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Dark Souls Defeating the Golden Knight Lautrec

Updated on October 19, 2011

Dark Souls Defeating the Golden Knight Lautrec

In dark souls, the golden knight Lautrec is found in the undead parish church just before the bell tower fight. The hero has the option of saving the golden knight Lautrec or leaving him to rot in his cell. The good hearted hero will no doubt save the golden knight Lautrec, but this does lead to undesirable consequences later on in the dark souls game. After the hero returns from the Depths, the golden knight Lautrec has murdered the fire keeper in the Firelink Shrine and escaped to his domain. This causes the Firelink Shrine Bonfire to be extinguished, and the gamer cannot save at the Firelink Shrine. The hero must then hunt down and defeat the golden knight Lautrec to rekindle the Firelink Shrine bonfire. This will guide the hero in hunting down the golden knight Lautrec and then discuss some tactics to defeat the Golden Knight.

Dark Souls Finding the Golden Knight Lautrec

In dark souls, before defeating the golden knight Lautrec, the hero must first find him. Lautrec's domain cannot be accessed until Anor Londo is reached and the big black gate leading to the huge chamber that leads to the Anor Londo White Light is reached. When the fire keeper is removed by Lautrec, the black eye orb will be dropped in the fire keeper's cell. Pick this up. When the big black gate leading to the huge chamber is finally opened, and the hero is inside the chamber, the black eye orb will start to vibrate. This is a signal for the hero to use the orb and invade the Golden Knight Lautrec's domain.

Dark Souls And Game Guides

Dark Souls Tactics to Defeat the Golden Knight Lautrec

In dark souls, before venturing into the Golden Knight's domain, the fight with Lautrec must be considered so that success is achieved. Know that Lautrec is protected by his henchmen - a sorcerer and a warrior. Defeating Lautrec's sorcerer may cause a sorceror's catalyst to be dropped, so it is quite worthwhile to defeat all the henchmen and then Lautrec. To achieve this quest, just defeating Lautrec is enough, but who can resist the thought of more treasures?

The golden knight Lautrec fight will take place in the same huge chamber as the one the hero entered, except that it is in Lautrec's domain, and there are no knight golems or silver knights here. It's just the hero versus Lautrec and his two henchmen. To win this fight easily and defeat the Golden Knight Lautrec, it is worthwhile arming the hero with pyromancy spells, and particularly modifying the pyromancy attack up to at least +10 and above.

The fight is initiated by the hero. The following tactics to defeat the Golden Knight Lautrec is suggested. Go up the stairs on the right, and aim and shoot poison arrows at the sorcerer first. This will poison the sorcerer and make it easier for him to be taken down. At the same time, this action will aggravate the two henchmen who will race up the stairs after the hero. Lautrec will follow behind. The good thing about this is the hero can now throw Fire Orbs, the Great Fireball Spell, or the Great Chaos Fireball Spell at the henchmen while they are running up the stairs and before Lautrec reaches him. When the henchmen are defeated, it's just the hero versus the Golden Knight Lautrec.

The Golden Knight Lautrec is surprisingly easy to defeat. Block or dodge his dual sickle weapons, and then launch fire orbs at him, or just use great combustion against him. Watch as he burns up. The Golden Knight Lautrec will be defeated, and his treasures will belong to the hero. These rewards for defeating the golden knight Lautrec include a ring that boosts stamina and health points which will be invaluable in the fight against the Anor Londo bosses. Also the fire keeper soul is returned to the hero. Return this to the cell at the firelink shrine to rekindle the bonfire. The hero will also receive five humanity which can be used to summon help to fight against the Anor Londo bosses.


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