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Dark Get to Blooming in the Catacombs

Updated on July 9, 2013

Dark Get to Blooming

In Dark, Eric should stay behind cover and assess each scenario to get to Blooming in the catacombs.
In Dark, Eric should stay behind cover and assess each scenario to get to Blooming in the catacombs.

In Dark the Game, Eric descends from the elevator to the catacombs, where Blooming is located. Now he must get to Blooming and his blood to prevent himself from turning into a ghoul. Ghouls are exactly the type of creatures that Eric encounters after coming out of the elevator. This will provide a guide on the tactics that Eric can use against the ghouls and the combination of ghouls and the security guards that guard the way to Blooming in the catacombs.

Dark the Game First Encounter With the Ghouls

Coming out of the elevator, Eric will encounter the first set of ghouls. They are feeding on corpses on the ground. Ghouls are good listeners but have poor eyesight. Do not use abilities like low level shadow jump near the ghouls. Instead, use cover and go down the ramp and then do a u-turn past the ramp and turn right to get past the ghouls. Beyond the ghouls on the right, there will be several guards patrolling the area.

One tactics to try out in this area is to create some disturbance (ie get spotted) and then go from cover to cover to avoid the guards. They will converge towards Eric. The last guard near the exit will be slowest to advance towards Eric. Aim in his direction and use shadow kill to teleport to that position and eliminate the guard. Then run through the exit and finish this scenario.

Dark the Game Get to Blooming in the Catacombs Scenario 1

Blooming is down in the basement dissecting some corpses to make sculptures. He runs away when Eric comes near, locking up parts of the Harding Museum basement one at a time when this happens. Blooming will then unleash armed security guards and ghouls into each section, creating scenarios in confined spaces that Eric needs to get out of to pin down Blooming.

In scenario 1, two security guards enter the room. They move in a circle around the room, separated from each other. So move around the room in a circle behind cover and take out one of them from stealth. Then take your time to eliminate the other by following him around the room. If possible, drink his blood so that Eric can raise his blood meter.

Catacombs Scenario 2

Scenario 2 happens when Blooming opens the closed doors in the next room to unleash two security guards and a ghoul into the first room. The ghoul will enter the room first.

  • Use shadow kill or normal takedown to finish the ghoul first.
  • This will most likely alert the security guards, particularly when the corpse of the ghoul is discovered.
  • Shadow leap out of the room into the next room.
  • There are two options here. Eric can run out of this room into the next scenario.
  • Or he can take his time and device a plan to finish off the security guards and increase his blood meter.

Catacombs Scenario 3

In Scenario 3, Eric faces two security guards and a ghoul. Eric is at a lower level compared to the enemies. When the ghoul comes near Eric, shadow kill it and then come out of the next room and descend the stairs. The security guard will spot the corpse and follow. Either use shadow kill to take down the enemy, or wait behind cover and take him down the conventional way. Then, finish off the other security guard and raise your blood meter.

Catacombs Scenario 4

Chase after Blooming. Again, he will close off another room and trap Eric with a ghoul and two security guards. The key for Eric here is to find a way past the enemies and up the stairs in the previous room to the upper landing. Use previous tactics to defeat the ghouls and the two security guards and continue. It should be possible to feed on the two security guards and raise the blood meter before the final scenario.

Dark the Game Defeat Blooming

Blooming is finally within reach in the final chamber of the catacombs. When Eric enters the final room, Blooming closes off the room. Eric is trapped in this room with Blooming, two guards and a ghoul. From the top of the stairs, use shadow kill to finish off the ghouls. This will attract the other occupants of the room towards Eric. If Eric is lucky, Blooming will reach him first. Finish him and take the prize.


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