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Cool And Affordable Lego City Playsets

Updated on February 2, 2015

Great Value Lego City Vehicles

Hello and welcome! As a small child, I always loved Lego, though it was way simpler back then - bricks, roof tiles, windows, and not much else. These days Lego can include bricks of many shapes and sizes, motors, gearing and LED lights. It can be a real inspiration for the budding architect or engineer. You can buy sets to construct buildings, cars, boats, planes and much more.

The Lego City range of playsets make great birthday gifts for kids. Whether your budget is a little restricted this year or you are looking for something extra, there are Lego City Vehicles to suit. The range includes car, boats, a seaplane, fire trucks and more.

The Lego City playsets are easily assembled by small hands, durable and fun. Suitable for children aged from 5 to 12 years, these cool toys can stimulate the imagination. Children enjoy playing with them as single toys or combining them with others in the set.

The photo shows the Lego City Seaplane which is available from Amazon, see below for more information.

LEGO City Seaplane (3178)
LEGO City Seaplane (3178)

The Seaplane is 8 inches long, has permanent floats and twin propellers, and can go anywhere. This set is bright and colorful with yellow and white plane and black propellers. You can open the top, so your pilot mini-figure can clamber in, and don't forget to refuel. The playset contains 102 pieces, and includes the Seaplane and pilot mini-figure.


Dads and Lego

As a child I remember watching my dad building with our Lego. Sometimes, it would be just a few minutes, showing us how to make a roof, for example. On other occasions, he would be occupied for hours - at least, that's how long it seemed to us - he would make an elaborate building. A great example for us. The only problem is that we weren't allowed to dismantle these treasures, and would have to wait days to get our Lego back!

Lego City Water Vehicles

Lego can stimulate the imagination. Imagine flying all over the world, landing on lakes, seas and oceans! Imagine entering a Speed Boat competition, cruising a lake, or crossing the ocean!

LEGO City Speed Boat 4641
LEGO City Speed Boat 4641

This 34 piece set includes a bright red boat and sailor mini-figure with life jacket. Ride the waves with this super fast Speed Boat, make sure the sailor puts on his life jacket, then he's ready to head out to sea.

LEGO City 60011 Surfer Rescue Toy Building Set
LEGO City 60011 Surfer Rescue Toy Building Set

This is a 32 piece Lego City Surfer Rescue set, including a Coast Guard watercraft, a shark with snappy jaw, surfboard, life preserver and life jacket. The set also includes 2 minifigures with accessories: the Coast Guard rescuer and the surfer.


Ultra Cool Lego City Speed Boat

I love this cool Lego City Speed Boat, with its bright red boat top and out-board motor. The mini sailor even sets a good example by wearing his life jacket! The photo is from Amazon.

Lego City Land Vehicles

Of course, Lego also make a good range of land vehicles, including quad bikes, cars and trucks. These are all fun to make and even more fun to play with.

LEGO City Quad Bike
LEGO City Quad Bike

Ever wanted a quad bike? Me, too, but I couldn't afford one. Of course, this is not a problem for Lego fans. The Lego City Quad Bike is a 33 piece set, and includes the Coast Guard mini-figure. Imagine crusing off-road or through the streets in this ultra cool 4-wheel vehicle.

LEGO City Small Car (3177)
LEGO City Small Car (3177)

Zoom around the city and park in tiny spaces with this small city car. The playset has 43 pieces, and includes Car and Driver mini-figure. The mini-driver has his own suitcase, which can be stowed safely behind his seat.


Fire and Rescue

Firefighters are often considered to be heroes. A fire truck lego set, with firefighters is perfect for any fan.

LEGO City Fire ATV 4427
LEGO City Fire ATV 4427

ATV fire truck, with firefighter minifigure, firefighting equipment, chainsaw and axe. This great little Lego City Fire ATV is 7 cm long.

LEGO City Off Road Fire Rescue (7942)
LEGO City Off Road Fire Rescue (7942)

This cool off road fire rescue set includes fire chief's truck, trailer, and some great fire-fighting equipment. It also includes an authentic fire chief mini-figure to take command of rescues.


Your thoughts on Lego

Lego comes in a vast range of categories and kits, very different from the plain, coloured bricks of my childhood. What do you think of lego? Which is your favorite Lego City set?

Are You A Lego Fan? - Or do you know someone who is?

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    • profile image

      Kidz Cards 3 years ago

      I am definitely a lego fan. Great lens. My favourite set is Lego City Coast Guard Patrol

    • profile image

      mgernie 4 years ago

      LEGO City Police Museum Break-in 60008 is my favourite!

    • profile image

      Gail47 5 years ago

      My grandson and I love building things with his lego kits. He has a set at home and at my house. We have a blast together!!!

    • loveanime22 profile image

      loveanime22 5 years ago

      great lego