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cuponk tv cuponk as seen on tv

Updated on July 14, 2010

Cuponk Ping Pong Ball Game - As Seen On TV

I was watching tv this morning while getting ready for work when I saw an infomercial for one of my favorite games from college,,,well not the exact game but a fantastic variation called Cuponk.  Now the version from TV which we'll call Cuponk TV is a bit different from what I remember in college as beer pong but the principles and the fun are still the same.  The biggest difference is that where beer pong is for adults who are above the legal drinking age, cuponk is a game for kids of all ages above the required age limit to test their skills and creativity. So what is cuponk

Cuponk in its most basic form is just a ping pong ball and a plastic cup.  The goal is to throw the ping pong ball and make it land in the cup.  It is sort of like when you are at an amusement park and you have to throw a ping pong ball into a fish bowl.  If the ball lands in the fish bowl you win a prize, if the ball lands in the cuponk tv cup then you win.  What makes cuponk different is that they get you to try doing multiple bounces and try to get you to bounce it off a wall then a floor and then the ceiling and then make it land in the cup on the same throw.  Ok that was a bit exaggerated but they definitely try to make your throw a lot more challenging and try to get you to be creative. 

In college we would play a drinking game called Beer Pong.  Beer Pong was simple.  You would line up cups in a triangle shape on each end of a long rectangular table and fill them part way full with beer.  You also had a wash cup to rinse the ball off before you throw it.  Then you would form two teams or just have two people play each other.  Each team would take a turn tossing a ping pong ball at the other persons cups.  If the ping pong ball would land in the other teams beer, then the person you were shooting against would have to drink the beer.  Sounds easy right?  Until you have tried to play and have had a couple of beers beer pong sounds much easier than it actually is.  It was one of my favorite drinking games in college so when I saw the cuponk tv infomercial it brought back a ton of memories. 

Now with that said, cuponk as seen on tv is a game for kids, not a drinking game.  Kids should not be drinking until they are above the legal age where they live and to be honest, drinking to much is never a good thing.  Everything is better in moderation.  What I liked about cuponk is that it challenges kids, makes them think about geometry and math because they have to consider angles and force and also challenges them to test their hand eye coordination.  Cuponk is an awesome idea for kids and one that will definitely provide hours of fun for them.  The only problem is getting them to start playing.  Just like beer pong or flip cup, the game sounds stupid so it is hard to convince people its fun but once you start playing it becomes extremely addictive and one of the most fun and popular party games.  I could easily see cuponk as seen on tv becoming one of the next most popular and fun games and your kids will definitely enjoy playing it if you can get them hooked on playing cuponk. 

I personally love this game and idea and think that if you are up for a challenging game or need to find something for your kids to do while they are off of school for the summer, cuponk could be a perfect and affordable new game for them.  I highly recommend that you buy cuponk for a gift or buy cuponk just for fun to help get rid of boredom.  Just make sure you read any and all warning labels and that everyone who plays is above the minimum age requirement on the package since ping pong balls can be dangerous for little kids or people using them unsupervised (I know I slipped on one at a party in college lol).  Cuponk is an awesome idea and I highly recommend that you buy cuponk if you are having a party or want to find a new game for your kids for summer. 


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