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Complete List of Gogos Crazy Bones Names

Updated on November 2, 2012

Gogos Crazy Bones - Lists of Names

Welcome to our Gogos Crazy Bones lists page. We regularly get asked for complete lists of names for Crazy Bones, so we've decided to bring you a page that has exactly that - the names of every single regular Gogos Crazy Bone released so far, since they were relaunched in 2008. With Crazy Bones having topped toy sales charts in places as far afield as Australia, the US, South Africa, the UK and many more countries besides, it looks like the whole world has gone Gogos crazy - let us know where you're from in the comments section below.

If you're looking for more information on each release including backgrounds, dates, etc, then you should head over to our main Crazy Bones page, (and if you're an expert, we'd appreciate your help there trying to identify another Crazy Bone we've not been able to name) but on this page, you'll find a list of names for the Original Crazy Bones plus the Evolution, Explorer and Power Series. We've also got the details for the new Gogos Crazy Bones Edge series.

We'd also love to get hold of lists of the old Crazy Bones from back in the late nineties and early 00's. If you can help us out with those, then please get in touch, using the comments section below. Enjoy the page. Don't forget to vote for your favourite series in our poll and say 'hello' on our guestbook too, while you're here. Thanks for reading!

Breaking News: Gogos Crazy Bones Edge launched in the UK in February 2012. We have a list for you below. We also hear talk of another new series, coming out in some parts of the world, but not the UK. If anyone can point us in the direction of details, please let us know in the comments section.

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See The New Gogos Crazy Bones Edge in Video

I thought you might want to see some of the new Edge series, so I shot a quick video in our store...

UPDATE: Over two thousand people have watched - thanks, everyone!

Crazy Bones Original
Crazy Bones Original

Complete List of Names for Gogos Crazy Bones Series 1 - Original

Here's a big-ol long list of Series 1 Crazy Bones. Each regular Gogo came in five different colours, and there were 5 'most-wanted' multi-coloured versions (see names at the end of the list, with a -W in the name):

1 Mosh

2 Nasako

3 Sato

4 Okori

5 Tori

6 Helly

7 Skull

8 Angiru

9 Umu

10 Aiko

11 Ichiro

12 Nuclos

13 Boy

14 Neko

15 Hazard

16 Sun

17 Hiro

18 Aka

19 Molly

20 Nari

21 Simi

22 Codi

23 Hiraku

24 Rufus

25 Temp

26 Pibi

27 Dare

28 Danko

29 MC Toy

30 Gaiji

31 Lessi

32 Pop

33 Imon

34 Jelly

35 Sumon

36 Cho

37 Raysun

38 Fist

39 Zar-Zar

40 hayato

41 Bigu

42 Ojaru

43 Speed

44 Tremi

45 B-Boy

46 Mochi

47 Popus

48 Tube

49 Cubic

50 B-King

51 Croc

52 Ufus

53 Egbot

54 H-83

55 Atori

56 B-Ball

57 Usuzi

58 Eco

59 Oh

60 Alkaline

61 Awa-Shima

62 Ghost

63 Tut

64 Matsue

65 Akita

66 Shizuoka

67 Myake

68 Fujichik

69 Tsu

70 Kokubu

71 Izumi

72 Ako

73 Kami-Kami

74 Sago

75 Vampa

76 Misha

77 Yuza

78 Tan Chia

79 Kolo

80 Evi

8 Angiru-W

11 Ichiro-W

23 Hiraku-w

38 Fist-W

45 B-Boy-W

Gogos Crazy Bones in Video

Here's a chance to see some of the Gogos in glorious technicolor video style. Enjoy...

Gogos Crazy Bones - Evolution
Gogos Crazy Bones - Evolution

Complete List of Names for Gogos Crazy Bones Series 2 - Evolution

The second series of Gogos was Evolution. All 80 characters were brought over from series 1 and 'evolved' into a new style. Again, each was available in 5 colours:

