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Spot It ~ Cool Game not just for Kids

Updated on November 14, 2014

Spot It game - what a Hoot!

I know what you're thinking a game designed for 7 - 11 year old kids, how on earth can this be entertaining to me, an adult? Well give a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Think you can think quick? Faster than a 7 year old? You may be surprised. I thought so but I guess I think too hard because I actually (I hate to admit) lost a few games to a 7 year old. She was boasting all afternoon and you know, I really didn't mind. the game was a blast!

You will find you are playing Spot It everywhere, at the homes of friends, on vacation, on holidays and with everyone even those much older than 7 years of age.

Truly great fun!

"Spot It" simply put - easy, hilarious fun

"Spot It" is a Fast-Paced Observation Game from, the maker of many Family-Fun Games. This game is a truly a kick! It is super easy for anyone over 6 years of age to learn and even entertaining for young or seasoned adults.

We bought this as a gift for our 7 year old niece thinking she could play with her friends and 9 year old sister, while subtly learning along the way. Of course, she wanted us to give it a try and being the loving aunt and uncle that we are we said sure thinking one or two games can't be too bad.

Oh my, what a hoot we started with the mini-game version "the Well" and were not just calling out our matching images, we were shouting them out. What a wonderful time! This game is great for bringing everyone together it is quick, entertaining, and a blast for all.

The premise of "Spot It" is to think quickly and improve your power of image recognition by matching symbols on two cards there is always only one matching symbol between two cards. Depending on which of the five versions of the game you play decides how you find these matching symbols. Having five versions of the game also makes certain the game will never become boring, actually I don't see how it could anyway.

"Spot It" will improve cognitive and visual identification skills for everyone who plays. Children love it and can be pleasantly occupied for some time. Seasoned adults looking for ways to keep their mind active this is a sure fire bet, livelier than Sudoku and a crowd pleaser.

Spot It! Explained (part 1)

Spot It ~ fun, fast-paced, simple card game that everyone can love.

With two to eight players, you draw cards and match symbols but you'll notice that only one matching symbol exists between any two cards. The first person to spot the matching symbol and call it out wins. Trust me it can get noisy.

Fast-Paced Observation Game

The game consists of 55 circular cards each decorated with eight symbols. Images include hearts, snowflakes, dragons, and lightning bolts, and words such as Stop, Art, and OK, plus there are more than 50 symbols in all.

Because the game requires quick mental processing, it moves fast, challenging your visual perception, memory, and matching skills. Your group will delight in spotting the matching symbols and agonize over getting beat to the punch by a faster player.

Spot the Matching Symbol to Win

Playing this card game is easy. Simply draw two cards at random and place them face up on the table so that everyone can see. Find the matching symbol between the two cards. The first player to call out the name of the matching symbol wins. The winning player then draws two new cards, places them on the table, and repeats the process.

If two players are tied for first at the end of the game, the winner is settled by having a duel. Each player draws one card and places it face up on the table at the same time. The first player to spot the matching symbol between the cards and call it out wins the duel.

Spot It
Spot It

"I can't wait until the next time I play it again!"


Spot It! Explained (part 2)

Play Five Individual Mini-Games

In addition to regular game play, this game lets players choose from five individual mini-games with separate rules and objectives. Choose such contests as The Tower, The Well, Hot Potato, The Poisoned Gift, or Triplet and play them in any order. The player who wins the most mini-games becomes the champion.

This card game comes with everything you'll need to play, including a convenient travel-size tin container so you can take this card game to parties or on trips.

What's in the Box

Spot It tin travel container, illustrated rule sheet, and 55 cards.

Spot It ! Matching Symbols Party Game _ Bundle of 4 Games
Spot It ! Matching Symbols Party Game _ Bundle of 4 Games

Designed for all ages and packaged in a travel-size tin, Spot it develops visual perception and matching skills


Learn How to Play Spot It

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    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 5 years ago

      Finding a game that is good for the whole family is a rare treasure.

    • MarilynThompson profile image

      Marilyn Thompson 5 years ago from Washington State

      @shellys-space: It truly is especially when you just need a fun play break

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      I haven't see the Spot It games, looks like fun!