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Deus Ex Human Revolution Disabling the Bots to Open the Hangar Bay

Updated on September 17, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Disabling the Bots to Open the Hangar Bay

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, Jensen must escape from the TYM (Tai Yong Medical) Facility after confronting the TYM CEO Zhao Yun Ru. To do so, Jensen must destroy or disable two robotic creatures or bots for short so that he can safely open the Hangar Bay for Malik to pilot her helijet into the area and uplift Jensen. Let's explore the difficult parts of the last parts of the TYM mission that sees Jensen escape the TYM facility, disable the bots, open the hangar bay and make a move to Montreal for the next mission.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting into TYM CEO Penthouse

In deus ex human revolution, after getting into the data core room, Jensen must confront the TYM CEO Zhao Yun Ru to understand why she did what she did. This part of the TYM mission is not too difficult initially. First there are two guards patrolling the outer perimeters of the TYM CEO penthouse. When the first guard is marching away from Jensen with his back turned, take him down. Then advance to the other guard when the situation arises and bring him to the ground too. The difficult part of the getting to the penthouse mission occurs in trying to bring down two other guards at the next level.

To get to these two guards, first access a security console and enter a room with a crawlway in it. Next use the shaft to crawl to the guard control room, where there are two guards in the room. Jensen must take out the two guards rapidly one after the other. The reason for this is to prevent one of the guards from marching off and standing in front of a security camera which then makes it very hard not to trigger the alarm. Eat some energy bars to restore at least two energy bars, drop out of the crawlway, hide behind the desk, survey the situation and immediately tackle the first guard from behind quietly. The second guard will move away as soon as Jensen drops from the crawlway. Quickly crouch move and follow the second guard and then take him down before he reaches the vicinity of the security camera.

Next use cloak to get close to the security camera and hide behind the decorations along the corridor. When the security camera is turned away from Jensen, move past the cameras to the next room. Jensen will eventually reach a weak point in a wall. Smash through this and advance into the TYM CEO Penthouse.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Confronting TYM CEO Zhao Yun Ru

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, Jensen finally makes it into the TYM CEO penthouse. Take your time to explore the outer perimeters of the penthouse as this is important for escape later on. Notice that there is a shaft or crawlway on the left of the penthose as Jensen enters the penthouse. This crawlway is situated on the right of Jensen as he is escaping from the penthouse later on. Once Jensen is familiar with the geography of the TYM CEO penthouse (and remember to collect some items from underneath the sofas), head for a showdown with TYM CEO Zhao Yun Ru.

Move into the TYM CEO penthouse main bedroom, and start speaking to TYM CEO Zhao Yun Ru. She will reveal a few things, but not enough as is normally the case in deus ex human revolution. She then somehow outmaneuvers Jensen by escaping into a panic room, and raising the alarm.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Escape from TYM Penthose

In deus ex human revolution, after Zhao raises the alarm, the TYM penthouse is flooded by guards. Jensen can try to take them all out, but it is suggested one uses the distract, run, stealth and flee to elevator route. To distract the guards, move to the left of the penthouse on the stairs. Hide behind the pillar and when the first guard starts advancing past the pillar, take him out. Then activate cloak and run for the right side of the penthouse (where the crawlway is), jump over the balcony and move into the crawlway, jump down into the second shaft, and make your way out into the main entrance of the penthouse. By distracting the guards, all the guards would have moved up the stairs to the main area of the penthouse, and the entrance will be empty. Head straight down the exit and corridor to the second elevator (on the right), and escape into the TYM hangar bay area.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Disabling the Bots

Deus Ex Human Revolution Planting the EMP Grenade to Disable the Bots
Deus Ex Human Revolution Planting the EMP Grenade to Disable the Bots

Deus Ex Human Revolution Bots Implode

Deus Ex Human Revolution Bots Implode
Deus Ex Human Revolution Bots Implode

Deus Ex Human Revolution Disabling the Bots

In the final part of the deus ex human revolution TYM mission, Jensen must now escape from the hangar bay in the helijet piloted by Malik. However the hangar bay will not open. Jensen must disable or destroy two gigantic bots patrolling the two corridors of this hangar bay. There are a few ways to do this. One is to destroy the bots with rocket launchers and heavy rifle attacks. These are available throughout the hangar bay and is a very explosive heavy fireworks way to draw to a close the TYM mission.

The other more elegant way is simply to get close to the bots, and use EMP grenades to watch them shut down and impode. This method is more fun, and will be explained here. Watch the movements of the bots, and realize that there are pockets of areas in the hangar bay where Jensen can hide and wait for the bots to appear and then move away. The back of the bots will be facing Jensen. When this happens, quickly release a EMP grenade (for each bot), and watch them implode. Try not to alarm the bots too much. Otherwise they become hostile and will release missile attacks on Jensen.

When the bots are disabled or destroyed, run up to the office on the right of the hangar bay, and press a huge button to open the hangar bay doors. Malik will pilot her helijet into the area, and Jensen can make good his escape to Montreal (next mission). Remember to collect all the rocket launchers and heavy rifle ammunition and other goodies from this area before moving on.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Disabling the Bots using EMP Grenades


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