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DDO pets (Summon monster spell)

Updated on August 23, 2017

A list of all the magic creatures you can call to your side. The cleric, favored soul, sorcerers, and wizard class all get access to the Summon Monster spell. It was improved in DDO Update 7 to include many new monsters.

The Broccoli Witch to the left is unfortunately not an ingame pet. She's very popular with players after a few "Broccoli or the Beholder?" ads for Dungeons and Dragons Online, like this video. More of them are listed on this lens.

Every creature made by the DDO summon monster spell has its own comment section. You can see what other players think about it, and share your own opinion. :)

Are you glad they added more monster summons in Update 7?

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9 - Eladrin, Elemental, Hezrou.

Which of the level 9 familiar spells do you prefer?

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A beefy, strong, demon you can call to your side. This is the most popular summon monster in the game. He's huge. That might look cool at first, but it's also a liability. Have you ever tried to see what's happening when there's a few hezrous on the screen? It's impossible.

This monster can teleport straight to your enemies. Sounds awesome, right? Not always. I've witnessed a one second wipe in the "Bastion of Power" quest. The hezrou ported to a bunch of sleeping devils, died to them, then around 30 of them all teleported to us.

Special abilities: Teleporting.

Elder Fire Elemental

Perfect for any quest with a lot of frost creatures. This DDO monster summon will tear right through "The Enemy Within", "Prey on the Hunter", and "Ghosts of Perdition". She doesn't get the Aura of Flame special ability most Fire Elementals have.

Special abilities: Element Damage (fire), Element Resistance (cold).

Eladrin Ghaele

The most interesting new pet in DDO Update 7. She's a strong spellcaster with a long list of spells. One of her abilities can heal herself back up to full health. A fantastic distraction for any monsters you won't have to worry about keeping alive. This summon monster can be seen in the "Running with the Devils" Vale of Twilight quest.

Special abilities: Caster, Element Damage (fire, light, lightning), Self Healing, Stunning, Transforming (lantern).

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8 - Cat, Elemental, Orthon.

Your choice?

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One of the few ranged summons available to people who aren't playing a Pale Master. He'll fire his crossbow at people before teleporting over to melee. Didn't seem very strong.

Special abilities: Cleaving Hits, Element Resistance, Teleporting.


The standard level 8 summon before update 7. It's not very special, but it does have a high chance of evading enemy attacks. Update 15 apparently reduced its chance of tripping your enemies quite a bit.

Special abilities: Incorporeal, Tripping.

Greater Air Elemental

This dungeons and dragons online pet is a lot of fun to watch. He currently flies around the battlefield, knocking down everything in it's path. Imagine there was a living grease spell, and it always worked? That's what the air elemental is. We can safely assume this is a bug!

Special abilities: Element Damage (lightning), Element Resistance (lightning), Stunning.

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7 - Djinni, Efreeti, Elemental.

Yet another poll, about DDO's level 7 summoned monsters.

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Huge Earth Elemental

A very impressive looking summoned pet for your caster. He's larger and bulkier than most! Very durable critter. He can use his Earthgrab ability in a fight. This stuns the monster for a very short time. Any attack on an enemy with earthgrab is an automatic critical hit.

Special abilities: Damage Resistance, Stunning.


You can fight them in the "Running with the Devils" quest. He's very similar, and can turn himself into a tornado. This knocks down all nearby enemies and turns him temporarily invincible.

Special attributes: Element Damage (lightning), Stealthy, Transforming (tornado).


I don't have much experience with the red guy. Feel free to comment below if there's anything this DDO monster summon guide should say about him.

Special abilities: n/a

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6 - Eladrin, Elemental, Troll.

You'd rather summon a...

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Fiendish Troll

Decent survivability due to his regeneration. Sometimes pulls out a bow to range targets. Otherwise, he'll charge straight into enemies bashing them with a club.

Special abilities: Element Resistance (fire), Regenerating.

Eladrin Bralani

Like the djinni, he can transform into a tornado. He's pretty much the same thing, but weaker. This bralani eladrin summon has one small difference. He can heal himself up with cure spells.

Special abilities: Element Damage (lightning), Self Healing, Transforming (tornado).

