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Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide and Inferno Builds

Updated on October 18, 2014

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide and Inferno Builds

This page is a Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide and also includes various Diablo 3 Demon Hunter builds (including Inferno Demon Hunter Builds). If you are looking to start a Demon Hunter or stuck on a particular difficulty then this Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Learn more about the Demon Hunter, the Demon Hunter's resources (Hatred and Discipline), the must have skills and which gear to purchase in this comprehensive Diablo 3 Demon Hunter guide.

The Demon Hunter is a master of ranged weaponry in Diablo 3, Demon Hunters rely on their powerful traps to slow and kite enemies while tumbling across the battlefield unleashing torrents of arrows at their enemies.

Don't forget to stop by our poll and tell us what difficulty your Demon Hunter is currently up to in Diablo 3.

Images on this page are sourced from the official Diablo 3 website and used for review, commentary and educational purposes.

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Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

Guide & Builds

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide & Build Overview


The Demon Hunter is the master of ranged combat in Diablo 3 and has some similarities to the Amazon from Diablo 2. The Demon Hunter relies on ranged weapons and traps to pierce and slow enemies. Unique equipment for Demon Hunters includes hand crossbows, quivers and cloaks.

The Demon Hunter features include ranged weapon mastery, traps to slow and soften demons, shadow magic to slip into darkness and evade enemies and battle tactics to control the flow of battle.

Demon Hunter Overview - Official Diablo 3 Website

The Pros - The Strengths Of The Demon Hunter In Diablo 3

  • Powerful damage (potentially the strongest in the game).
  • Plenty of slowing power through various traps.
  • A very fast and agile Diablo 3 class.
  • The only class with a dual resource system for more strategic gameplay.

The Cons - The Weaknesses Of The Demon Hunter In Diablo 3

  • Lacks survivability and requires strong gear to survive hits in Inferno difficulty.
  • Has trouble dealing with certain champion types.
  • One of the more expensive classes to gear.
  • Lacks party orientated skills (a pro if you like playing solo!)

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter


The Demon Hunter Resources: Hatred & Discipline

The Demon Hunter is the only character to use a double resource system in Diablo 3, Hatred and Discipline. Hatred is used for the Demon Hunter's offensive abilities while Discipline is used for defensive abilities.

Hatred is fast regenerating and can also be generated through the use of Hatred generators. Meanwhile Discipline is slow to regenerate which limits the Demon Hunter's defensive movements, making every expenditure of Discipline an important decision.

The Best Demon Hunter Stats - Important Stats To Have On Demon Hunter Gear

When building your Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 there are a number of important item stats that you will need to maximise in order to survive:

  • Dexterity: Dexterity is the primary stat for Demon Hunters so maximising this stat will greatly increase your damage output, it also increases your Dodge chance allowing you to completely avoid damage.
  • Vitality/Resistances/Armor (Normal/Nightmare): During the earlier difficulties of Normal and Nightmare you want to maintain enough Vitality to take several hits from your enemies, you should try to focus on finding items that offer both Dexterity and Vitality.
  • Vitality/Resistances/Armor (Hell/Inferno): Demon Hunters are not designed to take hits from their enemies (especially in later difficulties) and as such their skills revolve around evasion. As you approach Hell you should get used to the idea of dying in 2 or 3 hits and instead focus on maximising your damage output. Once you reach in Inferno it is near impossible to develop your health to a level where you can survive more than 1 hit, it is more effective to focus on damage.
  • Critical Chance: Critical hits are of great importance to Demon Hunters. Not only do they offer a great damage boost they can also be used to restore your Discipline.
  • Critical Damage: Goes together with critical chance to improve your damage output, balancing these stats correctly will make you a powerful damage dealer.
  • Maximum Discipline: Discipline is vital to a Demon Hunter's survival, obtaining an increase in max Discipline can go a long way to giving you the extra resources for another Vault or Smoke Screen.
  • Attack Speed: Attack Speed is one of the other core damage dealing stats for Demon Hunters and should be a focus of your build along with the previously mentioned stats.
  • Movement Speed: When playing a Demon Hunter you should consider 12% Movement speed a minimum requirement (this can be provided by boots). This gives you greater ability to move around the battlefield and ultimately increases your survivability.


The Best Demon Hunter Skills - The Must Have Demon Hunter Skills

The Diablo 3 Demon Hunter skills listed below are considered to be the strongest skills available to the Demon Hunter and will generally appear in your Demon Hunter builds more often than other skills.

