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Dead Space 3 Recover Shuttle Crozier

Updated on February 13, 2013

Dead Space 3 Recover the Crozier

Dead Space 3 Recover the Crozier - needs repair, remote access and refuel after 200 years of neglect.
Dead Space 3 Recover the Crozier - needs repair, remote access and refuel after 200 years of neglect.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Repair to Ride

In Dead Space 3, Isaac must venture into the aft section of the Terra Nova and attempt to recover the Shuttle Crozier. However, when Isaac arrives at the aft section, he finds that the Crozier needs repair and is out of fuel. Isaac must attempt to repair the Crozier. This is Dead Space 3 Chapter 6 Repair to Ride. This will guide Isaac on how to recover the shuttle crozier and then get out of the aft section before the combustion of fuel within the Crozier incinerates Isaac.

Dead Space 3 Craft A Remote Relay

As soon as Isaac reaches the aft section, a regenerating necromorph starts chasing him. Run into the lift and operate it to reach the chamber containing the Crozier. Here, Isaac must craft a remote relay and attempt to pressurize the Crozier. Construct the remote relay by collecting the relay pieces. There are three remote pieces.

From the lift, use the first open elevator to descend into the lower levels. There will be lots of necromorphs here. Go into a corner and use a newly constructed weapon such as the heavy standard force gun with rivet shotgun to defeat them. In this way, the necromorphs cannot surprise the hero. Now explore the lower levels of this area. The first relay piece is located at the bottom of this area, just before a ladder that leads back up to the upper level.

The second relay piece is located across the Crozier. Use the middle mobile platform and navigate across the Crozier to the other side. Naturally, there are more necromorphs on the other side. Defeat them and then hunt for the second relay piece. It is located on a bench opposite the open elevator on the other side.

The third relay piece is found by taking the ramp from the bench of the second relay piece to the bottom. There will be a ladder at the bottom opposite the end of the ramp. Climb it to the next platform and the final relay piece can be found directly opposite the ladder as Isaac climbs up.

Now go to the weapons bench in the chamber of the Crozier and craft the remote relay. Then use the middle mobile platform to get to the hatch of the Crozier and use kinesis to open the hatch. Place the remote relay into the hatch.

However, the Crozier will not start up. It is lacking in fuel.

Dead Space 3 Craft Remote Relay

Dead Space 3 find first (left) and second (right) relay piece to craft remote relay.
Dead Space 3 find first (left) and second (right) relay piece to craft remote relay.

Dead Space 3 Refuel and Start Up the Engine of the Crozier

The Crozier needs fuel. So go to the fuel control station and activate the fuel funnel. Next, head to the funnel and use kinesis to lower the funnel manually into the fuel pot of the Crozier. Finally, go back to the fuel control station and release the fuel funnel from the Crozier.

Isaac's crew will attempt to start the combustion engines of the Crozier. But things don't go well as the fuel starts burning uncontrollably and the combustion process cannot be stopped.

Dead Space 3 Return to the Shuttle Bay

Isaac must escape from the Crozier parking chamber. This will illustrate how to avoid the deadly inferno of the combustion process, avoid the necromorphs (shooting the necromorphs will often end up delaying Isaac who will then be caught in the combustion) and return to the shuttle bay.

Dead Space 3 Return to Shuttle Bay

Dead Space 3 spot the personal docking bay sign to return to the shuttle bay.
Dead Space 3 spot the personal docking bay sign to return to the shuttle bay.

Once Isaac finishes shooting at all the objects using the machine guns, the wind velocity will increase until Isaac is sucked out into space. Allow the chaos from the launch of the Crozier to cease and then look around in space and find a way back to the Terra Nova.

Return to the Terra Nova by finding the painting of "personal docking bay" and floating in space towards the left of this painting. Once Issac is past the airlock, do not follow the airlock arrow. Instead return to the small shuttle and make way for the outside of the Greely. There are a few more things to do for the Corzier before it can launch.


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