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Dark Get to the Penthouse in Geoforge

Updated on July 11, 2013

In Dark, Eric Bane realizes that Blooming's blood is not good enough to make him a fully-fledged vampire. He returns to the Sanctuary nightclub to ask Rose what to do next. Rose sends Eric to speak to Tom. Eventually they come to the conclusion that Eric must be some kind of powerful vampire to be that needs even stronger blood. So Eric must get to Vlad, an even more ancient vampire, in Geoforge and get his blood. The process of elimination continues, and yet Eric does not even ask any questions. Strange indeed.

This will guide Eric and provide tactics on how to eliminate or avoid the guards in Geoforge and get to Vlad in Geoforge to eliminate him.

Dark Get Past the Guards in Geoforge Lobby

The first area to show off Eric's abilities is the Geoforge lobby. It is recommended that Eric gets the following powers -

  • Shadow Grip
  • Obscure

Now, when Eric enters the foyer, there will be a guard to the left of him. Eric can either go near him and take him down, or just use shadow grip on him. Either way, no guards should be alerted as this guard is quite far away from the rest of the guards.

Once the guard is taken care of, go left and note the timing of the guards going down the left hand side of the stairs. When the guards' backs are all turned towards the hero, use obscure to further hide Eric and then go to a darkened area in the middle.

Wait for a guard looking towards the centre to march away. Then go right towards the stairs and use cover to stealth past the guard near the cover. When this guard is not looking, go to his back and feed on him. Make sure the guard at the top of the stairs is not looking when this happens.

Now stealth up diagonally right past the receptionist and go behind cover. Listen to the two guards (before the door) talk and then sneak past them through the door.

Dark Get to the Access Card in Geoforge Office

The first step in the Geoforge Office is to get into the security system. The corridor will lead to a room with five guards. When the two frontal patrolling guards are not looking, go in and take out the one facing the vending machine. Drag his body out before it is discovered. Next, hide at the doorway and wait for the second man to turn up and face the hero. Make sure the third man behind him is not facing him. Then use shadow grip on the second man. Quickly move in and drag out the body of the second man. Then stealth into the room and devise a plan to take out the remaining three men. Remember to feed on at least one of them to restore the blood meter. Eric will need it for the next section.

Once Rose is in the security system, she activates the elevator. However, the elevator cannot work without an access card.

This will fast forward into the office section of Geoforge, where there are numerous guards to prey on or avoid.

  • From the entrance, notice that the right part of the large office is relatively devoid of guards.
  • Move along the right and go up the stairs.
  • Hide and wait for the opportune moment to take out the guard on the right. Feed on him; Eric will need his blood meter to be full for what is to come.
  • Now spot two more guards standing before the exit. One of guards is in the room. When he is in one corner of the room, shadow grip him. Then wait for the other guard to be isolated. Shadow grip him too.
  • Go for the exit and into the room. There are two objectives here. Get rid of June's (lovely barmaid) record in the system, and proceed to get the access card by stealthing past the guards.
  • When the two guards separate, take them down.
  • When Eric returns to the main office area, there will be lots of guards. Eric should be feeling very powerful by now, so eliminate everyone.

Now leave the office and take the lift to get to the penthouse.

The lift to the penthouse is accessible through an artificial forested area, called the biome. The first part of the biome is a stroll in the park, essentially allowing Eric to test his vampire powers and feeding abilities on unsuspecting solo guards. Eventually, Eric reaches a flight of stairs that leads to an ultraviolet tunnel. Go to the bottom and switch off the power. Now proceed through the tunnel, take out more guards on the walkway and then reach the designated marker (lift to the penthouse).

Dark Get to the Geoforge Penthouse

The goal in the first part of the Geoforge quest is to get to the Penthouse.
The goal in the first part of the Geoforge quest is to get to the Penthouse.

Dark Get to the Penthouse

And so Eric gets to the penthouse in Geoforge. Eric and Rose believe that the ancient vampire Vlad is in the penthouse. Eric explores this rather extravagant penthouse. There is no one around. Apparently Vlad is outside hunting.

So head out and find Vlad. However, before that happens, the penthouse is filled with enemies. It is easy to defeat these enemies and then move out.


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