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Deadpool the Road to Victory

Updated on July 2, 2013

Deadpool Race the X-Men Across Genosha by Making Your Way through the Old Buildings

In Deadpool the Game, triumph is close at hand. Hence Chapter 7 is aptly called the Road to Victory. This will chart Deadpool’s impending path of glory towards Magneto’s Citadel, where Mr Sinister is currently calling home, or base. Deadpool needs to go through a suburban jungle and then cross a maze of floating islands to reach the citadel. This will guide Deadpool with accomplishing the above objectives.

Of course, the first thing Deadpool has to do is to race the X-men across Genosha. There is no way Deadpool would have allowed the X-men to reach the citadel first, given that it is his game. Deadpool will start this chapter after speaking to Wolverine. Double jump at the green walls to get to the upper levels.

Once at the top, Deadpool will be attacked by some enemies. Defeat them all, and then go up to the really wide stairs. As Deadpool tries to make his way through the old buildings, Deadpool will be reacquainted with his favourite enemies –

  • The large juggernaut or Bob like clones. There are two of them.

To defeat them first, use land mines. Lure them to a narrow part of the area where they will step on the land mines and then launch the land mines. Upgrading Deadpool’s inventory capacity so that there will be four land mines to use will be great. Otherwise, use the bear traps to hold the clones in place, so that Deadpool can then proceed to eliminate them.

Once they are defeated, take down the rest of the enemies and then proceed into the old building. The first part of the old building will be a stealth walk initially, until Deadpool alerts the enemies. If Deadpool has some difficulties trying to defeat the enemies, he can lure them to a narrow area where the larger monster cannot go through. Then use backflip shooting techniques to defeat them.

Deadpool Get Past the Old Buildings

Deadpool way past the old buildings
Deadpool way past the old buildings

Deadpool's Rocket Motor Bicycle

Deadpool Get to the Rocket Motor Bicycle
Deadpool Get to the Rocket Motor Bicycle

Deadpool the Game Get Some Elevation With the Rocket Motor-Bicycle

And go through the rest of the old buildings and suburban jungle, using a combination of stealth, shooting and flashy Deadpool melee kills to defeat the tons of enemies here. The enemies will come out in groups, so eliminate them one group at a time and finishing crossing this suburban jungle. The way forward is –

  • Cross from one part of the old buildings to the next by jumping across.
  • Then turn right and go up the stairs and turn right again.
  • Long teleport across and then continue left until the hero reaches a long long corridor with lots of enemies.
  • There will be a switch at the end of the corridor. Defeat the enemies and activate the switch.
  • On the way back, there will be lots of self-exploding mutants, so be careful.
  • Continue moving through some old areas which Deadpool feels will make a good games development office, once refurnished.
  • Eventually arrive at a wall where Deadpool can wall jump. Jump to the top and arrive at the familiar sight of the Sentinel Boot!

Unfortunately, the boot lifts off without Deadpool, leaving him having to attack some enemies. Finish off the enemies and continue along the one way path until Deadpool reaches a door. When he enters the door, it will be a slow-mo scene where he will fire at some enemies. When all the enemies are defeat, Deadpool will reach his objective –

  • Deadpool’s Personalized Rocket Motor-Bicycle

Jet off to the next part of the quest. But don’t forget to create a path for the X-pals.

Deadpool the Final Road to Victory

Long teleport and Deadpool will reach the end of the road to victory
Long teleport and Deadpool will reach the end of the road to victory

Deadpool Get to Magneto’s Citadel

The final stage of the road to victory lies in transversing some hovering stone pinnacles and then getting to Magneto’s Citadel. This area will have lots of mutant clones. The most annoying and those which should be taken down first are the lightning calling flying mutants and the ranged enemies shooting from behind the walls of the broken structures on the stone pinnacles.

To get to Magneto’s Citadel, Deadpool should take the following route –

  • Jump onto the first stone pinnacle and then jump past a series of pinnacles.
  • The stone pinnacles are hovering up and down. When the next and the nearest stone pinnacle is just hovering down relative to the one that Deadpool is on, double jump to the next one.
  • Deadpool will pass by an underground passage (filled with water and enemies) and then he will have to double jump to the next stone pinnacle.
  • One of the larger stone pinnacles will have a heavy chain gun wielding blue monster. When Deadpool reaches this area, he knows he is on the right track. When the blue monster is destroyed, pick up the chain gun and use it on the rest of the mobs here, including more flying mutants which will appear.
  • Once this area is cleared, Deadpool can see the magnificent and very large Magneto’s Citadel nearby. The route to the Citadel can also be clearly seen now.

The final objective in the Road to Victory is called Bath time – Blood Bath. When Deadpool gets to this point, it will be a series of fights with the mutant clones. Show off Deadpool’s repertoire of flashy skills at this point, and then long teleport to the final gates.


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