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Dark Souls Demon Ruins Bonfires

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Demon Ruins

Dark Souls Demon Ruins - where only fire, lava and demons exist.
Dark Souls Demon Ruins - where only fire, lava and demons exist.

Dark Souls Demon Ruins Bonfires

In dark souls, the hero must venture into the demon ruins below Quelaag's domain and defeat the various minions and bosses in the demon ruins to access the demon ruins bonfires one at a time, and finally make his way via the demon ruins bonfires to Lost Izalith. This will guide the hero in making his or her way to the first demon ruins bonfire, defeating ceaseless discharge, arriving at the second demon ruins bonfire, defeating the firesage demon, saving at the third demon ruins bonfire and finally defeating the centipede demon and ultimately celebrating at the fourth demon ruins bonfire.

Dark Souls Defeating Ceaseless Discharge

In Dark Souls, it is recommended that the hero find the hidden Chaos covenant in Quelaag's domain. This will allow the hero to save at the Quelaag's domain bonfire, which can fill up 10 estus flasks. Now make your way down and out into the lava filled cavern. The hero must defeat Ceaseless Discharge.

To engage Ceaseless Discharge, simply head for the monstrous thing that is Ceaseless Discharge somewhere at the top of the huge lava cavern. The hero must transverse the white light and arrive at this place and fight Ceaseless Discharge. The way to defeat Ceaseless Discharge is simple. Run towards Ceaseless Discharge and aggravate him. Then run and roll with all your might back to the fog gate. Turn around and see that Ceaseless Discharge will attack the hero. However, his arm only reaches like a few fingers (in Ceaseless Discharge finger breath measurement) short of the hero. Arm a long melee weapon like the halberd and keep hitting Ceaseless Discharge. Eventually he will fall off the ledge and into the pit below. The hero has defeated Ceaseless Discharge!

Dark Souls Defeating Ceaseless Discharge

Dark Souls First and Second Demon Ruins Bonfires

In dark souls, the first demon ruins bonfire lie just outside and beneath Quelaag's domain. The hero, upon returning from defeating Ceaseless Discharge, can either save at the first demon ruins bonfire (5 estus flask fillings) or save at the Quelaag's Domain Spiderqueen bonfire (10 estus flask fillings).

From these two bonfires, head down and aim for some pillars that lead to some descending stairs by the mountain (on the right side). The path to these pillars is revealed after the hero defeats Ceaseless Discharge as the lava recedes. Beware of the dangers in these stairway down to the second demon ruins bonfire and arm the hero with a powerful weapon or lots of fire orbs (the hero can obtain a total of 16 fire orbs from the first and second pyromancer trainers). There are about eight or nine capra demons lining the stairway from the beginning all the way to the end. The easiest way to deal with these capra demons is to lure one or two up the stairs and throw fire orbs or great fireballs at them. At pyromancy flame +5, it takes two fire orbs or one great fireball to defeat them. Defeat them all and descend the stairs at the far end and find a fire breathing moving statue. Use a long weapon to defeat this, and descend the stairs to the bottom. Face the final capra demon before running down the corridor. The second demon ruins bonfire is within sight. Be careful - a giant centipede forms the final barrier to the second demon ruins bonfire. Shoot down the giant centipede with arrows or soul arrows and save at the second demon ruins bonfires.

Dark Souls Defeating the Firesage Demon

In dark souls, it may be useful to use the rite of kindling to kindle the second demon ruins bonfire to 20 estus flask fillings. From the second demon ruins bonfire, head straight and then turn right (the hero has to refight the respawned capra demon and the fire breathing statue). Before heading down the long flight of stairs to the fog gate, observe the surroundings and plan the hero's tactics to reach the fog gate that has the firesage demon beyond.

