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Dead Space 3 Defeat the Blood Moon

Updated on February 25, 2013

Dead Space 3 Defeating the Blood Moon

Dead Space 3 Defeat the Blood Moon - throw the markers into the eye using super kinesis
Dead Space 3 Defeat the Blood Moon - throw the markers into the eye using super kinesis

Dead Space 3 Defeat the Blood Moon

In Dead Space 3, it comes down to this – Isaac versus the Blood Moon, one of the Brethren Moons which has made it into this galaxy. Blood Moon is the creator of the Dead Space that spans this part of the galaxy, the dead space having been produced by the massacre of almost all life here by the moon. This will guide the hero on how to defeat the Blood Moon.

Dead Space 3 Tactics to Use Against the Blood Moon

To defeat the Blood Moon, this particular Isaac needs to bring his favourite weapon – the force gun with javelin spikes. There will be a few stages in each phase of the battle against the Blood Moon. There will be three phases, each against each eye of the Blood Moon. There are three eyes in total. The stages are defined by the following –

  • the eyes will be vulnerable to attacks by the hero in the first stage. Grab the nearest marker using the supercharged kinesis and throw it at the eyes. The eyes are so large and bulgy it would be embarrassing to miss.
  • once one of the eyes is hit, the remaining eyes will be rotated out of harm’s way. Whilst waiting for the eye to rotate back to the hero, the Moon will throw large chunks of rocks at Isaac.
  • the aim of the moon is rather bad, so if Isaac stays at the back and within the amplifier pad, Isaac can avoid the large chunks of rocks.
  • the moon will send necromorphs towards the hero. Repel the necromorphs with the force gun.
  • the next stage will be the Blood Moon trying to suck in the hero. To avoid this, Isaac switches to an automatic submachine gun and attacks the bright orange spots on the tentacles.
  • once the tentacles are severed, the second eye will rotate back to the hero’s field of attack. This time, the hero must force the markers into the eye with hordes of necromorphs coming at him.

And then the sequence will repeat itself, until the third eye is destroyed.

Finally, in desperation, the Blood Moon tries to swallow the machine. Use the supercharged kinesis to bring the machine out of its “throat and gut”. Climb onto the platform with the codex activation console. Say your goodbyes to your comrade in arms Carver. Then activate the codex and defeat the Blood Moon and the scourge of the necromorph once and for all……..

Well, at least until the end of the title screenings. Listen for the voice that hints at Dead Space 4………


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