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Computer Games

Updated on February 9, 2010

Computer Games

In about 1988,a first computer flash game named as "Dave" creates a new chapter in the computer technology. Where computer modernize our life in about every field, it also improve our level of entertainment. Children or even young and mature people give a plenty of time to computer games to entertain themselves.

Here i have shortly explain some benefits and disadvantages of the computer games.

I wish that you respond me well with your comments and poll, i placed below.

They feel happy
They feel happy


PC games plays an important role in the life of modern children. Playing games canimprove their knowledge, activity, mind refreshment and more.

Through games, the children can now get more knowledge about computers than any other mode. This is my personal experience.

Games help the children who are ill or they have some physical injuries or they are permanent disable. By absorption in a game such children distracts their mind from pain and discomfort.

A professor in Nottingham University wrote in a medical journal that computer games could help children with attention deficit disorders. Research indicates that the children could gain social skills. He may wrote it for physical games, but i think that this is true for PC games also.

Computer games or play station games are known to improve hand-eye co-ordination and help players gain many skills.

Games enhance creativity and inculcate a taste for graphics, design and technology.

Many games also improve language and math skills as players have to complete their targets in short time. In this way they also learn time management.

They become aggressive
They become aggressive


Everyone knows that "every thing in over excess is bad"

PC games become dangerous for children when they become "game addict". I saw some children pays more attention to the games than their studies and some time even against their meal.

Rays, coming out from the computer screen are surely very dangerous for them if they plays continuously for more than 1 hour.

Some times computer games take the place of the friends of children.

I have even notice that excessive gaming may result a self-esteem and their attitudes become aggressive even to their parents. They starts gambling and then to support it they further start stealing to finance play.

My suggestion is that PC games are very good for childs if they play games in limits

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    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      it is good in some limitations