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Deus Ex Human Revolution Defeating Yelena Fedorova the Mantis

Updated on September 21, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Defeating Yelena Fedorova the Mantis

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, after entering the data storage room in Picus Communications, Adam Jensen realizes the truth about Eliza Cassan, and now has to face Yelena Fedorova the Mantis to further his mission to find the truth behind the attacks on Sarif Industries. This fight is possibly the hardest to understand when it begins, but when Jensen figures it out, it is actually quite easy.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Tactics Against the Mantis

In deus ex human revolution, Eliza Cassan will "whisper" in Jensen's ears about how to defeat Yelena Fedorova. It took a while to understand her rumblings. In the meantime, let's reflect on Yelena Fedorova. She is the second-in-command to Namir in the attacks on Sarif Industries. To understand her tactics will allow Jensen to defeat her.

Yelena Fedorova will cloak, and make herself invisible. The only way to tell where she is in the near white room is to be close to her. To be close to Yelena Fedorova is too dangerous, as her melee attack will take Jensen down straight away. Alternatively, one could look at the water on the floor of the room to determine if Yelena is advancing towards you. However, she is moving too fast, and it's too hard to avoid her melee, charge and shotgun attacks when she is too close. One suggested way is to look at the radar instead, and see when Yelena turns into an orange arrow on the radar, and prepare Jensen's own assault when she is about to get close.

The options for Jensen's assault include cloaking too, and then attacking Yelena when she can be seen. Press Q and realize the failure of this method, as Yelena will counteract Jensen's sneak attack. Next, one can use the shotgun approach to attack Yelena when she is uncloaked and Jensen is cloaked. However, it does not appear to work. Maybe Yelena's skin and defense augmentation is too strong.

This is when Eliza Cassan's words start to make sense. She is saying that Yelena has the typhoon weapon upgrade made by Sarif Industries. She is also saying that destroying the power generators will temporarily hamper Yelena. Put the two together, and that means that Jensen need to use his Typhoon weapon upgrade. Head to one of the power generators, and position Jensen so that his back is against the power generators. Wait for the Eliza Cassan's warning that Yelena is close by and see this as the orange arrow on the radar. Next prepare to unleash Jensen's typhoon weapon as she is getting really close to damage the power generator. When the power generator is damaged and starts unleashing electricity (Jensen is damaged too), Yelena is stunned. Use the shotgun attack to attack Yelena. Repeat this as necessary depending on the difficulty level of the game. Finally Yelena Fedorova is defeated, and Jensen obtains the Mantis Achievement.

Eliza Cassan then spills the beans about the Sarif Industries attack, saying Sarif knows some of the truth about the attacks. Collect all the loot from this area, and then head to the helijet and back to Sarif Industries to talk to Sarif.

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