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Dark Souls 2 Weapons, Shields, Sorcery and Miracle Catalysts Location Guide

Updated on April 21, 2014

In Dark Souls 2, no matter what class the hero is, he is defined by his offensive and defensive damage and speed. The hero must equip himself with great offensive weapons, great defensive shields and fantastic sorcery and miracle catalysts. This will provide a guide of some of the early and powerful weapons, shields and catalysts that the hero can get, from the beginning of the game to the end of the game.

Dark Souls 2 Straight Sword Weapons

If the hero had bought the Dark Armor edition of the game, then be rewarded with the

  • Yellow Quartz Longsword. This longsword will give a thrust from 110 to 220, reinforced by titanite.

Otherwise the hero will have to acquire this sword from Chancellor Wellager.

Another early sword weapon is the

  • Heide Knight Sword. This sword will give a thrust from 75 to 110, reinforced by titanite. The hero will get this sword from the Heide Knight. Although this sword's physical attack is low, it is complemented by a lightning attack of 50, reinforced to 90.

The most powerful sword in terms of physical attack, from 120, reinforced to 300 by the petrified dragon bone, is the Black Dragon Sword. This sword is obviously acquired from the dragon knight.

Dark Souls 2 Greatsword And Ultra Greatsword Weapons

An early great sword that the hero can get is the

  • Old Knight Greatsword, which has a sword attack of 140, reinforced to 280 by titanite. Unfortunately, greatswords are slow.

The Old Knight Greatsword is acquired from the old knight.

If the hero tire of waiting for the old knight greatsword to drop randomly, then go and defeat the Pursuer. After defeating him, go and collect the

  • the Drangelic Sword

from the ground by dropping down one lever down.

  • The Drangelic Sword has a high attack of 186 initially, reinforced to 280 by twinkling titanite.

Those yielding for more damage and less speed need only to use the ultra great sword. When the hero reaches the Lost Bastille and defeats the Lost Sinner, get the

  • Lost Sinner's Sword, after trading the Lost Sinner's soul with the weaponsmith Ornifex. The Lost Sinner's Sword has an attack of 160, reinforced to 400 using the petrified dragon bone.

Only the

  • King's Ultra Greatsword, traded from Ornifex with King Vendrick's soul, (arguably one of the most powerful weapon in the game) has a greater value of 180 reinforced to 450 by petrified dragon bone.

Dark Souls 2 Spears

  • Fast forward to spears, because spears allow for a forward thrust whilst holding up a shield. Spears are good against enemies with a strong defense, but not good against shield enemies. Great for narrow spaces.

The first spear can be bought from the Blacksmith Lenigrast, and has a strong physical attack of 95, reinforced by titanite to a figure of 190.

Later, with the discovery of the Straid of Olaphis, and the defeat of the infamous six Belfry gargoyles, a trade with the merchant will yield the -

  • Gargoyle Bident - this spear, with two heads, has an attack of 100, reinforced by petrified dragon bone to a physical attack of 250.

Dark Souls 2 Halberd

For historical reasons (ie. Dark Souls 1), the halberd will be mentioned, although its use in Dark Souls 2 is not as good as in its predecessor.

The hero will get -

  • the first halberd

from the Forest of the Fallen Giants. Its physical attack prowess is still supreme, with an initial attack of 175, reinforced by titanite to a figure of 350. This is almost comparable to the greatsword. However, mastery of the halberd is difficult in combat situations.

Later, two halberds approach the high combined score of 410. One is the Roaring Halberd, traded via Straid for the soul of the Skeleton Lord. The other is the Mastodon Halberd, which the hero can get from defeating the Primal Knight.

Dark Souls 2 Scythes

The scythes will be mentioned here, for their structure and purpose in the world of Dark Souls 2, a world full of souls waiting to be harvested, is true indeed.

Once the hero gets to the Huntman's Copse, and if he is lucky in defeating the double wielding monster in that region, he will get the -

  • Full Moon Sickle - this weapon not only looks good especially if the hero is double wielding and invading other worlds, but when reinforced and together with bleeding damage, the Full Moon Sickle can almost equal one of the most powerful weapons in the game, with a combined attack score of 410 (if bleeding damage occurs).

Once addicted to wielding a sickle, the hero will then proceed to the most powerful scythe and arguably one of the most powerful and sickening weapon in the game -

  • the Scythe of Want. This devious weapon is tradable via Ornifex using the soul of Nashandra. This weapon has an attack which can be reinforced via petrified dragon bone to 260, and also dark damage of 200.

Which is the Most Basic Powerful Weapon in Dark Souls 2?

Most Basic Powerful Weapon Reinforced through Titanite

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Dark Souls 2 Shields

Shields are an integral part of the game. No shields equate to no defense and definite, rather than certain death. The hero may start off with the infamous and highly in-defensive -

  • Crimson Parma - an inadequate shield which the hero may be forced to equip at the beginnings of the game. This shield is rather colorful because a merchant tried to sell the shield by painting it red, making up for its inadequacy. Pick up this shield (or not) from a coffer on route to the Heide's Tower of Flame.

Later, the hero will learn, through repeated deaths, that he needs a 100% block shield. These shields include -

  • the Drangleic Shield (get this shield in the same location as the sword as above)
  • the Tower Shield, which the hero can get from the balcony at the Cathedral of Blue after defeating the Old Dragonslayer.

and many more.

Shields don't use block physical attacks, but also other elemental type attacks and each shield uses stamina differently. The hero wants a shield which has just about everything and uses stamina at a low rate.

Dark Souls 2 Sorcerer Catalysts or Staffs

So the hero is into sorcery and hex. There are two main types of magic - sorcery and hex. Initially with the dark armor edition of the game, the hero will get the -

  • Trangressor Staff - the hero can also get this staff from the Chancellor Wellager. Maximal reinforcement makes it at sorcery of 160 and hex of 210.

Once the hero gets addicted to firing off soul arrows and dark bolts, he will want the

  • Bone Staff - the hero will get this staff from the Lost Bastille. Sorcery and Hex can both be reinforced to 190.

Dark Souls 2 Sacred Chimes or Miracle Catalysts

The first sacred chime or miracle catalyst that the hero can buy for 1000 souls is from Licia of Lindeldt. Just use this to perform miracles, which are mainly Homeward and Heal (of various types).

Later, the hero will want to get the

  • Black Witch's Staff - from Leydia Witch. This amazing catalyst will cast miracles, sorceries and hexes, and is reinforced via Titanite to 220 in each category.


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    • profile image

      thatoneguy 4 years ago

      The best basic weapon is the falcion. Great attack pattern and easy to use. High damage and can buy in magula in the beginning. Always my first purchase.

    • profile image

      Mastaadon 4 years ago

      In the process of making weapon showcase vids with my fashionable characters. Don't forget we can use power stance when dual wielding (you need 1.5 times the STR and DEX of the weapon)

      white phantom weapon tutorials:

      Dual Claws -

      Dual Hand Axes -

      Dual Dragonslayer's Crescent Axes -

      Dual Claymores -

    • supreme gamer profile image

      supreme gamer 4 years ago

      love those comments, please keep them coming.....

      best weapons also include their weight, one can equip and upgrade up to + 9 silverback spear, which the hero can get from the grave warden in Earthern Peak. This spear has good damage, is light and has a wide reach...

    • profile image

      Biwso 4 years ago

      You are totally missing some points, like the scaling of the weapon. For example the black dragon sword might have good base attack, but it has no scaling at all, which makes it a mediocre weapon at best.