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Deus Ex Human Revolution Harvester Hideout and Belltower Dock

Updated on September 21, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Harvester Hideout

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Harvester Hideout
Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Harvester Hideout

Deus Ex Human Revolution Harvester Hideout

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen has to infiltrate the Harvester Hideout because the GPL of Vasili Sevchenko leads Jensen into the harvester lair. The harvesters are a group of augments who harvest the augmented technology of other augments to improve or supplement their own. First back in Hengsha, head straight for the Youzhao district. Find a man behind a barrier who blocks Jensen and does not want him to go through. Retrace your footsteps and turn left and then right. Look up to see a ladder that leads up to some roofs and metal barrels. Climb up the stairs and ladder and jump across the roofs and barrels and eventually arrive at a rooftop corridor. Head down the rooftop corridor and down another ladder to see a crawlway on the right. Head into the crawlway and emerge on top of a deep shaft. Jump down all the way (need the Icarus landing system) to the bottom where there is a door. Enter through the door, and Jensen is in the Harvesters' Hideout.

In the harvesters' hideout, navigate to the X sign as follows. Use the cars and walls as cover and then head to a large room where there are two ways to go ahead. A door ahead, and a passageway to the left. It is suggested one goes through the door, as this will lead to a stone passageway with some walls on the left that can be punched through. Head to the second weak wall, and look at the radar. Wait for the enemy radar signal to merge with Jensen's and smash through the wall. In this way, the wall will collapse and Jensen will snarl the enemy in his grasp at the same time. In this room, if Jensen could not save Malik, then her corpse will be here for harvesting. Using the same stealth techniques, make your way to the X sign.

Open the door and enter the room where the X sign is. Surprise, surprise! The head of the harvesters is really Tong. And Sevchenko's arm is now attached to his, and hence the GPL tracing to this point. Tong "asks" Jensen for another favour, this time being to find and activate a package within the Belltower Docks. This will also give Jensen a chance to sneak into the Belltower Docks pods and be transported to the location where the rest of the Sarif scientists is.

And remember to pick up the laser rifle to the left of Tong. It will be invaluable in the final battle against the final boss in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Belltower Interior

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Belltower Dock Interior Room
Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Into Belltower Dock Interior Room

Deus Ex Human Revolution Belltower Dock

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen makes his way to the belltower dock. The belltower dock area starts with Jensen arriving outside the belltower dock. This is a large compound. Head to the far end of the compound on the left, and find a large crate which can be moved aside to reveal a passage through the gates (need strong arms augment to do this) into the belltower dock itself.

Within the belltower dock, look up to see various cameras and sniper guards in the area. Using the same stealth techniques, move from one crate to the other. The focus should be getting to the X sign in the centre of the compound. The roof of this building also contains a sniper guard which should be taken out; otherwise Jensen will be spotted. Head into the building, take out the guard inside, and sneak further into the room at the back. Pick up Tong's package.

Now Jensen must make his way into the interior of the Belltower dock and then into a room to place the package. By this time, Jensen's and the player's stealth abilities is so good that this should be really simple. It is recommended to climb back up onto the roof of the central building to survey the area before making your move. Once inside the belltower interior, make your way to the X sign. The difficult part comes when Jensen is just outside the room where he must place the package. Two guards, one camera and one turret security system means this is almost impossible to sneak through from the front. Instead head up the ladder on the left on the outside of the room to the roof. There is a small crawlway at the left hand corner of the room. Head inside and drop down to the room below. Make your way to the next room, and activate the package.

Once the explosion starts, a cut scene will happen, and Jensen will be able to "escape" into a cryo-pod. Jensen will then go missing for three days, and this is the backdrop for the deus ex human revolution dlc - the missing link. When Jensen wakes up, it's time to look and find (finally!) the missing Sarif scientists.


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