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Cute Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

Updated on June 11, 2013

Elephant Shower Invites You'll Love

Are you looking for cute elephant baby shower invitations? Many sites sell shower invites, but sorting through all of them to find just what you want can be a chore. Greeting card sites aren't very good at getting their products to show up in search engines, and some don't even have a search option on their site, so you have to wade through every invite in your chosen category to find what you want.

I work with a variety of greeting card merchants, so I spend hours looking at products on their sites. And I love elephants. So on this page I've compiled some of the cutest invitations from around the web on one page to make it easy for you to select the perfect elephant invites for your celebration. Each one can be personalized online with ease to include all your party details. You'll love these whimsical and colorful designs ready to announce the upcoming event!

(Image of Square Pink Elephant Baby Shower Invitation by twopinkhearts on Zazzle)

Personalized Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

Customize these designs online

These personalized shower invitations all feature adorable images of elephants. You can choose gender-neutral colors or select pink or blue colors designed to celebrate the arrival of a new baby boy or baby girl. All of these designs can be customized online within minutes with all of your party details and then shipped directly to you. Your guests are sure to love any of these designs.

from Minted" />Baby Elephant Shower Invitation
from MintedCHECK PRICE

from Paper Source" />Elephant Baby Shower Invite
from Paper SourceCHECK PRICE

from Minted" />Elephant Invitation
from MintedCHECK PRICE

from Minted" />Elephant Family Invitations
from MintedCHECK PRICE

from CardStore" />Squirting Elephant Invitations
from CardStoreCHECK PRICE

from CardStore" />Elephant Shower Invites
from CardStoreCHECK PRICE

Party Tip

Serve foods that are easy to eat so guests don't have to balance an entire sit-down meal on their laps or risk spilling food on their party attire.

It's a Baby... Elephant!

A cute design for the big event

This design makes fun of the term baby "shower" by showing a little elephant spouting a shower of water from his trunk. Use this invite to celebrate the arrival of a boy or a girl. You can easily customize it with your own party details.

Baby Elephant Design from Minted.comCHECK PRICE

Elephant Invitations from Zazzle

Customized designs to celebrate the new arrival

Zazzle is a creative marketplace where artists and designers can share their creations with the world, and they offer a wide selection of invites, cards and gifts that you won't find in any store. Select one of these designs to create your personalized announcements in minutes.

Elephant Hearts Design - GirlCHECK PRICE

Square Blue Elephant BabyCHECK PRICE

Elephant & Butterflies DesignCHECK PRICE

Elephant Invites - BoyCHECK PRICE

Elephant Baby Shower InvitationsCHECK PRICE

Elephant Baby Shower Invite - BlueCHECK PRICE

Don't Forget the Postage

Make your envelopes stand out with matching postage stamps

When you send envelopes with these special stamps affixed to the outside, guests will know immediately that there's a baby shower invite inside. Choose one of these designs to complement any elephant-themed announcement! They're all available from Zazzle, where you can find dozens of great party invites, postage and more. Click on any image to get details about that product or to see other postage designs on Zazzle.

Pink Elephant Postage StampsCHECK PRICE

Pink Elephant Postage StampCHECK PRICE

Elephants Postage CHECK PRICE

elephant baby shower invitations
elephant baby shower invitations

How About An Electronic Shower Invitation?

Great as an official invite or a follow-up reminder

These days, many people get more mail on their computer than in their physical mailbox. Digital invites are a great idea if you need to send a last-minute announcement, are trying to reduce waste by using less paper and resources of simply as a follow-up to a mailed card.

You can create cute personalized digital baby shower invitations (like the one pictured here) in just minutes at Smilebox. Add your own text, music and even a photo, if you like. These invites can be emailed, printed or posted to Facebook or other social sharing sites to let everyone know about the big event. Basic designs on the site are free, while premium designs with more features require a membership. But if you sign up for a free 7-day Club Smilebox Free Trial Offer, you'll get access to all the premium designs, including baby shower invitations, for one week.

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      getmoreinfo 5 years ago

      I like these Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

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      Camden1 5 years ago

      What a fun theme for a baby shower!

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      Kristen 5 years ago from Boston

      These elephant invitations are so cute!