  • Hungering Arrow: This is the first skill offered to the Demon Hunter and stays a reliable Hatred generator and damage dealer for the entire game.
  • Entangling Shot: This skill offers two of the key Demon Hunter features in one (range and slowing). As such this skill offers great utility and is a great addition to any Demon Hunter build.
  • Elemental Arrow: One of the best multi target skills available to the Demon Hunter, this skill damages all enemies in a line and also features a decent firing rate and reasonable Hatred cost. Ball of Lightning and Nether Tentacles are common runes for this ability.
  • Caltrops: The best slowing skill available to the Demon Hunter. The skill works especially great when running away from enemies, it is a great skill to give you some extra distance from enemies.
  • Multishot: Multishot is a good area of effect skill available to Demon Hunters. This skill shoots in a cone in front of you making great for open areas where Elemental Arrow is less effective.
  • Smoke Screen: Quite possibly the best Demon Hunter skill available, this skill allows you to completely avoid damage and works great both defensively and offensively.
  • Vault: A signature skill of the Demon Hunter which has them vaulting around the battlefield. The skill is a great defensive option and allows you to move around maps quickly.
  • Preparation: A unique skill that can be used to either restore Hatred or Discipline depending on the chosen rune, this skill is a must inclusion in your Demon Hunter build.
  • Fan of Knives: One of the stronger short range skills available to the Demon Hunter, it packs a powerful slow and strong damage and is a good inclusion to your Demon Hunter build if you constantly find enemies are getting to close to you.
  • Spike Traps: These traps offer great damage really good damage and are very effective in the early difficulties, in particular the final rune that offers 3 traps for a reasonable Hatred cost.
  • Shadow Power: Shadow Power is a great counter to reflect damage mobs while also increasing your damage output.

The Best Demon Hunter Passives

The Diablo 3 Demon Hunter passives listed below are considered to be the strongest passives available to the Demon Hunter and will generally appear in your Demon Hunter builds more often than other passives.

  • Tactical Advantage: A passive that suits the fast and agile fighting style of the Demon Hunter. This passive is one of the very first that you unlock and if you enjoy moving around the map with speed you will use it for a long time.
  • Steady Aim: This passive is a great damage boost, the only requirement is that there are no enemies within a small area, which is often the case when playing as a Demon Hunter.
  • Cull Of The Weak: This passive skill offers another nice damage increase that works well with Caltrops or in a multiplayer situation (with a Wizard running Blizzard for example).
  • Night Stalker: With a high critical chance this skill can quickly restore your Discipline, allowing you to cast more defensive abilities. This passive is great if you are constantly running out of Discipline and have a high critical chance.
  • Archery: One of the strongest Demon Hunter passives that gives you a free bonus based on weapon type.
  • Sharpshooter; Another one of the powerful Demon Hunter passives, this skill will greatly increase your overall damage output and helps other passives such as Night Stalker. As you reach higher levels of critical chance (from gear) Sharpshooter becomes less effective.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Tips

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Inferno Builds

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Builds

Don't forget that these Diablo 3 Demon Hunter builds are simply guidelines. There is no need to follow these exactly, they are designed to simply provide you with some build ideas. Ultimately your build will depend on your preferred playstyle and gear.

These guides are made using the Diablo 3 Skill Calculator and may require the use of elective mode.


Demon Hunter Inferno Build - Standard

Required Level 59

This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Inferno build is currently considered to be the standard Inferno build option for Demon Hunters (skills, passives and runes do vary slightly between players).

The basic idea of this Demon Hunter build is to rely on Hungering Arrow (with Devouring Arrow rune) to generate Hatred and deal with mobs. While your Hatred Spender is Elemental Arrow with Nether Tentacles (or Ball of Lightning/Frost Arrow), which provides you with powerful damage and more mob killing ability.

Defensive skills are covered by 3 Discipline based abilities (making Preparation and some good +Maximum Discipline items important). The defensive skills of this build give you a way to avoid crowd control and damage entirely through Smoke Screen. You can also re-position yourself using Vault or slow incoming enemies with Caltrops.

Passives are covered by Sharpshooter, Tactical Advantage and Archery. Giving you improved damage output and speed bonuses from using your defensive skills. However, Tactical Advantage can be replaced with Night Stalker or Steady Aim based on your preference.

See This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Inferno Build On The Diablo 3 Skill Calculator


Demon Hunter Inferno Build - High Hatred Regeneration

Required Level 59

This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Inferno build is more focused on Hatred regeneration (which allows you to cast more Elemental Arrows and thus improve your overall damage output). This comes at the cost of defensive abilities but does provide you with greater boss and elite killing abilities allowing for good 5 stack Nephalem Valour farming.

Like the standard Inferno Demon Hunter build your offensive capabilities are fuelled by Hungering Arrow and Elemental Arrow. But these are complemented with Marked for Death (runed for Hatred) and Bat Companion to improve overall Hatred regeneration.

Your sole defensive ability is Smoke Screen and with Preparation can be used several times before running out of Discipline completely. As the build only contains one defensive ability you must play a lot more cautiously then the standard Demon Hunter Inferno build.

Passives are the standard choices of Sharpshooter, Steady Aim and Archery but can be changed to include Tactical Advantage based on your playing preference.

See This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Inferno Build On The Diablo 3 Skill Calculator

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Inferno Build / Skills

What Is Your Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Build? - Did You Find This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Page Helpful?

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    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 

      6 years ago from Topeka, KS

      Thanks for these awesome tips to help make my Demon Hunter stronger! Blessings. :)

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      6 years ago

      why is no 1 recomending using the rapid fire skill with homing rockets in conjunction with ballistics it works great.

    • WriterDave profile image


      6 years ago

      Great information, thanks!

    • Zebedee32 profile image


      6 years ago

      I used to play diablo a lot years ago

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome info for the fledgling Demon Hunters out there!


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