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DDO Tempest guide

Updated on October 30, 2012

Ranger prestige class.

A very popular type of character in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Like a whirlwind, players strike often with their two weapon attacks and jump into battle using them for defense. The "exploiter build" is a common tempest hero who mixes in both monk (for additional armor class) and rogue (for extra damage & traps). There aren't any real exploits involved. Just a name!

This particular class got hit by the nerf back in Dungeons and Dragons Online's update 5. While they're nothing to slouch at now, it used to provide a bonus to attack speed. That speed bonus stacked with everything else in the game. A majority of the melee characters you'd have bumped into took six ranger levels just to be one.

Do you miss when this granted your characters faster attack speed?

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Benefits of being a Tempest

Extra weapon attacks mainly.

This DDO prestige improves your ranger differently at each level.

Level 1:

  • 2 extra points of armor class (considered as a shield).
  • Bonus 10% chance of attacking with both hands.
Level 2:
  • +1 extra armor class bonus, for a total of 3.
  • Bonus 10% chance of attacking with both hands.
  • +1 attack bonus when using two weapons.
Level 3:
  • 5% chance of attacking twice with your main weapon.
  • +1 extra armor class bonus, for a total of 4.
  • +1 attack bonus when using two weapons, for a total of 2.

Ranger Tempest requirements

What you will need.

Unlike most prestige classes, this one doesn't initially force you to spend action points. You'll need to dump some into the "Dexterity" enhancement for level 2.

Players wishing to become a Tempest ranger all need the following THREE feats. Even if your splashed character only wants level 1! Dodge (armor class bonus), Mobility (useless!), and Spring Attack are all required in that order.

People wishing to become a level 3 tempest have another feat choice to make. You'll need to take Lightning Reflexes, Oversized Two Weapon Fighting, Two Weapon Blocking, or Two Weapon Defense to qualify.

That's four feats, wowsers! It's a good thing rangers get several for free from their class...

Should they ease up on the requirements for this DDO class?

What do you think of the Tempest ranger class?

Anything I should add to this DDO guide about it?


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