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Dead Space 3 Chapter 19 Endings

Updated on February 25, 2013

Dead Space 3 Chapter 19 Endings

In Dead Space 3 Chapter 19 Endings, Isaac Clarke can finally finish off and fulfill the destiny he has been so reluctant to accept – defeat the necromorph plague and the moon predator once and for all. This will guide the hero on how to complete Chapter 19 Endings, with a brief mention of the challenges of Chapter 18.

Dead Space 3 Reconfigure the Codex

Dead Space 3 reconfigure the Codex by aligning the structures.
Dead Space 3 reconfigure the Codex by aligning the structures.

Dead Space 3 Find A Way to the Machine Amidst the Convergence

Get rid of the tentacles and the path to the machine will clear for Isaac. Try to do this before the chaos from convergence takes him down.
Get rid of the tentacles and the path to the machine will clear for Isaac. Try to do this before the chaos from convergence takes him down.

Dead Space 3 Kill Or Be Killed Mission

In Chapter 18 Kill Or Be Killed, Isaac must reconfigure the codex so that he can use it to reprogram the machine to defeat the Moon rather than to allow it to remain in a state of perpetual stasis. To do so, Isaac must use the super amplifiers on the ground to move some structures so that the top parts of the structures align with one another. This is a list of the challenges facing Isaac as he moves towards the structure –

  • He must defeat lots and lots of necromorphs on route to the chamber with the structures. Using a force gun will help repel the necromorphs piling onto the hero, and then use the secondary damage intensive parts of the heavy weapon to put down the necromorphs.
  • On reaching the chamber, Isaac must repel yet more necromorphs. In addition, he must sever off the tentacles of the monster necromorph to be able to stand comfortably on the amplifier pads and move the structures.
  • Align the structures so that the similar parts of the tops of the structure face one another and the first part of the reconfiguration is done.
  • Now return to the codex configuration area and realign the structures here so that they fit one of the two pictures on the wall.
  • The return route to the configuration spot will be blocked by hulky necromorphs, so be prepared.
  • Go reconfigure the codex and then float through the transportation systems in the alien city to reach the activation site for the machine.
  • Remember to create lots of health packs, stasis packs and ammo clips at the weapons bench before going into the Heart of the Machine.
  • Finish off the unitologists outside the heart of the machine and put the three batteries into their respective slots. Now enter the heart of the machine and use the grapple hooks to climb to the top.

Dead Space 3 Convergence

Meet with the surprise twist in the story at this point and watch the end of Danik as he turns off the machine. And then the convergence begins.

With the debris flowing around Isaac as they converge onto the moon, Isaac must make his way to the machine and turn it on to destroy the moon. This is relatively straight forward until Isaac reaches a convergence point where there are necromorphs and tentacles blocking the way. Use the force gun to repel and end the minion necromorphs and shoot at the soft spots in the tentacles so that they will tear off and the way ahead will be unblocked. If the hero takes too long to do this, this will be the ending for Isaac.

The difficult part of chapter 19 endings occurs with “the two float through the air” scenarios. These are shown here.

Before the second float, remember to create the final batch of health packs, stasis packs and ammo clips at the weapons bench. There will not be any more weapons benches left after that, because it’s the final showdown.


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