The recommended tactics in this case is to just run down the stairs, dodging about four or five fire breathing statues. Just pass the last statue at the foot of the stairs, take a brief moment to regain breath and stamina. Observe a taurus demon charging down at the hero and a giant centipede will spring up on the right side of the hero. Roll dodge both (the best way to time this is to roll just before the tauras' demon axe falls). Roll a second time if the hero wants to make sure. Then pick yourself up and run straight up for the fog gate. Two more firebreathing statues will converge at the center, trying to ignite the hero. Roll past them, and the hero is almost at the fog gate. Just run a bit further and realize the statues and taurus demon will not chase after the hero. It's time to prepare for the fight to defeat the firesage demon. (Note - if the hero turns to the left rather than straight onto the fog gate, he will have to navigate some monsters to a great treasure).

Before engaging the firesage demon, make sure the hero has great combustion, combustion, some great fireballs and some fire orbs left. It is a great idea to run past the foes above, as it allows to the hero to conserve spells for this fight. Now cast the Iron Flesh spell and pass through the fog gate.

The tactics in defeating the firesage demon is really easy with the above spells. With iron flesh the hero cannot move fast, and has to wait for the firesage demon to get near. The firesage demon can hardly scratch the hero with iron flesh on, no matter what the attack is - club attack, swing attack or squad sit attack. Well, the squad sit attack will actually do a bit more damage (but not much). Just consume those estus flask fillings (hence the usefulness of kindling the bonfire) whenever the hero's health falls below the comfort level. Now aim for the firesage demon and let loose those spam attacks of great combustion and combustion. Watch with glee as the firesage demon is burnt to a crisp with these pyromancer attacks. The firesage demon is defeated!

Dark Souls Defeating the Firesage Demon Using Melee Attacks (Black Knight Sword, Dragonslayer Bow and Homing Soulmass)

Dark Souls Third Demon Ruins Bonfire

In dark souls, with the firesage demon defeated, the fog gate at the far end will dissipate, allowing the hero to pass through. There are two choices here. Proceed up the stairs to face more firebreathing statues. Painstakingly defeat all the firebreathing statues to reach the top. Now take the elevator to the top, and the hero will reach Quelaag's Domain. This is the shortcut between Quelaag's Domain and the third demon ruins bonfire. When returning down from Quelaag's Domain, use one of the four passageways from the elevator (the one that has the taurus demon at the far end) and reach the lair of the firesage demon again.

The other choice is head down. Proceed down the stairs to reach the third demon ruins bonfire. The hero can either save at this third demon ruins bonfire and then kindle it to +20 estus flask fillings capability, or just use the Quelaag's Domain bonfire (10 estus flask fillings) via the shortcut described above. Unless the hero has a lot of health points, it is very important to have lots of estus flask fillings in the fight against the centipede demon. Whichever bonfire the hero uses (even the second demon ruins bonfire will be fine), prepare lots of soul arrows spells (at least 3 types of soul arrows).

Dark Souls Defeating the Centipede Demon

In dark souls, the final stage of the demon ruins run is to defeat the centipede demon. Proceed from the demon ruins third bonfire and head down the root to the fog gate. Transverse the white light. Now turn left and head into the corner. In this corner, it is quite easy to target and release those soul arrows at the giant centipede. The giant centipede will occasionally catch the hero within its maw and start chewing at the hero. Worry not! The hero should have enough health points to withstand this by this stage. When the hero is back on the ground, immediately consume the estus flask fillings. The centipede will also do some swing attacks on the hero. Just shield up and drink more of those estus flask fillings. It may be wise to cast Iron Flesh when the hero reaches this corner. Whenever there is a chance, spam attack the centipede demon with the soul arrows. With this tactics done repeatedly, the centipede demon will be defeated!

Now pick up the orange charred ring and wear it. This ensures minimal damage from stepping onto the lava. Note that if the hero returns to the demon ruins first bonfire and explores the area, there are some treasures lying within the lava pools which can now be picked up by wearing the orange charred ring. This includes one magnificent treasure. However, the hero has to take down lots of taurus demons before picking up this magnificent treasure.

Head forwards and to the left from the centipede demon chamber to reach the fourth and final demon ruins bonfire. The hero can save and celebrate at the fourth and final demon ruins bonfire. Now it's time to head into Lost Izalith and find the mega boss.

Dark Souls Summoning Knight Solaire to Help Defeat the Centipede Demon


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