Large Water Elemental

Very cool looking monster. Works well against their fiery sisters, and any other flame infested area. Unfortunately, these water elementals don't get the "Freezing Spray" that increases the damage of DDO's cold attacks. Polar Ray and other frost spells probably would've been too unbalancing if players were given that aura.

Special abilities: Caster, Element Damage (cold), Element Resistance.

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5 - Devil, Dog, Elemental.

Any preference between the three?

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Medium Earth Elemental

Uses earthgrab every so-often. Stone fingers rise from the ground, trapping an enemy if they don't make a save. This rock prison lasts for several secnds. Anyone attacking an earthgrabbed foe will critical hit.

Special abilities: Stunning.

Umbral Worg:

This shadow dog is one of the more unique pets in DDO. He has the "shadow taint" ability many undead have. Anyone who dies after being attacked by an umbral worg will turn into a shadow themselves. Unfortunately, unless you're a Pale Master, this new creature tries to attack you. Probably a bug.

Special abilities: Incorporeal, Multiplying, Phasing, Stealthy.

Bearded Devil:

Exceptionally good for killing things! He'll teleport straight into a crowd and cleave them all immediately. I'd recommend this devil summon monster spell for any casters who need a quick distraction. He works best with a character who can use non-mesmerize crowd control.

Special abilities: Cleaving Hits, Element Resistance, Sneak Damage, Teleporting.

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4 - Archon, Mephit, Spider.

Which of these monsters is your favorite?

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Lantern Archon

"Summon monsters" is the first appearance of the Lantern Archon as a creature in DDO. Some of the high level Eladrin can transform into one. There's also a talkative archon npc in DDO's Amrath area, the town of Shavarath's yugoloth.

I don't have any experience with it yet. Do you? Leave a comment below with what you think of this summoned creature.

Special abilities: Caster, Element Damage (light).

Greater Ice Mephit

You don't want to use this guy in a fire dungeon. He takes extra damage from that type of elemental attacks.

Special abilities: Caster, Element Damage (cold), Multiplying, Regenerating, Stealthy.

Fiendish Spider

This level's original monster summon in Dungeons and Dragons Online. She's very big, but doesn't have much durability. Tries to use ranged attacks often. They don't do much damage, but it could help be a distraction until the fiendish spider dies. Attempts to web sometimes.

Special abilities: Stunning.

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3 - Dog, Hellhound, Mephit.

Summon Monster III has three choices. Unlike most creatures, they all go into sneak mode immediately when summoned and after battles. This means they won't make a good distraction, but they could catch some of your DDO enemies unaware.

Poll time!

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Air Mephit

Special abilities: Blinding, Element Damage (lightning), Multiplying, Regenerating, Stealthy.


Sometimes breathes a cone of fiery breath.

Special abilities: Element Damage (fire), Stealthy.

Winter Wolf

Sometimes breathes a cone of icy breath.

Special abilities: Element Damage (cold), Stealthy, Tripping.

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2 - Bat, Scorpion, Spider.

You can pick from these magical pets when using the Summon Monster II spell.

You prefer this monster:

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Fiendish Bat

It is a lot less annoying than the actual bat monsters we fight in DDO.

Special abilities: Fast Moving.

Fiendish Scorpion

Spends most of it's time underground. I don't think he's useful at all. May poison enemies?

Special abilities: Burrowing.

Black Widow

A very useful creature at the level you can get her. She uses webs to crowd control your enemies, getting them stuck in the sticky strands.

Special abilities: Stunning.

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1 - Dog, Rat, Spider.

Which of these pets is your favorite?

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Brown Spider:

This one is fun to have around. Not because he's useful, but he -is- entertaining. Hops around trying to attack your enemies.

Special abilities: n/a

Celestial Dog

The original low level pet. Hides immediately after being summoned. Not very useful at all.

Special abilities: Stealthy.

Giant Rat

Straight out of Korthos Island! Is there anything unique about him? Comment below so I can add it to the DDO summon monster guide.

Special abilities: n/a

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What do you think of the Dungeons and Dragons Online pets?

Any creatures you wish you could make with the DDO summon monster spell?

Lantern Archon comments:

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      its pretty useless when it's spell points are completely gone.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Useful at rainbow in the dark

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      it is resistant to all spells and has a bluff or incorporeal or dr on melee damage