1 Moshi

2 Nasoki

3 Satori

4 Oky

5 Racetor

6 Heled

7 Sker

8 Angor

9 Tai-Umu

10 Koku-Chan

11 Chiru

12 Nuchan

13 Om-Poh

14 Nebub

15 Hazer

16 Sunon

17 Hiroki

18 Akone

19 Sully

20 Narion

21 Simsei

22 Doki

23 Hirchan

24 Rufistar

25 Temsei

26 Pilhy

27 Doro

28 Danoki

29 MC-Mask

30 Gaisor

31 Lessei

32 Popo

33 Imooki

34 Jezo

35 Sumi

36 Shoon

37 Sunok

38 Fizer

39 Gar-Gar

40 Hayori

41 Migu

42 Jitty

43 Velop

44 Trike

45 Boki

46 Chimu

47 Duop

48 Tubor

49 Cupix

50 B-Kori

51 Crooki

52 Fuso

53 Egor

54 Tari

55 E-Flo

56 Balu

57 Yonozi

58 Eken

59 Kalin

60 Kingo

61 Fawa

62 Fantu

63 Tucor

64 Sut

65 Taki

66 Skimy

67 Kam

68 Flick

69 Sip

70 Triku

71 Mizu

72 Vatco

73 Maka

74 Femo

75 Cruser

76 Misori

77 Zuy

78 Tin-Chu

79 Snok

80 Kivu

Buying Gogos Crazy Bones in the United States

For customers in the US, here's a selection of Gogos Crazy Bones available right now:

Gogos Crazy Bones - Explorer
Gogos Crazy Bones - Explorer

Complete List of Names for Gogos Crazy Bones Series 3 - Explorer

Series 3 of Gogos Crazy Bones - Explorer - contained 80 brand-new Crazy Bones. Each was available in 4 normal colours and 1 laser version. Here's the collector's list:

1 Flamer

2 Eydo

3 Tivi

4 Xar

5 Raylo

6 Tork

7 Birtu

8 Mo

9 Zhip

10 Onikaso

11 Fanbon

12 Jampa Jampa

13 Lunino

14 Kato

15 Boox

16 Saileen

17 Harty

18 Jaha

19 Shebot

20 Offon

21 Solfer

22 Mechi

23 Enko

24 Mr Capi

25 Amy Nicai

26 Losty

27 RC-K8

28 Zabrisky

29 Oibel

30 Switel

31 Scamy

32 Tar-Tar

33 Flycat

34 Fishino

35 Sarp

36 Lasly

37 Lups

38 Dumdum

39 Giro

40 Artix

41 Uzzle

42 Gor

43 Starfu

44 Lampetti

45 Chenko

46 Eitor

47 Moky

48 Hilbo

49 Din-Awa

50 Chatt

51 Clappy

52 Lucky Rab

53 Whas

54 Kichi

55 Starboro

56 Zatocat

57 Mori

58 Yimo

59 Ufor

60 comco

61 Doc Spavilander

62 Targy

63 Champer

64 Block

65 Jowa

66 Divel

67 Doot

68 Numbar

69 Jato

70 Wolo

71 Linjat

72 Vladisfor

73 Mobot

74 Yucan

75 Dori Midori

76 Gondo

77 Min

78 Ghostmander

79 Plux

80 Winflag

Gogos Crazy Bones Bargains

For the latest Crazy Bones bargains, here's what's available right now on eBay...

Gogos Crazy Bones - Power
Gogos Crazy Bones - Power

Complete List of Names for Gogos Crazy Bones Series 4 - Power

The Power Series brough another 80 Crazy Bones, each available in 5 colours. There were also 10 'Most-Wanted' Gogos - see bottom of list:

1 Powi

2 Hik

3 Eryu

4 Cora

5 Welu

6 Geon

7 Mindok

8 Sini

9 Xiu-Sun

10 Horo

11 Okimo

12 Asdarin

13 Dosk

14 Terin

15 Shod

16 Dumiel

17 Reyu

18 Silien

19 Bila

20 Gat

21 Moor

22 Kilo

23 Wawo

24 Hamo

25 Irgo

26 Shawa

27 Babu

28 Jahi

29 Dak

30 Tego

31 Din

32 Fichup

33 Moodel

34 Garin

35 Fivok

36 Kako

37 Flek

38 Rita

39 Zappi

40 Frug

41 Skimo

42 Yuto

43 Fil Dan

44 Gulfred

45 Erhon

46 Belion

47 Eul

48 Uyu

49 Taku

50 Hiid

51 Lim

52 Lulo

53 Goomi

54 Woki

55 Branco

56 Fusa

57 Forolin

58 Binlod

59 Conrab

60 Gi-Kao

61 Kustor

62 Urki

63 Poto

64 Varin Ray

65 Vlio

66 Frispiricandy

67 Guin

68 Ilo

69 Vite

70 Doda

71 In-Po

72 Ruyt

73 Tachan

74 Almo

75 Diro

76 Erendel

77 Spir

78 Fenton

79 Minty

80 Rein

5 Welu-W

10 Horo-W

20 Gat-W

30 Tego-W

40 Frug-W

50 Hiid-W

60 Gi-Kao-W

70 Doda-W

75 Diro-W

80 Rein-W

Gogos Crazy Bones Superstars
Gogos Crazy Bones Superstars

Gogos Superstars

The most popular 80 Gogos from the first four series have now been re-released with a funky new velvety feel. They're so cool that we've dedicated an entire page to Gogos Crazy Bones Superstars.

