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Derpy Hooves, Muffin Lover and Postal Pony Extraordinaire

Updated on August 31, 2017

Derpy: the greatest character in My Little Pony. She just doesn't know what went wrong.

Derpy Hooves is one of the most loved characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And she wasn't even a real character, originally. She was a clumsy background pony without proper name or history, until the Brony fandom adopted her, carrying her to glory and a real speaking role, as well as dozens of cameo appearances hidden throughout the episodes.

I love Derpy because in many ways, she epitomises the Brony fandom, and the reasons we watch and love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She's different and considered 'inferior', but has risen above that to become a figure head for acceptance. She's also kind and sweet, while still being funny and able to make a fool of herself without turning it into something negative.

And she's all that because that's the direction the fandom took her. It would have been easy to turn her into a cruel meme, but instead, she's the adopted darling, the ideal, the character who absolutely embodies tolerance.

Derpy Image Credit: Original art by Flynn the Cat

Why Do You Love Derpy?

My Little Muffins! Muffins everywhere!
My Little Muffins! Muffins everywhere!

What is it about Derpy Hooves that most captures your heart?

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I just don't know what went wrong.

Derpy Clouds Comic by ~Flynn-the-cat
Derpy Clouds Comic by ~Flynn-the-cat

Derpy's Personality and Appearance

What is Fandom's favourite pony like?

Derpy is usually considered a very sweet pony. Because she doesn't have a major role in the show, her exact personality is partly a matter of opinion, based on fandom lore, her brief appearances and some influential fan art and fanfiction.

She is generally considered to be stubborn and confused, or air headed and bubbly. She is usually associated with delivering the mail, whether comically confused or quietly dedicated. As a pegasus, she helps with the weather, which she was doing in her first speaking role, helping Rainbow Dash with a cloud... and accidentally shocking her. She likes muffins. We know this because of an appearance in one episode where she likes Pinkie Pie's muffins!

Her cutie mark is a stream of rising bubbles, although nobody knows for sure what they stand for. Can one have a special talent for air-headedness? Or rising up through adversity, and having a bubbly nature?

In appearance, she is light gray, with a yellow mane and tail, and yellow eyes. There are some similar background ponies, which has led to occasional confusion over her character (and her names!).

Awesome Derpy Stuff!

Derpy's Other Names

Derpy has had multiple names, as the creators didn't attach much importance to her until after the fandom adopted her. Merchandise also tends to use a different name, probably out of nervousness about the word 'derpy'

Other Names

"Ditzy Do"

(a random name given to her in one episode, sometimes considered separate pony and used in merchandising)


(the official filler name when she was just a random pony, used in merchandising)

"Bright Eyes"

(early name for the character)

The Exclusive Vinyl Figure

In 2013, a range of show accurate vinyl pony figures was released, including Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Derpy and Doctor Whooves - probably the biggest favourites of the fandom. This is the Derpy one (officially named "Bubbles"). They're limited, and the first wave of Derpy already sold out, but due to her popularity a second wave was released.

What Does "Derpy" Mean?

Clumsy, uncoordinated, awkward, accident prone, not quite there, missing something in the brain department.

"Derp" face is a specific expression that has become an ongoing meme.

It has been used as a slur, for mentally or developmentally delayed people. Derpy became both a figurehead for acceptance and difference, and a touchy offensive character, at the same time.

Derpy's Appearances in Friendship is Magic - She is often snuck into the background!

Derpy has attracted a lot of attention, since her original quiet creep into the hearts of viewers took off. Her first major appearance in "The Last Roundup" showcased her accident prone awkwardness and her nice, but essentially not that bright, nature. It also become the centre of controversy, as the voice actress apparently thought she was voicing a boy and gave her a lower, more 'retarded' sounding voice. This was later retconned to a higher, more normal female voice, to the outrage of fans.

After that, she has appeared randomly in every episode, until Season 3, which had a long dry run... and then several appearances in the finale. Spotting her peeking out of a window, or standing in a crowd, has become a game among bronies.

Exclusive Derpy Hooves Vinyl FigureCHECK PRICE

Derpy now has a fandom created backstory in which she encounters a ponified Dr Who and becomes his companion. Doctor Whooves is another fandom favourite pony, with an hourglass on his side, who appeared in multiple places at once during background scenes.

My Little Timelord was a particularly influential fanfiction, and there's an original video series based on their adventures on YouTube:

This backstory evolved further, when Bronies noticed a small purple unicorn filly that appeared to have a marked resemblance to Derpy. It was decided that she was Derpy's daughter, and named Dinky Hooves. Fandom theories over her parentage diverge, although Doctor Whooves is increasingly popular.

She has also been noticed with another female pony, but she has no established role as yet. She is generally considered either a sister or a friend.

Derpy in Fandom: Videos - Original videos of Derpy created by the fandom

How Do You Describe Her Eyes?

Derpy's eyes look in different directions, making her unique among ponies. Whether this was intentional or an accident, we may never know.

Common adjectives include:

Wall eyes

Googly eyed

Odd eyed

Mmmm... muffins.

Derpy Hooves Is Best Pony. Debate.

Is Derpy hooves best pony?

Best Pony For Customizing to Make Derpy Hooves - Lily Blossom is the closest match to Derpy Hooves

If you can't find your own Derpy figure, you can customise her from the much more affordable and easy to find Lily Blossom. Lily Blossom is available as a 2 inch blind bag figurine (which I own one of!), a Happy Meal toy and as the larger "basic" figurines with brushable mane and tail. She hasn't appeared in any of the first three seasons of Friendship Is Magic.

Stuff You'll Need

Customising a blind bag figure is pretty straightforward. Just strip off all the paint with acetone (the stuff in nail polish remover) and Q-tips, and repaint. The repainting is the trickiest part! You'll need tiny brushes and miniature figure paint, as it's designed for painting tiny figures with and goes on far more smoothly. It is very much worth buying a really good detail brush.

To customise a brushable mane figure, it's a little more complicated. You often have to remove the head and and mane and tail, and then put them back together, as well as style the hair.

Here's a great review of the different paints!

There are some custom-made Derpy plush toys available, though no official ones yet. They aren't all perfect, but there are definitely some amazing ones, and some are completely unique.

Learn More About Derpy Hooves - Wikis and useful links!

I can't cover an entire evolving fandom in one page, so here are some extra links for people who want to know everything about Derpy.

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Derpy loves muffins.

Derpy loves muffins.
Derpy loves muffins.


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    • flycatcherrr profile image


      5 years ago

      I've never had the faintest glimmer of what it is about the My Little Pony thing that garners so many fans, to be frank, but - nothing if not open-minded - I read all this with great attention. And now there is a good chance Derby has a new fan. I love the whole idea of the derpy little background pony getting pulled out by the sheer power of fandom and given a proper chance at the limelight. Nice.

    • Titia profile image

      Titia Geertman 

      5 years ago from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands

      I wouldn't know if I do love Derpy, I'm not familiar with the Little Pony thing, it 's unknown in my country I think. I enjoyed my visit though and you wrote a marvellous article about this Derpy.

    • Mistl profile image


      5 years ago

      What an amazing collection of info and merchandise dedicated to Derpy. I feel inspired after reading this! :)

    • FlynntheCat1 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @FanfrelucheHubs: Haha. Join the herd! :D

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 

      5 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      Have always find that Derby look a little stone...but err anyway. And Brony? I had to look that up, and I don't feel as cool as I thought I was now.


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