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Deadpool Chase After the Marauders to Get Chance White Back

Updated on June 26, 2013

Deadpool Chapter 3 Taking A Chance

In Deadpool the Game, the maniacal crazy adventures of Deadpool continue. The “boss” or “the mon” (short form for the money) or Chance White has been dumped down to the inflatable bed at the bottom of the sewers. And then saved by some beautiful women as Deadpool is watching the redo of Chapter 2. Deadpool must save money and then chase after the marauders to get Chance White back. This will guide Deadpool in Chapter 3 “Taking A Chance”, as he tries to defeat some mini-bosses and then Arclight and Vertigo.

Deadpool Stars in Old Skool Game As He Runs Out of Money

Deadpool is back in the sewer systems. He will teleport past some gaseous leak and then enter one of the best parts of the game – the old skool rpg game! Defeat the skeletons (what else can there be?) and then find the key to unlock the gate. Deadpool makes a complain to his producer and the game reverts back to modern day gaming.

Deadpool Chase the Marauders

Deadpool goes deeper into the sewer system. Here, a large group of enemies await Deadpool. Defeat them all with Deadpool’s stylish moves and continue on.

Deadpool will then move on to face one of the mini-bosses in the game. It is a greenish monster. The best way to deal with this monster is to shoot at it with Deadpool’s guns a few times, run around to heal up and then come back and shoot at the monster again.

Deadpool moves on deeper into the sewer system. There will be more gaseous leak. Teleport past them and then face more enemies. Eventually, Deadpool will face up against Arclight. She destroys the structure around Deadpool, creating an arena where Deadpool will have to fight more marauders. When these minions are gone, Arclight comes down to attack Deadpool.

Deadpool Defeat Arclight

Arclight has several tactics which make her powerful. She can surround Deadpool with an arc of light, slowing down Deadpool and preventing him from teleporting. Arclight is also quite quick and Deadpool may have to unleash his quicker side to defeat her. Change into the sai weapons and launch quick attacks on Arclight. After a few series of attacks, teleport and and move out of harm’s way. Otherwise Arclight will grab hold of Deadpool and hurl him up into the air, creating more damage. Remember to run around the arena when Deadpool’s health is low; this will create a chance for Deadpool’s healing factor to kick in and heal up.

Once Arclight is defeated, she will self-destruct by crippling the unstable platform underneath Deadpool, and the two will plummet to their death.

Dealpool Defeat the Marauder with the Grenade Launcher

Deadpool defeat the marauder with the Grenade Launcher from behind cover and using some ranged weapons.
Deadpool defeat the marauder with the Grenade Launcher from behind cover and using some ranged weapons.

Deadpool Keep Your Lunch Down and Find Those Switches

Of course, Deadpool’s healing factor means he is never defeated. He rips himself out of the pole and continues chasing after the marauders. Next, he faces Vertigo, who creates a vertiginous environment around Deadpool. Deadpool must find the switches and stop his vertiginous experience. These switches are easy to find. One is to the left and the other is to the right. Jump past the obstacles and activate the two switches. Then activate the central switch and Deadpool’s head will stop spinning. Go down the corridor and arrive at a chamber with many broken steps. Jump up the steps and then jump onto the pipe in the centre and continue jumping until Deadpool reaches the top.

Run into another chamber. More enemies arrive. Defeat them and then wait for the arrival of the second mini-boss – a red coloured monster carrying a grenade launcher. The key here is to identify two barriers – one on top of the stairs from behind the barrier, and the other behind some crates at the opposite end on the circular arena. Now, go up the stairs and use aim and fire to damage the monster. Then when the monster gets close, teleport down to the second barrier and aim and fire at the monster again. Keep doing this until the monster is defeated.

Now pick up the heavy grenade launcher and return the favour on the enemies.

Deadpool Slide to The End of Chapter 3

Deadpool proceeds, but only to Vertigo in another area. Here, Vertigo creates her vertiginous effect again and sends Deadpool sprawling into a series of tunnels where he will have to slide to avoid gateways and a decline in health. This is actually one of the most fun parts of Chapter 3.

After countless slides, reach the bottom and watch the cut scene for the end of Chapter 3. It’s always nice to wake up to the sight of Psylocke and Domino.


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