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Darksiders 2 Defeat the Lost Temple Construct Sentinels

Updated on August 25, 2012

Darksiders 2 Lost Temple Sentinel Constructs Fight

Darksiders 2 Lost Temple Sentinel Constructs Fight
Darksiders 2 Lost Temple Sentinel Constructs Fight

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Construct Sentinels and their Minions

In Darksiders 2, the hero must defeat the construct sentinels in the middle of the lost temple dungeon. Some may consider this fight to be harder than the fight at the ending of the lost temple dungeon. The hero Death has already had a preview of a fight against the construct sentinels in the Shaman's Craft quest. However, this is a much longer version and much harder battle because the constructs and the construct sentinels keep coming and coming and the constructs keep getting more and more powerful as the fight progresses. This is, of course, inversely proportional to the number of potions the hero has as the fight continues. This will guide the hero on the tactics needed to survive the construct sentinels fight.

Enter the Construct Sentinels

The construct sentinels are difficult to put down because they float in the air and has to be attacked by Redemption from range, or by a series of jump and attacks. In addition, the construct sentinels can summon constructs to fight for them. The hero could be easily overwhelmed by the unfavourable numbers against him.

The hero will do well to know that the lost temple construct sentinels fight takes place in about three stages or so, and he would be wise to conserve the health and wrath potions for the latter stages of the fight. Here are the tips and hints with regards to healing and wrath for this fight.

  • Before entering the chamber, the hero must travel back to Tri-stone and up his health potions inventory to maximum. Wrath potions do not need to be maxed out, because the wrath meter can increase with time and other moves.
  • The hero must conserve his health potions for later in the fight.
  • The hero needs to conserve and not use the health potions in the barrels and cages around him until he is running out of health potions on him.

Use Battle Tactics to Defeat the Construct Sentinels and their Minions

The first wave of constructs to assault the hero are small constructs. Use Exhume to summon ghouls to help distract the small constructs. When surrounded the hero should use the wrath move Harvest to use a scythe spinning attack on the surrounding enemies. When the hero is clear of the small constructs, attack the construct sentinels relentlessly with Redemption until they are destroyed.

The second wave of constructs to assault the hero will be a combination of small and large constructs. The large constructs are formidable and should be avoided or distracted using ghouls. The wrath ability Death's Allure is essential here to allow the enemies to attack the ghouls instead of the hero. The hero should concentrate all attacks (and if possible concentrate the ghoul attacks) on the construct sentinels. Use Redemption against the construct sentinels. When Redemption runs out of ammunition, wait for a period of time before attacking the construct sentinels again.

The final wave of constructs spells a sense of "the end is near" for the hero. There is a mixure of heightened battle anticipation and an impending sense of relief. The final wave of constructs will be two semi-giant constructs that will chase the hero from one end of the chamber to the other. Here the hero may learn one of the most valuable tactics in Darksiders 2 - the ability to evade in a circle. As the chamber is circular, the hero can evade by rolling around the chamber. The construct monsters and the construct sentinels will chase after the hero, but cannot reach the hero most of the time. When the hero is hit occasionally, use health potions to heal up. When health potions are running out, pick up more by smashing through the barrels and crates around the chamber. Evading in this way around the chamber also allows for the wrath meter to be filled up again.

The hero should evade to the point where there is some separation between the constructs and him. Now aim Redemption at the construct sentinels at this point and shoot repeatedly. Summon ghouls and aim them against the construct sentinels. Defeat the construct sentinels first. This may require several rounds of evasion and tactical positioning to attack the construct sentinels from range. When the construct sentinels are defeated, concentrate the attacks against one of the semi-giant constructs in the same way. Again, use ghouls to help the hero distract the constructs. Finally, one of the two constructs will fall, and then the final construct will be easy to deal with.

This fight will reward the hero with quite a lot of treasures, and it may be worthwhile for the crazy hero to up the difficulty rating for this particular titanic fight. When the constructs are all defeated, the gates sealing the entrance and exit in this chamber will be opened. Head out of the exit and prepare to transverse the rest of the lost temple.


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