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DChance Game Review Tortuga and Other Pirate Themed Games

Updated on February 11, 2015

The Turtles Game That Plays Like Checkers

Tortuga comes in a round tube. The game should fit easily into it. The board seems to be a some type of cloth. The game pieces are sea turtles they move about the land.

Does sea turtles sound familiar? I think, there is a reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie right there. Jack Sparrow escapes from being put on a small island before the movies on the backs of sea turtles strapped to his legs.

The game was made in 2007, so it could be the case of watching a moving then someone else making a game of their own.

This game is very quick. You can play this one while waiting for a better program to happen in the next half an hour.

Most of the games, I review they are of more than 2 players but this one will suit only two players. So, if your friends cancel and you are stuck playing with only one other person this is a good game.

I would like to say that there is another game with that title but this is not the Scotland game. That is a different game.

The second game, Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Game, gives a kid or an adult the operationally to make the little pirate in the middle of the barrel to pop out of the barrel. Kids can learn how to put the swords in the right way. They can even learn their colors this way. The swords do not look sharp but rounded at the end.

The third game, Don't Rock The Boat, is a balance game. There are pieces that must be placed correctly on the ship in order to stay on the ship.

The fourth game, The Black Pirate Game, you blow ships around the board game to win plastic gold pieces and win the game.

image: DChance

This is the original game. The other has green flat turtles.
This is the original game. The other has green flat turtles.

Tortuga And Tattoo Turtles


How to Play:

You play this like you are playing checkers. Each player gets 8 turtles. The turtles move forward, not back. Each person gets one turn.

When a turtle is jumped it can not move until another turtle jumps over it.

You win this game much easier than checkers. One player only needs one turtle to make it to the other side. That is it.

Tattoo Turtles

Tattoo Turtles plays just like Tortoga. This is the special edition of the Tortoga game.

The game board does not look very good. It seems like you could make this at home.

In this game, each player replaces 4 of his turtles with one of each of the special turtles.

- A turtle must jump over this turtles to make the special effects work. -

Life: Add a new turtle to the board at the start of the board. The turtle does not get taken off the board once it is used.

Exchange: The other person's turtle changes to your turtle. Then the exchange turtle is removed.

Immortality: Change this turtle to a normal turtle so it still can move and is not neutralized.

Contamination: Turtles from the other person's turtle that are close are removed from board. Then, this turtle is removed.

You do not get a tube for this board game.

image: amazon

Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Game
Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Game

Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Game

This game is very easy to play.

The barrel sets on the base. You can move it around if you like: either way the little tattooed plastic pirate will jump out at you at the end of the game.

Here is what each player gets:

Swords of a one color or random colors

--that is it! This game is easy.

Each player takes turns putting a sword into the barrel. I am not kidding, that is all to the game. Then, the one that puts in the one that makes the guy pop out loses.

image: amazon

Don't Rock The Boat
Don't Rock The Boat

Don't Rock the Boat

As you can see there is a pirate boat shown on the cover of the box. It is balanced on a blue stand.

Each player gets the same amount of penguins.

Each player puts on a penguin. The person who puts on the penguin that causes the ship to tip knocking all the penguins off is the loser.

This is another very easy game that will last about 5 minutes.

image: Amazon

The Black Pirate
The Black Pirate

The Black Pirate Board Game

The game provides a game board, 2 dice, an aspirator, gold squares and several plastic ships. The ships are moved by squeezing the aspirator next to the ship.

Here is how to play:

Put the board on a flat surface. Add the ships to the board. There are places for them in the blue ocean. There are little notches for each. The black ship starts in a bay of it's own.

Each island has a light blue color by the island. That is the harbor were you will need to land on to get the gold piece.

The first player roles the dice. There are two of them. You put a gold on the islands that are on the die. Then, you use the bellow or aspirator to move your piece the number of times on that second die.

The ships are blown toward the gold pieces. You will need to land on the light blue place near the island to get the gold on the island.

The black ship moves too but does not put down any gold. If the ship touches any ship it can take up to 3 gold pieces from that player.

If a ship is blown over or knocked over for any reason the ship must go back to the start.

The player with the most gold when the gold has run out wins.

Image: amazon

The Game

This are kids games. This titles are easy to set up.

Haba The Black Pirate Game
Haba The Black Pirate Game

Move the ship around the board with your bellows.


What do you think about those games?

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    • DChance LM profile image

      Dawn 3 years ago

      My son is a fan of pirates.

    • ProjectResolute2 profile image

      ProjectResolute2 4 years ago

      Arrr! Great games, matey! All me need is a bottle o' rum!

    • DChance LM profile image

      Dawn 4 years ago

      @Zeross4: I use to like to pretend to play pirates, so I thought this would be fun to play.

    • Zeross4 profile image

      Renee Dixon 4 years ago from Kentucky

      Cool games, I hadn't heard of many of them!