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Cute as a Button Baby Shower

Updated on August 17, 2013

Cute as a Button Baby Shower

Planning a Cute as a Button baby shower is easier than you think. Not only is it a popular theme, but incorporating buttons into all aspects of the party is fun and simple. Since buttons are just circles with button holes, even the least crafty individual can succeed at this type of party.

We will look at these button theme items: place card holders, favors, cookies, banners, table decorations and more.

Button Frame Place Card Holder

This button frame is one of my favorite items because it can serve as a place card holder as well as a picture frame. It is colorful enough to go with any d├ęcor.

You can also make your own button place card holder by:

1. Finding a small card

2. Writing the guests name on it

3. Gluing a button or two on it.

Cute as a Button Banner - by Paper Source

The fine folks at Paper Source have created a wonderful tutorial about how to make this baby button banner. Click here to learn the steps and purchase materials to create your own.

Cute as a Button Candles

"Cute as a Button" candles make great baby shower favors. You can either purchase them or make them using a votive candle, ribbon and button.

The easiest way to make this favor is to:

1. Select a votive candle holder with nicely scented wax.

2. Take a ribbon and tie it through the button holes.

3. Wrap the ribbon around the candle and tie it in a bow.

Button Baby Shower - Lots of Ideas

Decorating with buttons is so easy and cheap, but it look very elegant. Take a look at this ideas from Wedding Chicks to add buttons to everything from the invitations to a cake.

Button Cookies

Button cookies are great to make for a dessert. Simply:

1. Find a good sugar cookie recipe. Here is one: Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

2. Locate a round cookie cutter.

3. Decorate with colored frosting.

4. Add four black dots to represent button holes in the center.

The video below shows you how to make "paintable" frosting for your button cookies.

Button Theme Cupcakes

This is another creative idea from the staff at Paper Source. Just about any dessert can be turned into one with a button theme. Just create a button pick with a piece of small round paper and a toothpick.

You will find many other creative ideas about hosting a "Cute as a Button" Baby shower on the Paper Source Blog.

Button Centerpieces - From the blog: Life Rearranged

I was lucky enough to stumble across a wonderful blog post about, off all things, hosting a Cute as a Button shower on a budget.

Jeannet offers a wealth of ideas, the best of which are her money-saving tips and cute decorations. I especially like these easy centerpieces made of flowers from Costco, mason jars, buttons and ribbon.

Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ideas

If you are looking for a meaningful idea and decoration for your baby shower,

1. Provide index cards with a button stamped on them.

2. Ask your guests to write a wish for the new mother-to-be and/or baby.

3. Hang a clothes line made of ribbon across the room.

4. Provide clothespins for guests to attach their card to the clothes line.

The favor bags on the right are also a great idea. Find generic bags that you like and paste a button on each one. Print a message on each one using a stamp or stickers. Credit: Luminoso Blu

Cute as a Button Favor

This Cute as a Button favor happens to be a favorite of mine because everyone can use it. A perfect item for storing small sewing objects, coins, jewelry and more.

Cute as a Button Plates, Napkins and Cups

Cute as a Button Baby Shower Decorations

This decoration couldn't be cuter and easier to make. I also like the napkin holders displayed next to the wooden decoration. They look simple to make, as a circular piece of paper represents the button on top of a paper napkin ring.

Credit: Luminoso Blu

Cute as a Button Decorations

Cute as a Button Baby Shower Theme - Button Garland

This button garland by Wedding Chicks is the perfect decoration for your cute as a button theme. Everyone has a needle, thread and buttons on hand. So string this up and add interest above your tables.

Decorate with Buttons

Using buttons is the easiest, cheapest type of decoration you can imagine. Everyone you know probably has a box full of buttons they are not using. Here are some ideas:

1. Sprinkle them on a solid color tablecloth.

2. Glue them on invitations.

3. Thread a ribbon through them and tie them around a vase for a simple centerpiece.

Photo Credit: Glenn Fleishman

Your ideas or comments about "Cute as a Button" baby showers...

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    • mymess profile image

      cynthia 4 years ago from Australia

      nice ideas~

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      This lens is as cute as a button!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Oh this is absolutely delightful. I had done crafts with buttons before but now you have given me a few more ideas that I am anxious to try. Thank you.