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Cute Knight Hints, Walkthroughs and more

Updated on October 30, 2012

Cute Knight by Hanako Games

Walkthroughs, hints, secrets and ending guides. Here's the Cute Knight description: An orphan girl searches for her destiny...knight, princess or beggar? It's all up to you as you make choices and guide her to her true calling. Train in jobs and classes to raise skills, make friends and find romance - then use those skills to conquer the monsters in the dungeon! Design and dress your unique character to reach one of more than fifty storybook endings! Highly addictive with tons of replay value!

You can download Cute Knight Deluxe here.

This is a free demo from the developer. You would have to buy the full version.

Cute Knight Gameplay Hints

Having trouble with your Cute Knight Dream score? Stay in the same job. Dream lowers when you have an unhappy day, and switching careers often between some you're not good at will do that. You'll slowly improve in any career path.

  • Each of the initial months you choose decides your starting statistics. Try to decide what type of character you'd like your Cute Knight character to be & go for that one. However, it doesn't really matter if you're willing to put extra time into a career.
  • Need more gold? Try adventuring in Cute Knight's sinkhole dungeon! You'll get plenty of items you can sell in a shop... but be careful of your sin stats.
  • Need a place to stay the night? The inn will let almost anyone stay there freely in exchange for a week of work. You may also rest at the church for 10-25 health restored, which only takes one night - but they don't allow sinful people inside. There's also a similar option in the Town Park, but you might find your Cute Knight accosted during the night.
  • Some of the endings require specific actions, careers, statistics, or even you to be somewhere on a special day.

Best jobs in Cute Knight

Most of the jobs you can have your Cute Knight take usually increase one or two statistics, but sometimes decrease them too. Here's some of the best for your little Cute Knight:

  • Box Stacker (Shop, start of the game). Raises both your strength and stamina. Great for an adventuring warrior type, or any character who might need a bit more vitality to not rest so often.

  • Cashier (Shop). Raises both your charm and your mind. Trying for the Sorceress ending? Want to be a great musician? This is the job to take!

  • Thief (Town Park). Be careful however, it raises your sin & you might get caught by the guards!

  • Barmaid (Inn). Great for cash, and you might even be able to party with someone for extra gold... at the cost of a little sin.

  • Dancer (Town Park). With a high charm & luck, this is a great job. It's one of the most profitable in the game. Comes with the same extra cash option as the one above.

  • Animal Tamer (Church). Want to marry the prince? This is the place to be! However, doing this job lowers your charm rating, so be careful.

  • Bouncer (Inn, late game). Raises Combat, Strength, and some other goodies. This job is great for any adventurer type. It can also open up one of Cute Knight's endings, the Warrior Wife.

Cute Knight Endings

There are far too many endings available in Cute Knight to list here. Here's some of the better ones we can give instructions for:

  • Slacker - Go to sleep a few times in the park at the start of the game. This ending is so cute & one of my favorites!
  • False Princess - Read to kids at the library until you can ask about Princess Alexandra (DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE PRINCE). Win the Flower Queen contest during the festival and show something to the queen afterwards.
  • Castle Knight - Guard the kingdom by defeating the Black Knight in Cute Knight's Midsummer festival.
  • Real Ending - See false princess, then adventure in the dungeon. Eventually you'll rack up enough sin that you won't be able to re-enter the Kingdom just yet. Dig through trash until you meet Alex. Work in the hospital until you see her there again, then swap between the two. Eventually you'll find out about her past and hear a royal proclamination. Meet the prince at the church's stables and keep a high enough charm that he wants to get to know you. At this point, you can either marry the prince (on the special day - different ending), or win the Flower Queen contest to marry him as part of Cute Knight's "Real Ending".

Most of the careers & training programs also have their own endings. You'll have to play Cute Knight a lot to see them all!

Hint for getting Cute Knight endings: You can save your game, and go back to it once you've seen an ending. This lets you skip the beginning portions of Cute Knight where all your statistics are fairly low & worthless.

Adventuring in the Cute Knight Dungeon

The sinkhole is a retro-styled randomized dungeon. You'll find some treasure chests in there, and much harder monsters with every new level. There are 5 levels total and a fearsome beast within.

You don't ever have to set foot inside the dungeon in Cute Knight, not even for the best ending. The sinkhole dungeon is just an optional area for people who enjoy these type of things.

To improve your survivability:

  • Train in the school. Combat training will increase the damage you do. Spell training will give you new charms. Potion training will let you brew healing potions. Be careful not to become friends during spell training if you want to advance all the way to Cute Knight's master magician level.
  • More stamina will help you live longer. Try jobs that allow you to increase it, like the Box Stacking in the Shop or Maid in the Inn. Be careful of the Researcher job, which reduces it.
  • Buy better equipment in the shop, forge it with item construction training, or buy it during the festival months from traders. Watch out for Dryad's on dungeon level 4 - they can charm you & steal all your equipment!

Hint: On dungeon level 3 you can find a special wizard monster. He drops an item that will be useful in getting the "real" (or "false") ending to Cute Knight.


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