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DChance Game Review Pandemic Board Game

Updated on February 13, 2015

An Outbreak Game

Pandemic Board Game is published by Z-Man games. This pubisher was created in 1999. You can also get a replacement deck for this game at that site.

This is more of a team building excerise than a game where only one person wins. The game is about working together. Other players can communcate with each other.

The game is a board game has a map of the world on it. Your objective to make sure that 4 of the cities get cured by the 4 viruses.

This is not a easy game. There are lots of cards to the game. Three different type of cards are offered. Green cards go on top of the page and blue cards go on bottom. Everyone gets 3 blue cards a piece at first. You can not have more then 7 cards in your hand at once.

Cards lots of them.

small peices lots of them.

The decises are labled by color. They match the colors on the board. Your own pawns will match the colors too but that has nothing to do with the dises or the the board colors: your game peices are only game pieces.

The top of the game will have the outbreak cards they are green. You need to draw 9 of them. 3 cubes in 3 cities, 2 cubes in 3 cities and 1 cube in three cities. If you run out of outbreak cards the game does not end. You only reshuffle the deck and start, again.

Randomly, you need to pick a career card. This is the only time you pick one. It tells you want action you can take in your turn of 4 things to do. Everyone, only gets to do four things per turn.

Everyone starts at the research station in Atlanta, Georgia. You will need to put down your first research center there.

Atlanta is not the only city on the map.

There are many cities. All, have a dot on them. You will be able to place your game pawn and colored squires on them. No more than three color squires are permitted on each city. More then 3 creates an outbreak. You can only have 8 outbreaks or the game will end.

Each player gets to do 4 different things in one turn. If you are in Australia then you can go to Washington. One, move to the next city closest to the city that you are on. Two,

Every hand, you get two blue cards. This counts as one of your four things to do in your turn. Everyone starts out with three of those cards. Discard the card. Put down the cubes. Then, you move four places.

You should use each action to get read of the cubes. You can also put a research station on the board. Move from one research station to the other.

If you have 5 cards of the same color and you are in the same area you can cure a disease. You can then try to remove the cubes by landing on them and turning over your little piece at the bottom of the game board. After, no cubes are put on that color.

The green cards are only drawn at the end of the turn. These will tell you where to put the cubes unless there is a piece at the bottom of the board for that color.

4- 6 epidemic cards added to the deck. The bottom card of the green deck is drawn and 3 cubes are added to that city. put the shuffled cards on top of the deck.

Game Over:

Player deck done. Lose.

Cubes are gone. Lose.

Cure all 4 and you win.

image: amazon

Win with your friends

True friends stab you in the front.

Oscar Wilde

Who will you be?

Researcher- give or take a city card from a players hand. must be in the same city. The card does not have match the city you are in.

Quarantine Specialist-city can not get a cube while in the city and all the cities next to it while she is there.

Medic- gets read of all cubes in city in single move of the turn not just one cube. gets read of all cubes that are in that city.

Dispatcher-move other pawns, move pawns to a spot where there is another pawn.

Operations Expert-builds research station for discard. Move from a research station to any city.

Scientist- only needs 4 card and not 5 cards.

Contingency planner- can play a discard event card then discard it from the game.

The Game

Work together for one objective. Find the cure to the four virus. All the characters need to work out a strategy to do that though. This game is not easy. The rules make the game read almost impossible to win.


Everyone wins or everyone loses. If you want to even try to win you must work well with others.


Pandemic Board Game

Yeah, You Should Try This Game.

I was not sure what to do after reading the rules. This is a game that takes some thinking before starting.

What do you think about the game?

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