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DDO Virtuoso guide

Updated on October 30, 2012

Bard prestige class.

These singers excel at crowd control and are more healing focused than their counterparts. This type of Dungeons and Dragons Online character can put every enemy near him to sleep with a lullaby. Some monsters are immune to that, but they can fall under the effect of his Capering dance song. Virtuosos also have the ability to quickly regenerate HP of their allies, effectively replacing the ingame Diehard feat with something much better.

Benefits of being a Virtuoso

Fantastic crowd control & healing abilities.

This enhancement line gives your DDO bard:

  • Up to 5 additional Bardic Music song uses.
  • Bonus of 2 to 4 to your Diplomacy skill.
  • Access to the fantastic Enthrallment song.
  • Bonus of 2 to 4 to your Listen skill.
  • Extended song duration, up to 20% longer.
  • Bonus of 2 to 4 to your Perform skill.
  • Slow song regeneration with Virtuoso level 2.
  • Early access to Construct and Undead crowd control.
  • Unlocks the songs of Capering and Sustaining.


This bard has the *best* crowd control in DDO.

The virtuoso enthrall song is crowd control with the highest chance of monsters failing a resistance check. Unlike a bard's regular fascinate ability, creatures do not wake up immediately if someone even looks in their direction. Your character's perform skill is used as a chance to break free from your control with every hit they take. High level virtuosos can almost keep a situation crowd controlled until their targets are all dead.

This bardic music isn't perfect though. It only works on targets your regular fascinate would affect, and doesn't allow you to follow up with a Suggestion afterwords.

Anything immune to mind-affecting abilities, including constructs, undead, and bosses, will not fall asleep after hearing it. This is even with Music of the Dead and Makers.

Granted with Virtuoso I.

DDO ingame description: This song enthralls and weakens nearby enemies, causing them to cease their activities and suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and Will saving throws. Damage has a chance of breaking the enthrallment effect but not the penalties.

Sustaining Song

Burst regeneration for yourself or an ally.

Bardic music with two effects. It will give every DDO character nearby a moderate heal when first sung. Your allied target will quickly regenerate health afterwards. The song of sustaining effectively replaces the Diehard feat, and is quite useful as a healer saving both scrolls & spells.

Of course, this doesn't heal for a lot immediately, only over time. Singing also takes longer than casting a spell. You can't rely on it in a large battle. It will still help reduce the burden on everyone who is responsible for healing even if you don't play your bard that way.

Granted with Virtuoso II.

DDO's description of the Sustaining Song: Expend a use of Bardic Music to apply a temporary fast-healing effect to all nearby allies. It lasts for 24 seconds plus 6 seconds per level.

Song of Capering

Dance monster, dance!

Ever wish your Otto's Irresistible Dance spell had a longer range?

That's what the capering song does. Unfortunately, there are a few handicaps in your foe's favor. While it's practically irresistible due to using your bard's Perform skill as the DC, monsters can save. They'll also be granted more chances to save when they're being hit.

On the plus side, it lasts longer than the spell, which can be very handy at times! The cooldowns between the two are also separate. This allows you to use both at once in a potentially nasty situation. You can also qualify for this before you're given Otto's magic.

Granted with Virtuoso II.

DDO's description for the Song of Capering: Expend a use of Bardic Music to make a single enemy dance helplessly. A successful Will save negates this effect.

Bard Virtuoso requirements

What you will need.

Some action points will need to be spent into the "Charisma", "Extra Song", "Lingering Song", and "Perform" lines. The amount required depends on how far into this class you wish to go.

Unlike the other prestige classes for this type of character, you don't *have* to take a feat to qualify. A virtuoso bard can choose to take a "Extra Song IV" enhancement (requires being higher level), the Negotiator feat, or Skill Focus Perform.

Which would you choose?

See results

What do you think of the Virtuoso bard class?

Anything I should add to this DDO guide about it?


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Race: Drow (20 CHA + CON) - Feat: Doge, TWF - Items : Gwynblade (exceptional +2 perfom) and Eylde Edge - Mithril chain - By level 6 you get a pretty good bard Imho


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