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Cowgirl Baby Shower Planning

Updated on January 16, 2015

Western Baby Shower Ideas

Are you fixin' to host a cowgirl baby shower? Whether you are throwing it home on the range or at a local watering hole, you have come to the right place. Even if you are a tenderfoot (that's cowgirl slang for inexperienced) at throwing a party, we will give you lots of ideas for western theme:

* Food

Cowgirl Baby Shower Food Table - Whoa Nellie, what a great spread!

We hit the motherload of cowgirl baby shower ideas on the blog: From Glitter to Gumdrops. Creative genius Christy has MANY more details, along with instructions, on her post. Let your guests wet their whistles and enjoy a feast displayed with a western flair.

My favorite touches:

*Bandanas used as lining for food as well as a wrap for silverware

*Buckets used to hold food items

*A watering can holding potato salad

*Mason jars holding drinks

*A bale of hay with a lantern and stuffed horse on it

*Pie tins as serving plates

Table Decoration Favors - Head 'em up, move 'em out, and give 'em a favor to take home.

Displaying decorative western favors that are practical or edible, is a wonderful way to dress up your tables and offer a guest gift.

Western Centerpieces - Y'all can make these with no problems.

It just so happens a florist (Abby) created these beautiful centerpieces. They are simply canning jars and a red and white cloth tied around each one. You could easily include pink carnations for a cow girl baby shower. With bandanas underneath the jars, you can transform an ordinary table and give it a western feel.

Cow Girl Baby Shower Decorations and Supplies - The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over. These pre-made party supplies won't break the bank.

Pink Party Supplies

Whoa Nellie, these are some cute party supplies. Cowgirls are busy riding horses and don't have time for nasty dishes, so these paper plates, napkins and cups come in handy.

Solid pink tableware is also works well, especially if you have other Western theme table decorations like rope or a horse stuffed animal or two.

Western Baby Shower Goodies - Don't worry 'bout bitin' off more than you can chew, your mouth is bigger'n you think.

Your guests will be more than pleased with these goodie bags. Christy shows you how to make these cow girl treats on her blog.

My favorite features:

*Trail mix

*Hay bales made from Rice Krispie Treats

*Sheriff cookies in the shape of a star

*Horse pops

*Pretty pink buckets

*Miner's gold which are actually yellow M&M's in a burlap bag..but you could use any yellow candy.

Cow Girl Cookies

Cow Girl Cookies shown on make great gifts. If you are the recipient of a cowgirl shower, you may wish to make them for the hosts as a thank you present. If you are hosting the shower, you may wish to make a batch. You will find the recipe on the link above.

Western Party Ideas

Mariana of Dulce Design created this wonderful Cowboy party and many of the decorations and food would work well for a cowgirl baby shower. This photo represents the sweet table and the next two images below are close-up images of some of the great treats. There are many more fantastic photos on Mariana's blog, so be sure to visit it. By the way this party was hosted by Mariana in Argentina.

Cowgirl Baby Shower - Cow Cones - by Mariana of Dulce Designs

Take a look at this wonderful idea for treat holders. Mariana used corn nuts in cow paper.

Cowgirl Baby Shower Decorations - by Mariana of Dulce Designs

It is great when your food serves as a decoration. Maria features cake pops and milk in such a creative way.

Baby Shower Food for Hungry Cow Girls

While much western inspired food is hearty like fried chicken and chili, you can probably get away with just about any menu simply by adding a western name to your dish, like Cowboy John's Chili. Here are some recipes for traditional western food from Alan's Kitchen.

A lighter alternative comes from The Pioneer Woman website with many great recipes.

What are your favorite country or wild west sayings?

Credit: the Thomas Ranch Reading Room

What is your favorite country saying?

See results

Blue Jeans Cake - Dang, this is one fine cake!

This is probably the only one that looks within my skill level. It is also very cute. Decorate it with a bandana for a Western flair.

Hoped you liked this lens. Now I gotta go see a man about a horse. I'd love your comments, though.

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      kabbalah lm 4 years ago

      Got to be a Texas thing

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      AnnounceItFavors 5 years ago

      Nice lens with great photos! Very popular theme.

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      Loved it - thanks for sharing!

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      @DrBillSmithWriter: Thank you for the visits and blessing!

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      This is a really neat lens. Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you! ;-)

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      The food ideas are great.

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      justholidays 6 years ago

      These are great ideas to prepare a cowboy baby shower! I have to admit that now that I've seen that picture of cow boy chili, I'm hungry. And definitely enjoyed looking at all those wonderful baby shower party items - I particularly liked those flower centerpieces!