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Crabs Adjust Humidity A Parody on a Parody

Updated on October 26, 2014

A parody on a parody ?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water Crabs Against Humidity stacks the deck in a rousing game of "Go Fish".

This crabby version is billed as something of a parody, on a parody, if that’s even possible. At any rate the name “Crabs Adjust Humidity” is a play on the cult card game “Cards Against Humanity”, which is itself a play on the term “Crimes Against Humanity”. Are you getting this?

Crabs Against Humidity is an unofficial, unauthorized version of the Cards Against Humanity expansion packs.

More expansions for the Cards Against Humanity Game

The truth is calling these cards a parody is kindness, because what Crabs Adjust Humidity has actually done is to introduce a separate line of their own playing cards which enhance the Cards Against Humanity -paying experience. Crabs Adjust Humidity has so far launched three unauthorized versions of the expansion packs. The expansion pack cards have been written to play very well with the Cards Against Humanity game.

They look just like Cards Against Humanity

In fact the cards have even been designed so that they are almost undetectable once combined with the original CAH decks. By utilizing the same font, the same size cards, and the same background the crabbers cards blend right in. They are however labeled individually with the crabs logo so that they can be separated from the original game at any time.

Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol Two
Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol Two

If you enjoyed the first expansion, I'd suspect you can't wait to order the second one. Well here it is, and easy as ever to order from Amazon.


Have the biggest set on the block

According to the makers of the steamy cards, it can get a little boring to see many of the same cards being played over and over again, as in playing the original deck and expansions. These three steamy expansion packs will give you many more options, and as little known as these are you will probably be the first one on your block to own the unauthorized crabby add on cards. If nothing else you will probably have the biggest set… of cards that is.

Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol Three
Crabs Adjust Humidity - Vol Three

Can't help yourself, eh? Addicted to all of the nasty name calling, stereotyping, and gender bashing associated with these cards Just fuels your weakness? - Stop fooling around and just order all three expansions!


It’s a horrible game for horrible people

On inspection of some of the questions and answers there really is no noticeable difference between the writing style of the original humanities version or the humidity cards, although those who invented the game would probably disagree with me. I’m sure it takes a certain brilliance to write questions in such a way that any answer sounds politically questionable, in their minds anyway.

You can't be too harsh

If you think I’m being harsh – remember, whether you play with nothing more than the original authorized cards or you decide to enhance your set with the Crabs Adjust Humidity bootleg expansions - “It’s a Horrible Game For Horrible People”, and that’s why we like it.

I'm A Horrible Person Mug
I'm A Horrible Person Mug


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