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Santa Worthy DIY Desktop Onager Toy For Boys

Updated on September 11, 2014

Santa Worthy Gift For An 11-Year-Old Boy

Its not always easy shopping for Christmas gifts for a young boy. This year my son has lots of books on his list, as well as a few movies and and a new video game. I am not saying books are a horrible thing to find on my sons list, but these are all pretty easy gifts. In my opinion, they are really not worthy of the cool gifts that Santa brings every year. Santa gifts have more meaning, make you smile bigger. You remember the gifts that Santa brings for years to come. But what exactly makes a toy worthy of being a "Santa gift under the tree or in the stocking? Here are a couple of the guidelines I follow when picking out my Santa gifts.

  • Powerful Play Potential~ If your not sure your kid will play with the present until next year, its not Santa worthy.
  • Thought Provoking~ Santa wants smart kids! If you can challenge and teach your child at the same time as entertaining them, Its Santa worthy.
  • Family Oriented~ Putting things together as a family on Christmas morning creates meaningful and lasting memories. Anything that can get the family involved is Santa worthy.
  • Sentimental~ Santa heard every "I want" that came out of our kids mouth this year, make it something they remember wanting, or will remember for some time to come.

Taking the Santa worthiness list into consideration, the Desktop Onager is a great gift to give an 11-year-old boy for Christmas. My son asked for a lot of books related to medieval times, and mythology. He has read about these machines in theory but never actually seen one in person. Finding a miniature medieval machine that he can build is a fantastic gift that totally fits his theme this year. Being able to get the whole family in on the fun is a really great perk. I am looking forward to putting this together with the boys and having a mini machine fight!

Build It yourself desktop Onager in action

Check Out the Onager in Action. This thing hurls little cannon balls across the room with a force. Quite an entertaining little toy.

Wooden Desk Top Toys

Taking the family fun just a little bit further, Santa decided to buy a different medieval machine for each member of the family so that we can have a mini machine war. I cant wait to see who wins!

What do you think of the Onager Desktop Toy?

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