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Crackle Glass

Updated on May 2, 2017

Antique Crackle Glass So Collectible

Article By Sharon Stajda

Antique Crackle glass is the third most popular collectible art glass in the world, preceded only by coins and stamps. It's one of the most sought after art glass by collectors of antique glass. I love crackle glass, I think it's one of the most beautiful of all the art glass. If you've ever seen a piece of crackle glass in a window with the sun reflecting off the piece, I think you might agree. A window decorated with different colored crackle is truly breathtaking.

Crackle glass is known by many other names, such as craquele glass, ice glass, over-shot glass. Makers of the sixteenth century, who invented this marvelous process. The glass was immersed in cold water while it was molten hot, thereby cracking the glass. The glass was then reheated and either mold or hand blown into the shape the glass blower desired. The reheating of the glass sealed the cracks. If you run your hands over crackle glass, you can feel the cracks, but the inside is smooth to touch. Glass makers from the nineteenth century and even today are still using the same methods.

Some of the companies that produced crackle glass are Blenko Glass Company, Pilgrim Glass Company, H.C. Fry Glass Company, Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, Hobbs, Brockunier & Company, Cambridge Glass Company, Kanawha Glass Company. Some of these companies are still operating today, making crackle glass.Crackle glass, comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors of the cruets, miniature vases, miniature pitchers, large vases, large pitchers, decanters, and many other beautiful items.


Are You Contemplating Purchasing A Piece Of Crackle Glass ?


How To Inspect Crackle Glass


What To Look For When Purchasing Crackle Glass

If you are contemplating purchasing a piece of crackle glass, make sure you check the piece closely , to see that the glass is in good condition; that the piece is not chipped or cracked. It may be called crackle glass. However, you do not want a crack or chip to mar the piece and devalue it. Don't be overzealous when buying a piece of crackle glass. It would be a mistake to purchase a piece of glass before checking it over very carefully. You may think the piece a bargain only to go home and see the piece is defective. So, take your time , and check the piece over well. Any defects will automatically devalue the piece greatly.

How To Inspect Crackle Glass

I suggest you hold up a piece to the light and turn it slowly in all directions to see if there are any imperfections. Look for color defects, hairline cracks, or chips at bottom, and mouth if applies to the pieces design.

If you have decided to purchase. Make sure your piece is properly wrapped to protect it until you get home

Are There Cheap Reproductions Of Crackle Glass On The Market?


Yes There Are Many Reproductions Of Crackle Glass

Yes, there are. Please be aware that there is new crackle glass being produced today in Taiwan and China. Your best bet is to buy a good crackle glass guide book. This will help you be able to distinguish the new reproductions from the old well sought after crackle glass Look for the older pieces to show more wear marks on the bottom and inside where a stopper may have been used. keep in mind a cruet or decanter with a stopper or top to it is worth more than a piece without it. I have noticed that the shapes are more imperfect in the older pieces. You may see that they may lean to one side or you may feel a bit bumps to the touch. The fewer cracks or "crackles" a piece has, the cheaper the piece of crackle should be.


Crackle Glass

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