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Darksiders 2 Defeat Karkinos

Updated on August 25, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat Karkinos

In Darksiders 2, Karkinos is the final boss in the Drenchfort. Karkinos looks like a crab with arachnoid - like legs and a large shell full of overgrown mosses and vegetation. Karkinos looks almost too easy to defeat. However, do not underestimate Karkinos or this could turn out to be a very frustrating fight. This will guide the hero Death in understanding Karkinos' tactics and then forming his own tactics to defeat Karkinos.

Understand Karkinos' Tactics

The hero will enter Karkinos' chamber through the main hall of the drenchfort. From the door directly in front of the large statue, head past the door and enter a chamber with a deep pit. This pit must be filled with water from the drenchfort to allow the hero to wade across and then climb up a ledge onto the other side of the pit. Go past the door here and enter Karkinos' chamber.

An ancient orb full of overgrown moss will drop down from the ceiling. Use it and (in PC mode) use the mousewheel to throw it at the vegetation covered stone structure in the center. The "stone structure" will arise. Karkinos has awakened.

Karkinos will summon smaller crab like monsters to attack the hero. Karkinos will use a charge or rush attack on the hero, whilst his smaller crab like minion will scamper around the hero nibbling at pieces of the hero's health. This combination of attack will drop the hero's health quite a lot quite fast and will make it difficult for the hero to both take out the small monster whilst defending against Karkinos.

At a later stage, when Karkinos' health is reduced significantly, he will assume a shell like state. Karkinos will hide beneath the shell and send out twigs of damage onto the hero. The hero must learn to evade this.

One of the most frustrating thing about this fight, which the hero will learn in the early stages of this fight, is Karkinos' shell invulnerability. Almost nothing can penetrate Karkinos' shell and the hero will be delivering peanuts damage to Karkinos if Death attacks upfront without any formal tactics.

Darksiders 2 Defeat Karkinos

Darksiders 2 attack the underbelly of Karkinos with powerful secondary weapons after toppling Karkinos with orb
Darksiders 2 attack the underbelly of Karkinos with powerful secondary weapons after toppling Karkinos with orb

Use Orb to Topple Karkinos

The key here is to attack the underbelly of Karkinos to inflict significant damage. However, to topple Karkinos so that the underbelly is exposed, the hero must use the orbs that drop down from the ceiling occasionally. The orbs are really the smaller crab-like monsters in hibernation. If the hero does not get to the orbs on time, then the orbs or balls will rupture and more smaller crab-like monsters will appear to attack the hero.

The hero must run to the orb when it drops and position it in Karkinos' direction. When the orb drops, Karkinos is typically in a static mode. Launch the orb with full force at the center of Karkinos. If the orb hits Karkinos at the side, it will bounce harmlessly off Karkinos. If the hero does not get to the orb in time, it will turn into another crab-like monster. If the hero launches the orb too late and Karkinos becomes active again, then the orb will not topple Karkinos.

However, if the hero does it right, then the orb will topple Karkinos and allow the underbelly to be exposed. Run or forward evade move to Karkinos and attack the underbelly relentlessly, using the most powerful secondary weapon if possible. This will drop Karkinos' health quite fast. When the health has dropped a certain amount, Karkinos will revert to his active form and attack the hero again.

At this point, the hero must use evade to avoid the charge attack of Karkinos until Karkinos becomes static again. When this happens, another ball will drop down from the ceiling. Repeat the technique above against Karkinos and take more chunks off his health bar. Similarly, if Karkinos goes into his shell mode and dishes out the damaging twig attacks, the hero must use evade (ALT on PC) continuously until Karkinos reverts back to his active form.

By using the above tactics against Karkinos and dropping his health bar a significant chunk at a time (by attacking the underbelly), Karkinos will be defeated. The equipment reward will be the Masher of Karkinos. The hero can then finally restore the water of the mountain and complete this quest.

It's time to head back to Tri-stone and get the forged construct key (maker's key) for the next part of the darksiders 2 story.


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