Gogos Crazy Bones Edge

01 Atori

02 Anuik

03 Stein

04 Blem

05 Luma

06 Span

07 Blotan

08 Hikiro

09 Plank

10 Kazuma


12 Ten

13 Turo

14 Fon-Chai

15 Hymay

16 K-Cu

17 Ray

18 Kayune

19 Karin

20 Atong

21 Noctus

22 Tokoro

23 Sfinx

24 Piwi

25 Longa

26 Ayu

27 Gosuke

28 Flyni

29 Moe

30 Suti

31 Tempel

32 Sumi

33 Tau

34 Juruk

35 Tsui

36 Tauris

37 Blus

38 Grunti

39 Gus

40 Kimo

41 Hey

42 Cobol

43 Vision

44 Pocke

45 125-L

46 Fuyu

47 Kain

48 Play

49 Trimol

50 Ohishi

51 JImbo

52 Bul

53 Hyroto

54 Pitsi

55 Kamy

56 Kayon

57 Bayron

58 Da-Q

59 Aku

60 Attuk

Gogos Crazy Bones at Bus Stop Toy Shop
Gogos Crazy Bones at Bus Stop Toy Shop

About Us

This guide to Gogos Crazy Bones names was brought to you by Bus Stop Toy Shop, a toy and hobby retailer based in the United Kingdom. We love Gogos Crazy Bones and ship them worldwide.

To browse our range of Gogos Crazy Bones, visit our website.

Wutcha Doin' Way Down Here?

This guide was written by Bus Stop Toy Shop - wanna take a peak at our tiny toy and hobby store?

How many Gogos do you have? Do you have any complete sets? Who's your all-time favourite? These questions and many more bsides, we'd love to know the answer to. Or just say 'howdy' - that's cool too.

All comments are approved first and normally appear within 24 hours. You don't have to register or give any details to comment - everyone's welcome!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Believe the gold bird above is Series 4 #49 Taku

    • profile image

      Aleesha Volkaert 

      5 years ago

      I collect crazy bones and I love crazy bones

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i love go'gos

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      is there a gogo named fimo

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      there should be pictures on this list

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Really cool cant wait to get them.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      series 7 is called groovy gogos

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      there is series 7 its called groovy gogo's crazy bone's

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I used to collect crazy bones a few years back and I found a mysterious old crazy bone, It looks like a golden crystal trophy with a smile,

      Please reply as soon as possible,


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      this is crazy - I can't distinguish one name from another, they're all the same for me...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      my daughter loves gogos! she has shiny green robot and needs it`s name.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I just tried to email at the busstop email and it would not go through :-(

    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile imageAUTHOR

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 

      8 years ago

      @anonymous: You can e-mail it to me admin (at) if you want - if I can't figure out who it is, I'll post the picture here and hopefully someone else can.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It is not any of the ones from the gold tin collection??? It is so strange, we cannot find this one anywhere! Thank you so much for trying though... maybe I'll take a pic of it...that might help...but idk if I can post pics on here?

    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile imageAUTHOR

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 

      8 years ago

      @anonymous: I've had a look, but I'm not sure which one it is you mean. You can find an image gallery of the two Gold collection tins with names here:

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm looking for a gold gogo that looks like an american indian bird, like you might see on a totem pole... can anyone help find it's name. My son has it, but scratched it, and it is his absolute favorite, We got it from the UK initially. Thanks

    • cinstress profile image


      9 years ago

      nice list

      I want to lens roll this

    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 

      9 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      That's a lot of Crazy Bones !

    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 

      9 years ago from La Verne, CA

      I like how they have that bounce effect. I might go crazy for these with little kids.

    • Asinka profile image

      Asinka Fields 

      9 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Fantastic lens, so many names ....

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Samuel Franklin 

      9 years ago

      Wow I remember Crazy Bones.. I never really got into them. I never actually though there was this many though...

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 

      10 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Wow, those are huge lists and you're doing a super job keeping track! :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have not gogo but my children have many. The list seems endless. Great job.


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