (.63 inch in diameter), Set of 20 in clear dish
Dowling Magnets Magnet Marbles (.63 inch in diameter), Set of 20 in clear dish

We love these magnetic balls too. We like to play "red rover" with them. We'll say "red rover red rover send the blue magnet right over" and shoot it down to a line of marbles to see if it can break through the force of the line of magnets or not. If it doesn't break through, it stays until one person runs out of magnet-balls.



Since every parent needs impressive ideas (and video instructions to make building them yourself simple as pie).

Here are some great "How To" videos for parents that want to impress their kids building 3D houses, castles, boats and even a fish!! As the kids get older (I have a toddler, remember) they can build these things easily on their own.

Here is a simple video that shows you how to build a small Magna-Tiles house. It's also fun to put small toys inside.

Every girl wants a castle, and this is the perfect how to tutorial for building a castle from your Magna-Tiles set.

How to build a Magna-Tiles boat. Pretty sure it won't float, but I haven't verified that.

I ADORE this Magna-Tiles fish. We haven't made it with the eyes because the triangles with holes pieces only come with the Magna Tiles DX 48 piece Set.

What have you built with Magna Tiles? Or what creative ways have you found to play with the set in your house?

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