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Dark Souls 2 Boss Fights Guide

Updated on March 20, 2014

In Dark Souls 2, the hero will have the mammoth task of defeating the bosses. However, before the hero can get to the boss to fight them, he will first have to get to each one. The task the hero has at hand - to reach the boss may be as hard as the boss fight itself (if not harder). This will guide the hero on each area -

  • how to get to the boss
  • how to defeat each boss

Dark Souls 2 Get to the Dragonrider

Rumour has it that the dragonrider may be the easiest enemy to defeat.

  • The dragonrider is found in the Heide's Tower of Flames.

The dragonrider blocks the path to No Man's Wharf. He must be defeated. This defeat the boss fight guide was done with a swordsman initially. The swordsman has -

  • a scimitar in one hand and a sword of some kind in the other, or a halberd
  • increased ability to dodge and to run, at least in the initial stages of the game.

Run to the dragonrider, past the giant knights, if you do not want to fight them at first. Dodge the giant knight holding the two handed sword and go through the mist covered doorway. The dragonrider looks on, and rushes at you.

Dodge the first attack, and then go to the dragonriders back and attack him once or twice. Don't be too greedy. The dragonriders will try to face up to the hero and try to strike at him again. Do not let him do this. Run to the back again and repeat the procedure. Two things will happen eventually.

  • The dragonrider will go around in a circle, miss his footing and fall into the water around the pedestal.
  • The dragonrider will be defeated eventually.

Dark Souls 2 Defeat the Old Dragonslayer

The dragonslayer was one difficult foe in dark souls. He returns as the Old Dragonslayer in Dark Souls 2. He is still difficult to defeat. Sometimes, one must admit that all one needs to do is to ask for help. So summon some phantoms and prepare to take on the Old Dragonslayer.

Note that the main hero must avoid dying, or his world will end, and the other summoned phantoms will be unsummoned.

Even with help, the dragonslayer is a formidable opponent. Do not underestimate him. First, the main character, who is the sorcerer, uses Soul Arrow twice. Then dodge away before the dragonslayer uses his main spear dash and thrust. Then run around the room, and use the other phantoms as decoys whilst the main character attacks from behind the scenes.

The dragonslayer has several attacks, including -

  • a spellburst attack
  • a spell spear attack, where he sends several spears at the hero
  • a "normal" boss slash attack

The key is to avoid damage for the main character. When the dragonslayer gets too close, just run away and heal up. Then go back and try to use magic on the dragonslayer again. The dragonslayer will be defeated.

  • Go to the Cathedral of Blue balcony and get some treasure.

Dark Souls 2 Get to the Flexile Sentry

The Flexile Sentry is found in the bottom of the ship at No Man's Wharf. To get to the Flexile Sentry, the hero needs to -

  • Get to the lever to summon the ship
  • Get to the ship to defeat the Flexile Sentry.

Dark Souls 2 Defeat the Flexile Sentry

Once the hero is in the ship with the Flexile Sentry, observe his movements. He will move around the central mast and then rush at the hero using his maces or swords. Two things are possible.

  • Run in a circle around the Flexile Sentry and use soul arrows on the sentry. Dodge his attacks when he strikes.
  • Or, manoeuvre the sentry in such s way that he gets stuck in the central mast. His arms will go flailing outside. Just keep hitting at his arms until he is defeated.

Dark Souls 2 Get to the Three Ruin Sentinels in the Lost Bastille

  • Then comes one of the most difficult fights in the game, solo, that is. The three ruin sentinels await the hero. But he must find the three sentinels first.

From McDuff's Workshop bonfire at the Lost Bastille, head up the stairs and then through some broken pillar columns on the right to a door. Go through. Obviously there will be some monsters here, but if the hero had been diligent, then soul farming would have cleared out the monsters. From the metal door, the hero can either go left or straight ahead. Go left and defeat some lance undead. Then turn right, and left and go through the mist gateway.

  • The three ruin sentinels beckon.

Dark Souls 2 Defeat the Three Ruin Sentinel

  • If there are three of them, then the hero should call on two other phantoms.

The first stage of the fight against the ruin sentinel is the most tedious. The main hero must avoid death. So shield up as soon as he drops down. Then attack with soul arrow, and dodge around. Keep launching soul arrows at the first ruin sentinel until it is dead. Sometimes, the ruin sentinel will drop down and lure the other two fighters with them. Stay on the platform and continue launching soul arrows.

The second stage of the fight involves defeating the two remaining sentinels. If the hero is lucky and his human companions are excellent fighters, then they will engage the sentinels at the bottom of the platform in the main arena. The magic using hero will stay on top on the platform and launch soul arrows after soul arrows. It is really that simple with friends, and if the hero gets it right.

If the hero does drop down to the bottom of the platform, do not despair. Just run away from the sentinels and keep your distance, healing up as able. Return to the action as a melee fighter or soul arrow launcher when the hero is ready. Remember that if the main hero dies, the other phantoms will be recalled back to their world.

"Safety in numbers" - famous quote from another rpg game.

Dark Souls 2 Defeat the Lost Sinner

The Lost Sinner is a very difficult one. First, the hero will have to get to the Lost Sinner's bonfire. Then proceed down the stairs and down the lift and clear the area first repeatedly until most of the monsters are gone. It is imperative that the hero then calls upon 2 friends. One of them is a human player and the other could be

  • Lucatiel of Mirrah

In this way, all three heroes' health will be preserved before the fight with the Lost Sinner. Then enter the Lost Sinner mist door and protect the main hero. Tips for this fight include -

  • always make sure the main hero is alive.
  • switch on the brightness to maximal because this area is dark.
  • go close to the Lost Sinner to aim, but run away in a hurry when he attacks.
  • when the Lost Sinner attacks, block using a 100% block shield at all costs.
  • run away and heal up.
  • use the two sub heroes as tanks, and wait in the darkness to finish off the Lost Sinner.

More dark souls 2 boss fights to follow.


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