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Deadpool Find the Sentinel Parts for Cable

Updated on June 29, 2016

Deadpool Get the Sentinel Parts for Cable

Deadpool must find the power cells to activate the Sentinel arms. Then activate the arms so he can jump to the right areas to get the Sentinel parts.
Deadpool must find the power cells to activate the Sentinel arms. Then activate the arms so he can jump to the right areas to get the Sentinel parts.

In Deadpool the game, the hero looks past the disappointment of not having met the girl of his dreams. Instead, he meets Cable again. Cable tells Deadpool that he must enter Mr Sinister’s Tower. On hearing Mr Sinister’s name, Deadpool launches into a serious mode and jumps down to the compound before the tower, attacking enemies on sight. Later, Deadpool will have to climb up and enter Mr Sinister’s Tower. After this, Deadpool will have to find the sentinel parts for Cable so he can redesign and re-engineer the Sentinel’s boot or shoe so that Deadpool can pilot it and use it to fly away and find the real Mr Sinister. This will guide Deadpool with the above objectives, primarily focusing on finding the first and second sentinel parts for Cable.

Deadpool Clear the Troops Guarding Mister Sinister’s Tower

After Deadpool jumps down to the compound, show off his arsenal of skills and momentum attacks and finish off the enemies. There will be a first set of enemies on the first landing, followed by more enemies shooting at Deadpool from the elevated ground. Hide behind cover and finish off the enemies on high grounds with the pistol. After these enemies are defeated, another levitating lightning calling enemy will appear. Find another alcove to hide and launch ranged attacks onto the levitating mutant. Finish off this mutant from this relatively safe location.

Then Cable will come in and join the fight, because “Deadpool has attracted the attention of all the enemies in this area”. Deadpool can try to defeat some enemies, but really, part of the fun in this fight, is watching Cable pelt the enemies to oblivion with his really large gun from the future. This is especially so when the red marauder monster with the grenade thrower joins the battle. Stand aside and watch Cable defeat the red marauder monster. This is the beauty of Deadpool’s charisma. He commands comrades and fellow X-men to slay monsters without having to lay a finger on them himself.

However, Deadpool also gets bored really easily, so when the marauder monster is dead, pick up his large grenade launcher and use it on the enemies. Just when Deadpool thinks the battle is simmering down, two of those levitating and lightning calling mutants appear. This particular Deadpool would have accumulated about 200000 DPS points by now, so invest them on the pulse rifles. Now, go up to the elevated ground and finish off these mutants.

The end of these mutants do not spell the end of this battle. More marauder monsters appear to attack Deadpool. Finish them off with Cable’s help.

Deadpool Climb Up to the Top of Sinister’s Tower and Futz Around With It

When the enemies around Mr Sinister’s Tower are defeated, Cable transports himself forward in time (to finish writing about the future). Deadpool takes this opportunity to futz around with Mr Sinister’s Tower.

First, identify the Tower’s entrance. Go inside and activate the machine on the ground floor. This machine, when activated, is really a wheel of misfortune. Deadpool wants to win the billion dollars. Instead, he ends up creating the “Magnetic Apocalypse”. Luckily, this just causes a series of plates that start floating up due to the increased magnetism around the area. Jump up onto the plates and get to the second floor. There is another wheel of misfortune there. Deadpool wants a billion dollars but instead gets a cow. Continue jumping the plates and get to the top floor. Mr Sinister’s control capsule is on the top of the tower. Play around with Mr Sinister’s control mechanisms, launch some music and then watch as the large capsule ball falls from the roof onto the ground level.

Cable returns and berates Deadpool for his actions. He tells Deadpool that he has only apprehended a clone, and that the real Mr Sinister is out there.

Deadpool Use the Power Cells on the Two Sentinel Arms

Deadpool use the power cells on the two Sentinel arms so that they are relatively aligned. In this way, Deadpool can jump up and get the first sentinel part.
Deadpool use the power cells on the two Sentinel arms so that they are relatively aligned. In this way, Deadpool can jump up and get the first sentinel part.

Deadpool Find First Sentinel Part for Cable

Deadpool must find the sentinel parts for Cable, so that Cable can re-design the sentinel’s shoe into some kind of transportation system that will allow Deadpool to move to the real Mr Sinister. However, the transportation shoe lacks some essential Sentinel parts. Deadpool must find the first sentinel part for Cable.

Go through the door with the GRT sign over it. Defeat more enemies within the transport terminal and then come out into the compound. Notice the first sentinel part lying somewhere on the second floor of another building.

The way to get the first sentinel part is as follows –

  • Jump onto the platform in front of Deadpool in the compound as he comes out.
  • Keep jumping and use wall jump to get to the top platform.
  • Jump back down to the second platform. There will be a power cell on this platform.
  • Now jump back down to the compound and use the power cell on the Sentinel arm.
  • Move the arm so that it is level with the first level of the building. This will allow Deadpool to enter the building.
  • Enter the building and eliminate all enemies. Get the second power cell within the building.
  • Come out of the building on the other side of the compound.
  • Use the power cell on the second Sentinel arm, and move the arm upwards.
  • Now, go back to the first arm and move it towards the second arm. Jump onto the arm of the second Sentinel arm. Then jump onto the hand of the first arm and onward towards the required level. Get the first sentinel part.
  • Go back out to the area near the tower, and give Cable the first Sentinel part.

Deadpool Get the Last Sentinel Part to Cable

Deadpool runs up and down the corridor and uses the backflip pulse rifle shooting technique on the green marauder type monster.
Deadpool runs up and down the corridor and uses the backflip pulse rifle shooting technique on the green marauder type monster.

Deadpool Find the Last Sentinel Part for Cable

Use X (on PC) to find the second entrance to the last sentinel part. Go through the entrance and defeat more enemies within. Some of these enemies have an energy shield around them. Use momentum attack to temporarily destroy the shield and then use heavy attacks on the foes.

Through a crack in the building, go down into a flooded area and use sneak attacks on some of the guards. When the rest of the guards are alerted to Deadpool’s presence, go into “normal Deadpool slashing and shooting mode” and defeat them all.

The key here is to find the power cell, and then go up to the Sentinel arm. This time, the Sentinel arm has a power node which can be used to destroy the buildings around it, creating a path for Deadpool. The path will lead to the last sentinel part.

The blast from the Sentinel palm will create an opening that leads Deadpool to a lower level where there are more enemies. Defeat all the enemies down here and follow the trail of Deadpool points tokens until Deadpool reaches the second power cell. Deadpool needs to wall jump at appropriate locations.

Now return to the Sentinel Arm Canon with the second power cell. Have some fun with the second sentinel cannon, destroying enemies and creating a path to the last sentinel part.

With the last sentinel part, return to Cable. There will be enemies along the way, including a shielded green monster. Defeat them by running up and down the long corridor and using the pulse rifles.

Get to the area near the tower and bring the last sentinel part to Cable.

Now, sit back and relax and enjoy the next part, one of the most enjoyable and hilarious parts of the game! Then it's time to go for the next quest.


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