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Dead Space 3 Get to Admiral's Quarters

Updated on February 11, 2013

Dead Space 3 Electrical Engineering Interface

Dead Space 3 solve the first electrical engineering interface to unlock the lift and get to the admiral's quarters.
Dead Space 3 solve the first electrical engineering interface to unlock the lift and get to the admiral's quarters.

Dead Space 3 Get to Admiral's Quarters in Chapter 4

In Dead Space 3, the hero must get to the admiral’s quarters and decipher the messages on the wall to understand what the admiral had found. This is Chapter 4 of Dead Space 3. This will guide the hero on how to get to the admiral's quarters.

Dead Space 3 Get Out of the Engine Room

From the rendezvous point with the crew of the Eudora, the hero must use the elevator and descend into the engine room. The engine room has been transformed – some giant necromorph’s tentacles have sprouted out and taken control of the room. The hero needs to destroy the shining pods in the tentacles. This will cause the tentacles to be broken up and the hero to access the entire engine room. This is needed so that Isaac can go to all the engine turbines and activate them again. Again, with each activation, the smaller necromorphs will emerge and attack the hero. Defeat them with an assortment of new weapons, or weapons from the limited edition.

The key here is to sever the tentacles so that the hero can run round the whole circumference of the engine room to reach the other exit in the engine room.

Dead Space 3 Use Stasis on the Rotating Blades

Once the hero comes out of the engine room, climb down some stairs and then face up against some rotating blades in the distance. There are two sets of rotating blades, and the second one is quite near to the first one. So use stasis to freeze the rotating blades and then move between their blades. Remember to have enough charges for stasis, as the hero needs to rapidly freeze the second set of blades after the first one; otherwise the hero will be cut to pieces.

Once the hero is past the second set of blades, head for the platform and then into the corridor via the door.

Dead Space 3 Use the Electrical Engineering Interface to Get to the Admiral’s Quarters

Once within the corridor, the hero will encounter some necromorphs. Defeat them and explore the corridor. The hero will be able to see a locked lift. To unlock the lift, the hero must activate the electrical engineering interface. This will illustrate how to do it.

Once the console is activated, the lift door will be unlocked. Use the lift and reach the admiral’s quarters. Watch the cut scene here as Isaac tries to decipher the writings on the walls of the Admiral’s quarters.

After this, it's time to get to the Terra Nova.


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