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Dark Souls Tomb of Giants Bonfires

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Tomb of Giants Bonfires

In Dark Souls, the Tomb of Giants is a scary place to venture into. This is because the tomb of giants in dark souls is a dark and lightless area where the hero cannot see 2 feet in front of him without some kind of light source. This will guide the hero in reaching the first two tomb of giants bonfires. This dark souls tomb of giants bonfires guide is essential because this area is full of cliffs and ledges, hence the hero can fall off into a bottomless pit quite easily without help or light. Secondarily, the hero is attacked by giant skeletons in the dark in the dark souls tomb of giants area and this makes it even more treacherous and frustrating.

Dark Souls Tomb of Giants First Bonfire

In dark souls tomb of giants, reaching the first bonfire can be quite a relief for the hero. Before heading out to find the tomb of giants bonfire, the hero must be well prepared for the tomb of giants darkness. This means either going through the tomb of giants in darkness one time and getting the skull lantern, or going to the Darkroot Basin and defeating the hydra. Defeating the hydra allows the sorceress Dusk of Oolacile to be released. Dusk of Oolacile sells the sorcerer spell light. With this spell (3 slots), the hero can light up his way around the otherwise dark tomb of giants.

In dark souls, from the area where Pinwheel was defeated, climb the ladder and then cast the light spell when the tomb of giants is reached. This allows illumination and a giant skeleton can be seen. Aim for the giant skeleton and release fire orbs or fireball spells at him before the giant skeleton can strike with his huge sword. Now the hero must go and slide down some giant pillar. At the end of each pillar is one or two giant skeletons. So destroy them all with the same technique above. When the hero goes down one of the final pillars, he will see a human warrior near a ledge with a spot light on it. Don't talk to the human just yet; instead go to the left of the human and spot a ladder that leads to the tomb of giants first bonfire.

Dark Souls Tomb of Giants Getting the Skull Lantern

In dark souls, getting the skull lantern will allow the area to be lit up. Now from the tomb of giants first bonfire, head up the stairs and talk to the warrior. Tell the warrior that the hero is a cleric. When the hero is peering down at the lower levels from the ledge with the spot light, the warrior will kick the hero down. Defeat all the monsters in this level, and retrieve the skull lantern from one of the corpses. Now head upstairs and confront the warrior and defeat him. The hero will be rewarded with quite a few humanity.

Dark Souls Tomb of Giants Second Bonfire

In dark souls, getting to the tomb of giants second bonfire is not that hard, as it is quite near to the first, and it is now even easier as the hero has a light source. Using the light source, climb the ladder from the first bonfire and head left past the area where the human warrior was and head on. The hero will encounter some giant skeleton dogs. Finish them. Now from the tomb of giants first bonfire, if the hero went right rather than left, he will reach an area where there is a ladder leading down to a large tomb with lots of giant skeletons. This area contains a large divine ember.

To reach the second bonfire, the hero must reach an area marked by a giant skeletal archer and two giant skeletal dogs. Finish them all, and go down a path into the lower level. Head left and find an area where there is a ledge with a small pillar and the hero must go left round a corner. Just follow this path until the hero reaches the tomb of giants second bonfire.

Dark Souls Tomb of Giants Bonfires Run


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