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Cool Lego Toys for Boys

Updated on October 25, 2012

Love Lego!

If you have a boy like mine who LOVES lego, then this lens is for you.

Whether it is a birthday, Christmas or special occasion you want to buy for you are sure to find the perfect lego themed toy or accessory here.

I have listed my and my son's top 10 favourites, with direct links to Amazon for each.

1. Lego City

Ok, so I had to start with the building blocks themselves, and the Lego City range is one of my favourites. So many awesome sets to collect and build.

The one featured here is the Mine, complete with drill, truck and crane.

2. Lego Activity Table

If your child is anything like my son, once he has built up a collection it is really useful to have somewhere to play with it so pieces don't get lost all over the floor!

This table is great as it comes with a playmat and storage drawer which is really useful for keeping all the instruction booklets in.

3. Lego Sort and Store

There is nothing more frustrating than having to search through a box of blocks for the one piece you need for a project. This storage container sorts the pieces into large, medium and small sized blocks making it much easier to find the ones you need.

It comes with a built in carry handle and can hold over 1000 pieces of lego.

4. Lego Indiana Jones 2 for Xbox 360

This is my son's favourite Xbox game, and is guaranteed to keep him occupied for hours on a rainy day.

There are several other Xbox lego games, including Pirates of the Carribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Batman.

5. Lego Watch

The ultimate fashion accessory for the lego fan! It comes with a variety of lego links to custom build your own personal strap.

This particular model has a policeman mini-figure to add to your collection. The watches are scratch resistant and water resistant to a depth of 165 feet.

Other colours are also available.

6. Lego Creationary Game

A cool game for 3-8 players that encourages imagination, creativity, building and guessing skills. It is similar in concept to Pictionary.

7. Lego Ideas Book

This book provides hundreds of new ideas to change your already completed projects into something different.

It has six themed chapters including transportation, space, buildings and adventure, and is a user-friendly guide for all building abilities.

8. Lego Alarm Clock Radio

This cool bedroom accessory is styled to look just like a lego brick. The knobs on top work as tuner and volume controls and it has an easy to read LCD screen with a backlight.

Also comes in red.

9. Lego Ninjago Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

What little boy doesn't love things that glow in the dark?! This cool t-shirt will be no exception and is sure to become a favourite.

Made from 100% cotton and in a variety of sizes.

10. Lego Brick Light

This would make an awesome night light for a child's bedroom.

Comes with a mounting kit for wire free installation, and is perfect for travelling too.

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